Moon Goddess Initiation is a 6 month deep dive into your Divine Feminine energy.

We'll work together privately for 6 moons to release any inner blocks you have to living your soul's mission, while deepening into your beauty, sexuality & power, and claiming the ability to stand in your truth while you serve.

This is for women who are ready to ROAR. Who feel a calling to serve & show up in the world & yet aren't fully sure how to develop clarity, and get over the voices of not-enoughness.


The journey is 6 months long... It will be deeply transformative, and offer a level of clarity & connection you may have never experience before. Here is what's included if you decide to join us:



Find more information about various aspects of the journey, below!


You've awoken to the fact that you are a lightworker. You love Mother Earth. You want to deeply help & serve the planet. But as you start to get ideas, and want to move forwards.. perhaps with a healing business, perhaps with a deeper connection to your confidence, self-love & self-expression... you feel a bit blocked.

Feelings of "not-enoughness" and doubt creep up. You know they're not your truth, but they sidetrack you anyway.

You know you're meant to make a huge mark on this world.

Yet, you've watched "successful" women around you hustle, achieve, and be largely in their masculine energy to reach their goals - and you know - that's not for you. You do truly want to take action, and reach your goals, but there is something in you telling you, there must be a better way... a more peaceful way... A way that honours your Divine Feminine energy & let's you go a bit slower... deeper... so you can breathe, enjoy life, and feel grounded in yourself. All while creating massive ripples on this planet.

You're ready to serve more deeply.
You're ready to unleash the wild creature within.
You long for a deep feeling of self-expression.
You're ready to receive for your excellent work.

And you're done with living your life on someone else's terms, or with someone else's version of success in mind.


You are a spiritual warrior.

And you are ready to rock it.

Sound familiar?
Then keep scrolling love...


When you enter Moon Goddess Initation, you'll receive a one hour session with me each month.

Every single woman's journey is different, so each journey will have it's own resonance. My intention as we work together 1-on-1 is to unblock you and get you out of your own way, so you can let Spirit & the Goddess flow through.

We'll look into your chakras, past lives, ancestral lineage and subconscious beliefs, to see what gold is there, and what needs to be healed.

The result will be deep healing & an unleashing of your courage, clarity, and your readiness to show up fully for your mission.

Your life won't ever be the same. You'll unleash deep gifts & true clarity. I guarantee it.




Every Full Moon, we will be starting our work with a new Goddess. I'll send you myths & history about this Goddess, a prayer to invoke her, and 3 guided meditations that will help you to get in touch with Her and embody Her medicine.  In our session together that month, we will also call on Her for guidance.

These Goddesses are faces of the One Goddess - Divine Feminine energy. They are archetypal energies that live within each of us, and, which have also manifested as benevolent beings who can help us, and guide us when called upon.

One of my intentions for our work with these Goddesses, is to awaken dormant Priestess memories and coding within your being. Many of us have worked with these Goddesses in past lives, through our Priestess or healing work, or we have encountered their energies in our soul's exploration of the Otherworld. Connecting with a new Goddess each moon, will trigger remembrance about who you really are, and why you really came here, while helping you to deepen into each unique medicine each Goddess offers.

as a female collective, we will change the world.


BRIGIT - goddess of fire - owning our power & wild self-expression {celtic}

Moon 1: We work with this Goddess Starting on the Full Moon in Leo (February 10th)

Brigit is a sweet Goddess who embodies what it's like to walk in your truth, with fiery strength & charisma, while being kind, and in devoted service to the Divine. She rules inspiration, creativity, and wild self-expression. We'll be working with her to unlock divine self-expression, our solar plexuses, and connecting with our courage to be who we truly are in this lifetime.


Hathor: creator Goddess - Sexuality & healing Our Relationship with the Sacred Masculine (Ancient Egypt)

Moon 2: We work with this Goddess Starting on the Full Moon in Virgo (March 12th)

Hathor was a very sacred Goddess to ancient Egypt - a Mother Goddess, protectress of women, Goddess of love, joy, pleasure, and flowers, she is associated with the cow - prosperity, protection, astrology - and so much more. Also called the Queen of Heaven. Hathor will help us stand in our sexuality, and heal our relationship with the Sacred Masculine, which is what this world needs to truly re-unite and rebalance.


Aphrodite - goddess of love - activating our true beauty & vibrating with magnetism (ANCIENT GREECE)

Moon 3: We work with this Goddess Starting on the Full Moon in Libra (April 11th)

We've all heard of Aphrodite, and yet this Goddess is mis-understood and abused in many cases. Aphrodite's beauty comes from deep + juicy self-love and connection with the waters of the Earth & the Divine --- She is not a symbol solely for quick pleasure or seduction. She'll guide us to unlock the love within, so we can resonate with true beauty & attract love into our lives because of this magnetism.


Kali - black mother - turning pain into power (HINDU)

Moon 4: We work with this Goddess Starting on the Full Moon in Scorpio (May 10th)

Kali is a fierce Hindu Goddess, who can be found in the essence of justified anger - such as that which comes up when witnessing serious abuse, injustice, or a mis-use of power. She helps us channel our intensity into real and meaningful change, while asking us to cut through our own illusions, so we may come to the true seat of our power - love. Kali is often thought of as a bitch - and in many ways she is - she asks us to change hard & fast, but only because she sees what is possible for us if we let go of the old stories, and surrender to how unconditionally loved we are.


isis - goddess of magic - awakening the priestess within (ancient egypt)

Moon 5: We work with this Goddess Starting on the Full Moon in Saggitarius (June 9th)

Isis is a Goddess of harmony. She can be found anywhere in the Universe, as a vibrational essence that ripples through All That Is. She is the Goddess of magic & priestesses, and will guide us to re-awaken dormant wisdom & coding that is now ready to be received by ourselves & the world. She is a kind and powerful Goddess, who inspires devotion in the hearts of many.


Áine - faerie queen of love - birthing our gifts (celtic)

Moon 6: We work with this Goddess Starting on the Full Moon in Capricorn (July 9th)

Áine, a Goddess of Love associated with both the sun and the moon, her essence is one of fertility, abundance, celebration, expansion, and light! She will help us to birth our gifts and projects into the world, while we celebrate and enjoy the abundance of life around us!


One of my FAVOURITE ways to connect with the Goddess is through sacred adornment and what I call, mystical self-care. (Think magical goddess jewels, anointing oils, and hard-crafted perfumes...)

I fell in love with making herbal & beauty concoctions years ago, in my kitchen --- the rhythm of turning organic oils, wild-crafted herbs, essential oils, & various gifts from the earth --- into practical and beautiful products that can be used in ritual and in every day life --- awakened something in me, and deepened my connection to myself, the Goddess and something I can't quite put my finger on...

I am truly blessed to be able to share these offerings with you, so that you may receive medicine from the goddess, magic from my kitchen, and love from the heart of ALL! I've also included a moon pendant necklace and super cute moon sticker to create "Goddess Boxes" --- mystical self-care packages that will help you feel like a Goddess, everyday.


(To be sent out end of January)



    You'll receive a bottle of the first batch ever of our Temple's very own anointing oil! Anointing oils are sacred oils that hold a resonance beyond the physical, and we can interact with them to open us up to the Divine, and invite the Goddess more deeply into whatever experience we are about to have. (They also smell delicious and moisturize really well!)

    You can use this oil on your third eye, as a beautiful body or face serum, or you can dab some over your heart for a boost of love, scent, and Goddess energy for your day! You can also use the oil to open any ritual you do with yourself, or your girlfriends. Anoint yourself, fill the air with the resonance of the Goddess, and allow your Priestess memories to re-activate!
    Ingredients: Organic Sunflower Oil, Wildcrafted Usnea, Wildcrafted Sage, Organic Motherwort, Organic Juniper, and blend of Organic Essential Oils, Prayer! Infused New Moon in Capricorn to Full Moon in Cancer

    This solid perfume is created for your Second Chakra, or as I call it - your Goddess centre. It smells delicious, and will serve to support your lower back body, and adrenals, while helping to open and activate your Sacral Chakra to your true Goddess essence! ALSO it has little gold sparkles in it, so it will add shimmer to anywhere you apply it :)
    Ingredients: Organic Sunflower Oil, Beeswax, Mica, Wildcrafted Usnea, Wildcrafted Sage, Organic Motherwort, Organic Juniper, and blend of Organic Essential Oils, Prayer!

    This moisturizing lip gloss comes in a super cute, portable package, so you can slip it into your bag and apply for moisture and shine throughout the day! It is clear, yet has a light shimmer due the oil and particles of iridescent Mica!

    Ingredients: Organic Sunflower Oil, Beeswax, Mica, Tea Tree Oil.


(To be sent out in May)



    Adorn yourself with a sacred moon necklace! You can choose between silver or gold, & short or long! Wearing a moon definitely helps me feel connected to La Luna, the Goddess, and my Priestess energy!

    Yes that's right! I will make you some magical, sparkly, earth friendly eye-shadow that also acts a beautiful highlighter for your cheeks! Add subtle but noticeable gold shimmer to your day! You'll feel like a Greek Goddess when you wear it.. at least I do!

    Ingredients: Mica, Zinc Oxide, Organic Vegetable Glycerine, Organic Essential Oils

    And just for fun - a super cute moon sticker with pops of purple & pink - adorn your computer, a notebook, your tablet case, or whatever else you want to stamp with some Luna Love!

    A bundle of cedar I wild-crafted myself from the Pacific Northwest of Canada, to be used as smudge. Simply burn the stick of Cedar leaves and allow the smoke to cleanse the air and energy around you!







Bonus Gift 1: Becoming the Healer You're Meant To Be { Value - $277USD}

This is a self-study, 7 week journey through the chakras, to unblock your truth, and allow your true gifts to flow out. We get into abundance consciousness and how to truly manifest prosperity (Root Chakra)... We learn how to access more information about our past lives... (Third Eye) We dive into healing our shame (Sacral Chakra) , releasing our voices (Throat Chakra), and aligning our powerful energy with the rhythms of life (Whole Journey) & SO MUCH MORE!

There are 7 ~1 hour audio workshops in this course.

Bonus Gift 2: A Discount

You'll receive $33 off the moonly price of the course.


To receive the Bonus Gifts, join us by January 16th!



There are spaces for up to

13 women in this circle...

Would you like to be one of them?

If you sign up by January 16th, the investment, or as I like to call it...

the initiatory gateway, to join the journey will be...


*in USD


If you are feeling like you might like to join us sister... if there is a stirring in your heart, or an excitement in your energy, here are the next steps to experience this deep and magical spiritual passage:

To step into the circle now, please click here.

To step into the circle now, please click here.

To book a 30 minute call with me to experience what it's like to work together, please click here.

To book a 30 minute call with me to experience what it's like to work together, please click here.






Do you have Any Questions Sister?

If you have any questions, please e-mail me at or you can book a complimentary connection call to learn more about the journey and feel into if Moon Goddess Initiation will be right for you!