Angelic Transformations - Guided Meditation Album


Angelic Transformations - Guided Meditation Album


Work with powerful Archangels, the Angels of the Chakras, and your Guardian Angel, as you receive guidance, healing and nourishment from the Angelic Realm. In this guided meditation journey, you’ll open up to more abundance, awaken your psychic gifts, receive clarity around your life’s purpose, and more.

This guided meditation album includes 7 guided meditations, and 1 track of meditation music, totalling 8 journeys for you to immerse in.

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1) Opening to Your Life Purpose with Archangel Michael - 13 min

Allow Archangel Michael to help you understand your life purpose on this planet, through communion with him!

2) Being of Service to Mother Earth with Archangel Ariel - 8 min

Let Archangel Ariel, an angel associated with Mother Earth and animals, guide you to serve the earth in a deeper way. Get clarity as you anchor in your intention to be an earth angel.

3) Clearing Your Chakras with the Angels - 21 min

Cleanse and activate your 7 main chakras with the Angels of the Chakras in this powerful meditation. Wonderful for releasing old energies that no longer serve, to unwind after a long day, or to begin your morning out with for a fresh, rejuvenating day.

4) Physical Healing with Archangel Raphael - 13 min

Allow the angel of healing, Archangel Raphael to support your body in his emerald green temple of pure divine wellness.

5) Healing your Relationships with your Guardian Angel - 4 min

Experience miracles in your relationships as your guardian angel speaks to the guardian angel of any person you wish to bring with you into meditation. A powerful healing for stressed or strained relationships.

6) Receiving Abundance with Archangel Michael - 16 min

Let Archangel Michael clear you of blocks as you open to divine abundance - financial, and otherwise.

7) Awaken Your Psychic Gifts with Archangel Metatron - 12 min

Allow Archangel Metatron to activate your intuitive and psychic gifts, so you can use them to benefit yourself, and the world.

8) Angelic Meditation Music - 14 min

Meditate to this etheric ambient track. You can put on a guided meditation and follow with this vocal track to expand your meditation practice - or - simply listen to it on it’s own.