Elemental Magic - Guided Meditation Album


Elemental Magic - Guided Meditation Album


Connect with the Elemental Realm - that of the faeries, animals, crystals, trees, mermaids, and more - as you receive guidance from your inner being and the elementals.

This guided meditation album includes 7 guided meditations, and 1 track of meditation music, totalling 8 journeys for you to immerse in.

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1) Attracting Your Soul Family with the Dolphins - 22 min

~Allow the dolphins to help you attract soul family into your life, through this prayer of a meditation.

2) Tree of Grounded Guidance - 13 min

~Receive clear guidance about any of your questions in life, as you commune with the Tree of Grounded Guidance

3) Opening the One Heart - 17 min

Allow your one heart to expand, a crystalline chakra between your heart and throat, which is only active in those in divine service to Mama Gaia.

4) Grounding Into the Core Crystal of the Mother - 16 min

Ground into Mother Earth by connecting deep into her center, often called the core crystal, and receive purifying and rooting energies.

5) Pillaring into Mother Earth - 8 min

Tune in with this short meditation to start your day, or reconnect anytime - by receiving your soul star light from above, then deeply pillaring into Mother Earth.

6) Clearing Ancestral Energies - 13 min

Blocks in this lifetime - financial, emotional, relational, physical, etc - often stem from imprints in our DNA and cellular memory, passed down from our ancestors. Clear ancestral energies that are holding you back in this meditation, while honouring and blessing your ancestors who have come before you.

7) Flying with the Faeries - 14 min

Allow your heart wings to unfurl, as you fly with the faeries and commune with them - learning how you can more deeply serve mother earth. Feel yourself as a true earth angel

8) Crystal Meditation Music - 17 min

Meditate to this soothing ambient track. You can put on a guided meditation and follow with this vocal track to expand your meditation practice - or - simply listen to it on it’s own.