Today we talk to the beauty that is Sian Pilkington... a Birth Keeper & Doula... also a mama to 4 little girls. Sian is super inspiring, down to earth + lead by the true essence of what she's doing:


In this interview, Sian shares:

  • The importance of trusting yourself, above all, and anyone, else
  • Ways to connect with your inner wise woman... The one who opens to the inner-Universe to flow with wisdom & healing... The one who claims radical self-responsibility.
  •  How she found her path as a birth keeper & doula


Ever the adventurer, Sian totally loosened from the safety of her family roots when she moved to Canada, from her native England , 7 years ago. With one child and a husband, she was approaching her Saturn return and her life began to take its spiritual turn.

Fun fairy energy yet with an affinity for the way of the Wise Woman, she is now a guardian of birth as a doula, keeper of the sacred postpartum, sacred pregnancy instructor, young maidens circle facilitator, gatherer of the women, Reiki master and budding herbalist. She knows that it is no coincidence that she herself has been the portal for four females to be born onto this Earth, as one who serves, honors and guides women in every way, inspired always to help each woman reclaim her personal power.

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