Hey loves! Today's interview is with my friend Solara Sophia Rose --- she's all about embodiment, which essentially means grounding the frequencies of the Divine in your body... living the wisdom, as opposed to just knowing it in the mind. Embodying love, embodying peace, embodying abundance.

So without further ado, here to youuu, press play, for our interviewww... :)

In this interview, Solara shares:

  • Why business success always comes back to self-love
  • The importance of tuning in to what you Know, rather than following what other people are doing, external "formulas" for success, etc
  • How to align with abundance, when you don't feel so abundant!

Press play above to join us from some sacred chit-chat! :D <3


Solara Sophia Rose serves luminary leaders who are dedicated to the progressive expansion of human consciousness. 

She awoke to Source while overcoming a great depth of adversity that ignited her journey into compassion and Oneness.

She is highly regarded for her oracular vision, devotion to service, and ability to catalyze quantum transformations.

Find our more about Solara + her work, here.