are you guided to coach, teach, or heal others?

Are you called to bring in income with this work? Yes?

But how to begin?

You've got no {or a lackluster} website, unclear offerings + doubt that you're 'good enough' to be that coach or healer...

... Yet you feel an undeniable calling to go forwards + blaze a new path for yourself + the world.


Hi, I'm Beth!

When I started my business almost 5 years ago, I didn't know exactly what I was going to offer...

I had some vague ideas, but I didn't really know how to market myself and my work, and I wasn't exactly sure where to spend my time to move forwards.

All I knew, is I was called to teach + offer angel readings - and I hoped it would just all work out and the clients would simply come my way.

Well, some clients did come, but for the most part, I struggled for the first few years because I couldn't find a way of running an online-business that resonated with me. I would take trainings and look into 'formulas' people promised would work - but most of it felt icky and didn't resonate, as I wanted to stand firmly in authenticity, and too much of what I found online was from a "How can I get?" perspective rather than "How can I give?"

Even though I've been a full-time entrepreneur for almost 5 years, it wasn't until this past year, that something really came together for me.

Through the joint process of meditating, many years of trial and error, and mentorship that finally really did fit - I learned how to run a spiritually-based business that was both financially sustainable, and deeply rewarding.


This 6 part video course, is for you if:

  • You feel called to be a teacher, wellness guide, and an ambassador for the Universe, but you feel fuzzy on what you're next steps are
  • You desire to be self-employed with your healing and wellness work
  • You are willing to step out of your comfort zone, to make it happen
  • You feel deeply called to be authentic, and your first priority is to serve Spirit
  • You want to have the option of being location-independent, and be able to work online from anywhere in the world.

In this course I'll be sharing:

  • How a simple switch in perspective, can catalyze you to bust through longtime blocks
  • Exactly what steps to take, to set up your spiritually-based business
  • How to clarify your ideas for products or services you'd like to offer
  • How to market yourself + your work in a simple, but VERY effective way
  • How to come from integrity + authenticity in your work
  • How to step into prosperity consciousness, so you can feel "good enough" to be paid for your work
  • And so much more!



What will we be learning?


Video 1: Making the Decision - we'll learn how to work with the power of intent, to draw the people, resources, and courage we need to us, to start and run a successful spiritually-based business

Video 2: Creating a Simple Website - I'll guide you to create a very simple website, where your future offerings will live. Don't worry - it's so much easier than you'd think!

Video 3: Creating Your Offerings - through meditation, we'll discover an offering that you can start out with, that will be a perfect blend of honouring your natural gifts + giving the world what it truly needs

Video 4: Understanding Your Ideal Client - A common pitfall for new entrepreneurs is that they make their offerings too broad. I'll teach you how to overcome this hurdle, and actually understand who your ideal client is with ease, so you can speak directly to her / him.

Video 5: Learning the Funnel - Another pitfall of new entrepreneurs is to put out a lot of scattered content, that doesn't lead directly to their product / service. I teach you a MAGIC system that will help to solve this issue.

Video 6: Visibility - Now it's time to get in front of the people you can help! I'll teach you simple ways to become more visible online and in your community, so you can start working with clients, and empower others in their transformational journey.

About Beth Katherine


Hi love! I'm so stoked to help you on your journey.

I had my own spiritual awakening - as I'll call it- when I was 19, fresh from working an internship in South Africa, that really opened my perspective to a whole new world. Since I graduated University with a Finance degree almost 5 years ago, I've been a full-time entrepreneur. I started out offering crystal necklaces, and eventually came to realize I was gifted at tuning into the Spirit world. Since then I've been offering both personal angel readings, as well as business guidance for women just like you, who are called to share their gifts + voice with the world. I've married my background in a more traditional business setting, with my experience as an heart-based entrepreneur to create a course for you that will resonate with your spiritual, go-with-the-flow self, while also challenging you to learn the business skills you need to succeed in this modern world!