Today we talk to an amazing Priestess, Syma Kharal (also known as the Flourishing Goddess) --- about the Priestess path merging with Business. Press play below to join us!

In this interview, Syma shares:


  • A Goddess we can work with to expand into the truth of our abundance
  • How her corporate career set her up to lean into an overly masculine model of marketing... and how she reconnected after listening to her Higher Self's wisdom
  • Why abundance is an inside job + how to access that place of abundance within

In the interview above, Syma talks about working with Lakshmi's mantra to call abundance into your life. This is one of Lakshmi's mantras you can chant:

Om Shreem Mahalakshmiyei Namaha

If you want to listen to the mantra for the pronunciation, check out this video.

Syma Kharal is an international sacred feminine and spiritual coach, healer, speaker, and bestselling author, dedicated to empowering soulful women to transform their lives, reclaim their Goddess gifts, and flourish in every way.

Syma knows first hand that years (and actually, lifetimes) of painful patterns take time, commitment and divine grace to transform and transcend. She has also learned that sensitive and soulful women in particular have very specific challenges and gifts that require the most sacred support and guidance.

That is why she is dedicated to empowering women with the most powerful, potent, healing, inspiring and loving support to help them transform their struggles, reclaim their power and birth the blissful, beautiful and bountiful lives they were born for.

To learn more about Syma + her work, click here.