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The Temple of the Rose, lives within your DNA. Once activated, the Temple of the Rose will awaken you to your mission here on Earth, link you up to Cosmic Consciousness and Ascended Master mentors, and initiate you into the teachings of the Rose, which live within you.

Long ago, living emissaries of the Order of the Magdalena, came onto this earth, and seeded codes of awakening.

These seeds lay ‘dormant’, deep within the earth, for thousands of years, until the heralded time of change. When this time came, the codes would begin to stir, awaken, and activate the earth and those who walk upon her, and the Divine Feminine would take her rightful place in humanity’s collective consciousness once again.

This time is now.

Are you called to be a leader of Divine Feminine Christ Consciousness?


If so, you are invited to join us for a 3 month deep dive, and to step into the Temple of the Rose. 

Here’s what’s included in the Temple of the Rose…


During our first week, we’ll set up our Rose Altar, and set intentions for the journey ahead. I’ll be guiding you through this process in a pre-recorded video.

The week after, we’ll begin with our first live ceremony. Every other week, we’ll be sitting live in ceremony with a different Magdalena mentor. These ceremonies will last about 75 minutes and will be recorded for you, if you can’t make it live, or if you’d like to deepen, and watch them again. Our final week will be a live closing ceremony with all of our Magdalena mentors, for a total of six live ceremonies.


Mary Magdalene: Temple of alchemical fire

Womb Activation Sacred Sexuality

The womb is a power center for women, but most of us were not raised to deeply care for her, to listen to her, to massage her, to ask her what she needs, to dance with her, and to honour her boundaries when it comes to lovers and those who might enter. It’s time we reclaim our sacred wombs, and become the wombyn we are.

In this ceremony, we’ll work with Mary Magdalene + the element of fire, to cleanse, activate and honour our wombs, while we dance with our Sacred Sexuality and open portals of Shakti.


MOTHER MARY: temple of alchemical water

Awakening the Rose Heart

Our heart is a rose temple. The Rose weaves discordant energies together, shadow and light come into union in the frequency of the rose.

In this ceremony, we’ll work with Mother Mary to allow our heart roses to blossom, as we alchemize anything less than love through their jewelled centers.

We’ll connect with the frequency of the pink rose + the healing frequency of water as old wounds come into the light to be loved.


ANNA: temple of alchemical air

Gnosis ☥ Communing Directly with the Divine Within

Anna is the mother of Mother Mary, and grandmother of Jesus, and was the grand matriarch of the family of light, for many, many years, which included Mary Magdalene, Jeshua and Mother Mary.

Anna will guide us to remember how to commune directly with the Divine. We’ll receive direct messages from her, and Mother Father God in meditation, as we open portals of listening. We are our own gurus. We’ll be working with the element of air to help open these gateways.


JESUS: temple of alchemical earth

Healing & Uniting with the Sacred Masculine

We all carry wounding with the Masculine. We’ve often mistaken patriarchy to be a frequency of the Masculine, when in fact, patriarchy has hurt the Sacred Masculine, just as much as it has hurt the Divine Feminine. Jeshua will help us to cleanse our wounds with the Masculine, so we can see Him for who He truly is.

We’ll enter into a portal of Divine Union, as we bring our inner feminine and inner masculine energies into balance. We’ll be working with the element of earth, to help us feel the deep grounding of the true masculine.


ISIS: temple of alchemical ether

Aligning With Our Sacred Purpose

Isis, the cosmic mother of the Magdalene lineage, will help us remember why we came here, to this planet, in these bodies, at this time.

What are your sacred Priestess gifts? How are you meant to use them? Are there any remembrances from past lives that want to come through, that can help inform your mission in the here and now?

We’ll be working with pure Spirit, as our Priestess remembrance awakens once more.


1 week after our live temple together with a Magdalena mentor, you’ll receive a pre-recorded video with a Temple Arts practice, to deepen with that mentor’s teachings and frequency. These are Priestess practices, that you can weave into your daily life, to deepen the healings and awakenings you’ll receive from the live ceremonies.

The Temple Arts practices will be as follows:

  • Mary Magdalene Temple Arts Practice: Womb Massage (Week 3)
    Learn womb massage techniques to help unlock the gateways at this sacred portal. Womb massage helps to heal your womb on both physical and etheric levels, releasing stored tension and suppressed emotions, so this energy center can open up to the Divine flow of light it natural channels through. An open womb is a magnetic womb, pulling all sorts of magic and manifestations into our lives.

  • Mother Mary Temple Arts Practice: Water Blessing (Week 5)
    Blessing the waters - those we drink, those we bathe in, and those of the oceans, rains, rivers, lakes, and streams - has long been a Priestess practice. We can experience a transformation in consciousness, simply through blessing the water we drink each day. We can transform the consciousness of the planet, through blessing all water. Learn specific water blessing practices in this week’s Temple Arts training.

  • Anna Temple Arts Practice: Sacred Mirror Practice (Week 7)
    As we work with igniting Gnosis - direct communion with the Divine - with Anna, we will deepen in our Temple Arts practice with mirror work. Ill walk you through this sacred practice of looking at yourself deeply… past the ‘imperfections’, past the human form, and into communion with your powerful soul. This practice can be done often, for a deeper awakening of your true spirit into form.

  • Jeshua Temple Arts Practice: The Holy Art of Prayer (Week 9)

    I receive this download again and again - most of us do not ask for help, nearly enough. This week, I’ll share specific prayers that are very powerful and can help bring your Higher Self more fully into your body. These prayers will help you connect with Christ Consciousness. You can make them your own as you say them. The important piece is that you pray multiple times a day, whether that be for 10 seconds, or for 10 minutes. Communing with the Divine in this way is an ancient practice that goes far beyond religion, and has astounding consequences of light.

  • Isis Temple Arts Practice: Crystal Singing Unlocking the Voice & Becoming Your Own Sound Healer (Week 11)
    Learn how to crystal sing, an ancient practice that can awaken dormant strands of DNA, heal your organs, open your chakras, and activate you on deep levels. We’ll learn how to become our own sound healers through the power of the voice, simultaneously opening our throat chakras for expanded freedom and expression in this area.


If you choose to step in to the Gold circle, you’ll receive 3 one hour, private initiatory sessions with me. In these private sessions, we’ll be working with your Higher Self, your Spirit Guides + Angels, and the Order of the Magdalena. I’ll be channeling information from your spiritual support system, as well as looking into your 7 major chakras, to offer frequency + guidance on whatever your personal initiatory experience is, at that time.

These sessions are very powerful and clarifying. Issues that you’ve been experiencing for a long time can all of a sudden come into clarity during a session. Helpful guidance or solutions can come through, to questions you have about your life. You can also experience clarity around what Priestess gifts are active within you. Every session is different, and you’ll always get exactly what you need, each time.


For every Magdalena mentor we work with (Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Anna, Jeshua, and Isis) - there will be 3 guided meditations, for a total of 15 guided meditation journeys. (Sent to you as mp3s)

These journeys will connect you directly with our mentors in your daily meditations. Each meditation will have a different theme, whether that be working with your womb, opening your heart, receiving answers to questions you have about your life, healing with the Sacred Masculine, communing directly with the Rose, and much more.

You’ll receive these mediations along with your Temple Arts practice, on the weeks when we do not have live ceremony.


For every Magdalena mentor we work with, there will be 1 sound healing journey that I weave vocally for you, as an mp3. As I sit with each mentor, I channel vocal sounds through, that resonate with the healing and awakening that the mentor wishes to communicate to you, via pure sound waves. There will be 5 sound healing journeys, one for each Magdalena mentor.


You’ll be able to connect with all of the other sisters in the Temple of the Rose, both in our live video ceremonies, as well as through our private FB group.


The Gold Circle includes:

  • 6 Live Ceremonies (Video)

  • 3 One Hour Private Sessions with Beth

  • 5 Temple Arts Practices (Video)

  • 15 Guided Meditations (Audio)

  • 5 Sound Healings (Audio)

  • Community Support via a Private FB Group

    The investment is $888 or
    bi-weekly payments of $148.

The Rose Circle includes:

  • 6 Live Ceremonies (Video)

  • 5 Temple Arts Practices (Video)

  • 15 Guided Meditations (Audio)

  • 5 Sound Healings (Audio)

  • Community Support via a Private FB Group

    The investment is $444 USD or
    bi-weekly payments of $74.

The Circle is closed, and will re-open sometime in 2020. To be notified when Temple of the Rose re-opens, please leave your email below.


Week 1: New Moon in Gemini, June 3rd: Altar Creation + Intention Setting: Pre-recorded video (~25 min)

Week 2: Live Video Ceremony with Mary Magdalene* (~75 min)


Week 3: Mary Magdalene Temple Arts Practice: Pre-recorded video (~20 min), 3 guided meditation mp3s with Mary Magdalene, and 1 sound healing mp3 journey with Mary Magdalene.

Week 4: Live Video Ceremony with Mother Mary* (~75 min)

Week 5: Mother Mary Temple Arts Practice: Pre-recorded video (~20 min), 3 guided meditation mp3s with Mother Mary, and 1 sound healing mp3 journey with Mother Mary.

Week 6: Live Video Ceremony with Anna* (~75 min)

Week 7: Anna Temple Arts Practice: Pre-recorded video (~20 min), 3 guided meditation mp3s with Anna, and 1 sound healing mp3 journey with Anna.

Week 8: Live Video Ceremony with Jeshua* (~75 min)

Week 9: Jeshua Temple Arts Practice: Pre-recorded video (~20 min), 3 guided meditation mp3s with Jeshua, and 1 sound healing mp3 journey with Jeshua.

Week 10: Live Video Ceremony with Isis* (~75 min)

Week 11: Isis Temple Arts Practice: Pre-recorded video (~20 min), 3 guided meditation mp3s with Isis, and 1 sound healing mp3 journey with Isis.

Week 12: Live Video Closing Ceremony* with all 5 Magdalena Mentors (~75 min)

*All ceremonies will be recorded, and a replay will be sent out.