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1. What is the energy... services, and offerings.... of what you give to the world? What will happen energetically as a result of that energy? If this energy continued to be given to the world in larger and larger ways, what would that mean for the world?

ie. I offer 1 on 1 coaching, group classes, and live workshops, as well as women's circles, angel readings and meditations. My intention is to pillar in light, authenticity, and divine crystalline frequency into Gaia and all beings as I work. If this energy expanded and deepened, as it does every time I show up, ripples of power energy run through the world, which inevitably will lead to all beings knowing themselves as love... the ocean is clean, children and animals are respected and loved, and much more. 

I connect the dots to the work I do and planetary transformation. How does you work effect the globe?


2. Start meditating with the Great Mother around what it is you are called to offer into this world. What wants to be birthed through you? Start to go deep + pay attention as we're starting to listen for our deeper paid program or experience. 

3. Make this your daily mantra: "I value my work, the Divine channels through me everyday and my work is very important, powerful, and needed in this world. I am a gift. My work is a gift. I receive easily for it."