Press play below to learn from one of my inspirations! Vanessa has been doing intuitive work for 20 years + is a great wealth of wisdom for us budding healers!

* Just a heads up: there is some lag in this video.. meaning my lips and words don't match up. I'd suggest listening to the video while you're cleaning, doing art, lying down, etc, so you don't have to watch the weird lag haha! xo


In this interview, Vanessa shares:

  • What starting as an intuitive was like, at 19.... In a world before Facebook, and before spirituality + witchiness got their trendy stratus (Which is GREAT IMO, the more the merrier, I don't care how you start haha...)
  • How a car crash + being broke cosmically ushered her into knowing her value, and honouring her work.
  • How patriarchal messaging + idealogy can still very much show in up in the spiritual + wellness industry.... and, how to stay in your center through a deep service mentality. 


Also known as the Urban Priestess, Vanessa guides truth-seekers to connect to the deep wisdom of their intuition so they can tap into their internal power and create the lives they were born to live.

Once New York's best kept secret, Vanessa has been doing intuitive sessions since her teens and has read thousands of people throughout the world, from every imaginable sector of life and in two languages.

She has been called a "full service healer" in that she can connect to the underlying soul causes for challenges through her game-changing strategic intuitive sessions and then support change through transformative hypnotherapy.

Teaching hundreds of clients to awaken and develop their intuitive skills, Vanessa offers group coaching, private coaching and live workshops that inspire, inform & empower through using practical techniques for leading a powerful, spirit-centered life.

"I use my intuitive abilities to reflect your creative power right back to you. My purpose is to serve you on your path to your highest calling and your most exquisite freedom."

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