Welcome to day 1 sister!


I'm so excited that we're going to going on this journey together! Over the last 5 years as a heart-based entrepreneur, I have learned so much - and after working with hundreds of young women who desire to share their gifts with the world - Ive come to realize that there are commonalities.

Many of you are unsure if you can actually make a career out of spiritual / wellness work - You can.

Many of you feel like you're not gifted or skilled enough at what you want to do - You are, you just need practice and perseverance.

And many of you feel like you don't know how to market, or are not comfortable with putting yourselves out there - Well, you can learn new skills, and come to realize that - putting 'yourself' out there, is actually putting Spirit out there - and it feels really, really good!

I'm going to teach you both practical skills AND spiritual mindset switches in this course, that will help you to come into a place of confidence - a place that says - of course I can run a successful spiritually-based business! I was born to share my gifts + help create a shift in consciousness! I am called to do this! And remember - the Universe is supporting you each step of the way. Will there be challenges? Yes. Will you be able to bust through them, if you make a clear decision that this path is for you? YES!

So let's get started with today's video - press play on the video about to start the course!

We will be taking a day between each video, so that you have time to process what you've learned, and take action on the homework.

To share what you've been learning and connect with your fellow sisters in the course, please head to our private FB group - Angel Coaching with Beth Katherine.

Lots of love,

Walking with you,

xo Beth