Video 3 - Creating Heart-based Offerings

Press play below to get clear on what you should give to the world.

Do you ever feel a little bit stumped about what you would actually offer the world, in terms of a product or service?

Like you pick one thing, or think about offering something —- and then your mind comes in and goes “Ya but you wouldn’t be good enough at that to charge money” or “No one would really want that.” Etc etc etc. Can you relate?

Me too. But the good news is —- none of that monkey mind is actually real. Because you are a powerful spiritual being who came to this planet on a MISSION, and therefore, your soul knows EXACTLY what it would like to offer the world, at this time. Because it literally came here to do so. You just need to go deep enough, to access that well of inner wisdom.

The other good news is, I’ve got a video for you today that will help you access that deep place of knowingness.

Today we are going to meditate, and ask our true self what it would like to be doing, and what we should be offering.

Come meditate with me by watching the video above, so you can receive an idea for a product or service that will be PERFECT for you at this time!

If you would like to meditate a few times with this meditation, below is an audio version of JUST the mediation, so you can download it, and listen as you please!

When you're done with today's video + meditation, you can head to Angel Coaching with Beth Katherine to share what you've come up with, or ask for some guidance!

Lots of love,

xo Beth


Ps. Watch Video 2 here if you missed it.