Video 6 - sharing your work

Press play below to learn how to get visible + show up in front of the people you can help:


Now that we've gotten clearer on our offerings, our ideal client, and understand that we need to offer our tribe free content, before they decide to work with us - let's talk about the next step - visibility.

Imagine - your website is all ready to go, there is an email signup form on it that will take your ideal client's information + send her a free gift that will get her interested in working with you...

Now, we need to get it out there!

(It's great to have a system in place, but we need to invite people to enter it, in order to actually create a functioning business!)

So in this video, we talk about ways to get visible - to be seen by many of the people you desire to help. Whether that be using social media, showing up at local markets in your area, or collaborating with people in your field - it's super important (and super fun) to get the word out!




I really want you to get into this, and feel into what it would be like to have this whole system set up.

What would that do for your life?

To have a fully set up spiritually-based business, that is now bringing you income, clients + purpose-fueled days?

I'd like to invite you to really ground into this + make it your reality, by considering working with me as your coach.

For 5 months, I will co-create with you, hold your hand, guide you each step of the way + help you create a business that makes every part of you sing!

To explore working together, and for full details - please visit this page, or if you're ready to take the next step - you can book a complimentary clarity call with me right here.

Thank you so much for being on this journey with me!

xo Beth