☽ Day 1 ☾ - Activating our Sacred Sexuality with Mary Magdelene

Join us for a live 1 hour ceremony with Mary Magdelene to dive into the depths of our Sacred Sexuality + the Essence of the Rose. In this ceremony, we'll do ritual with the Magdelene energy, igniting a deeper level of love for ourselves, and our bodies. 

The first ceremony will be sent to you right away when you sign up. 



☽ Day 3 ☾ - Receiving Ancient Codes of Remembrance with Isis

Live from Egypt, I will be guiding you in ceremony with the Ancient Egyptian Goddess, Isis, to re-activate ancient codes of remembrance about who you are, why you are here, and any sacred lineages that you are connected to. 




☽ Day 5 ☾ - Honouring Darkness as Sacred with Kali

In our final live ceremony on Samhain (Halloween), we'll connect with Kali, the Hindu Goddess of Creation + Destruction, and visit the underworld. Often associated with evil, the underworld is actually a rich and sacred place that connects us to the power of our darkness - that deep womb space energy, from which all things are birthed. 



☽ On Days 2 + 4 ☾ :

You'll be receiving a guided meditation to help you deepen into the journey, which you can save as an mp3 to your audio library.