Sister.. I totally get it.


You've been walking the path of spirituality or wellness, and you felt the call to share what you've learned.

You're finally ready to launch... to do it... to go public with what you've been called to share.

Yet when it's time to create your website...

You're a bit confused, and intimidated... Excited? Yes! But, definitely in new territory...


You might think...

"What do I put on my website?

Does this sound weird?

What pages should I make?

How do I make this seem professional?

But ... how to also infuse a down-to-earth vibe?
How do I describe my services?

Should I talk about my certifications?

Who am I even to do this... make a website?

Text or video? What do I talk about?


Overwhelm. Passion.

Uncertainty, but a fire burning to do it anyway...

Share. Express. Connect. Teach...



I've been there myself, and time and time again, I've also seen countless budding healers + teachers who long to free the world with their work... create sites that don't really represent the power of their offerings. Site with little to no interactive content, that would turn curious visitors into a loyal tribe, and also help attract paying clients.

See... Creating a pretty site, with nice colours and pictures is great. (and beautiful!)

But it's the content that matters, and what happens when someone visits your site...

We don't want people just landing on your site, liking it, then pressing 'X' once they're done. They might not find your site again. (And we want to serve them! We WANT to connect!)

Your website is actually about creating + building long-term relationships with your new connections... the people that are coming on to your pages.  We want to turn them into tribe.

Your website is not a static thing, but a living breathing portal to the offering of your medicine.


So - I've created an offering for you that is blasting with love + unlimited turquoise waves...

Rather than create a site FOR you, which I've done in the past, I actually want to create a site WITH you

Do we give a girl a fish, or teach her to fish? We can jam out one-on-one for 3 months, and create a supportive relationship that will help to create a magical AND effective site, while giving you profound guidance on your path.

We'll create a beautiful site, that's functional too.

What we'll cover together:

  • How to Create a Site - I know technology can scare us, but I promise - web creation is WAY easier than you think. I'll coach you through creating the back-end of the site. I won't do it for you, but I will show you how to make all the changes and additions you need to make - so that you won't have to hire a web designer, and will feel empowered that you can edit and update your site at any time. (*I work with Squarespace - if you already have a site on a different platform, I will ask you to switch over to Squarespace.)
  • Turning Curiosity into Clients - We'll chat about + create the 1 key element that needs to be on your site, so you can build your tribe and turn them into clients!
  • Branding + Your Essence - We'll vibe out on who you are, and what you're about - then we'll pick the colours, symbols, words + imagery that will create an authentic resonance for your online home.
  • Creating Content - We'll decide what pages need to be on the site, what to name them, + I'll then coach you to create content that is in deep alignment with your vision, while being cohesive + clear for the visitor.
  • Clarifying Your Medicine- We'll do more than just create a great site - we'll start you on the journey of remembrance about why you're here + what medicine you carry. What makes you unique? What are you and only you, here to do?
  • Soul Work - I work with Spirit Guides + Angels in everything I do. Just because we are focusing on your website + more 'business' aligned endeavors, doesn't mean we won't constantly be tuning in! Your Guides will help to inform us about what should be on the site, while our sessions will help you to clarify your vision for your work overall + guide you on your next steps.


The details:

The journey will be ~3 months long.

We'll meet soon after you sign up - and then every 2 weeks after that for a total of 3 one hour 1-on-1 sessions for your first month. ~2 months after we finish the site, we'll have a 30 minute follow up to chat about any new questions you have, and to fine-tune and brainstorm together, as we are inspired.

So that's:

~3 one hour sessions with me

~1 30 minute session with me


~Unlimited e-mail support between our sessions to clarify, guide, and connect. (Which is a big!)

~My guided mediation album - Daughters of the Earth ~ so you can stay connected to your angels and receive new insights and inspirations!

~Focused energy and attention on you, in my life.


The investment:

Girl - I am giving you a DEAL on this! I've done lots of web creation work in the past- and like most designers, charged thousands of dollars for one site.

Since we are co-creating the site, and I'm actually TEACHING you how to create it, not doing it FOR you... the investment is actually much less...


4 monthly payments of $188 USD

or One payment of $677 USD.

{other payment plans are available too, we can chat}


The cost to host the actual site is only $12 a month.
Wowwooo. I am in love with this offer, and this price point to be honest. It's very affordable and offer LOTS of value.

You have 2 other options:

  • Hire a designer: You'll pay about a $1000 more than what I'm charging you (for a full site with a good designer) - and you won't be able to update it on your own. Every time you want to make a substantial change, you'll need to hire your designer again.
  • Do it yourself, with no consulting: Not only will you spend hours upon hours teaching yourself the back-end (I used to Google everythinggggg ... like how to do everythingggggg... haha :D) - but you'll end up building a site that may not have any of the keys it needs to turn curiosity into clients. I'm not saying this to scare you - I'm just being real. The truth of the matter is that you will lose out on opportunities to work with clients, because you haven't optimized your site + are leaving lots of money on the table. (Not to mention the lost opportunity to meaningfully impact someone's life)



Interested in collaborating?

i'd love to gift you a 30 minute session

~ so you can try the journey out - FOR FREE...

You can schedule that call with me right hereIf we're the right fit, we can take it from there + get busy creating your website!


Will we create the site in our meetings together, or will I have to do "behind the scenes" work?

Oh yeeea girl - You'll be doing lots of behind the scenes work! (Hehe, welcome to entrepreneurship) I'll be giving you homework every session - I estimate for every hour we spend in coaching, you'll want to put in about 4-8 hours of focused energy on your own time, to complete the exercises I've given you.

What if technology really scares me?

Technology scares about 80% of people, or more, I'm sure of it. I've coached women who have told me the same thing (that they are no good with computers) - to create their own sites with ease. Most of them can't believe how easy it is. Heck I've even had one of my clients create a site for someone else (and she charged for it!) - because of what I taught her. Oh ya!

What do I need to start working with you in this way?

You'll need a (fairly) clear concept - of what you are offering, and what you want the site to be about. Now it doesn't have to be perfect - but we will need something to work off of, of course! If this is still fuzzy for you, I recommend you check out a 5 month mentorship with me - the web development is included in that - but I will also coach you deeply around getting clarity (+ so much more!)

You'll also be well served by good photography of you (and maybe even you doing what you do - action shots!). While this isn't essential (we can work with stock images + the like) - it will VASTLY upgrade the personality + professionalism of the site.

Now, good photography can be pretty easy to come by these days. I've done trades for my photos. You also likely have friends who are amateur photographers who might love to build their portfolio, in exchange for a home-cooked meal after the shoot. :)


I'd love to gift you a free coaching session, so you can see if the web-creation journey would be the right fit for you! You can book that call right here.