I'm so excited to be on this journey with you!

Below is our first workshop together on Re-Awakening the Divine Feminine in Business...

Press play below to join us!

In this ~70 minute workshop, I share:

  • My story of when I started my business: ...What is was like, what got me inspired to create it in the first place, the fears I had (and may still be working through!)
  • 2 huge breakthroughs I had to releasing money fear and grounding into my value as a healer and entrepreneur
  • How you can release ideas of "legitimacy" & not being good enough... Which is a very common fear, often referred to as the "fraud syndrome".
  • A powerful & quick Tantric practice to get in your body, release your stagnant stories that have been holding you back and say YES to life & your abundance.

At the end of the workshop, I give you an opportunity to receive 3 bonus guided meditations, in which you'll receive valuable guidance and support on your journey of spiritual entrepreneurship, directly from your Higher Self.

To receive the bonus meditations:

  • Share this course: --> www.mermaid-moon.com/divine with 3 of your sisters who you feel would really benefit from taking the journey with us.
  • In that message you send to your sisters, please include a little bit about why they might want to join, or why you love the course!
  • Head to our FB group Sisterhood of the Mermaid Moon, and let me know you've shared! That's it! That's all! You're done! xoxo