When you're beginning as an entrepreneur, it's easy to become overwhelmed.

Everyone and their mother is assuring you they have the guaranteed exact 5 steps to make your business dreams a reality. But here's why I (lovingly :D) call bullshit... Their 5 steps might have worked for them, but they're not necessarily your best 5 steps. Why? Because you're unique, your path is unique, and your best business coach... is your heart. Let's take this deeper, with our Higher Selves as our guides. Sign up to the right to access 3 free videos + guided meditations on how to do soul-based business as a Priestess, on your own terms. -->[Learn more below}


Day 1: Surrender to the Great Mother + Receive

We magnetize what we resonate with. If we resonate with worry about the future + a fear that we may not be good enough, we're not going to attract the kind of abundant experiences + clients we truly desire. Yet if we surrender into the Great Mother, that is the Source of our nourishment and sustenance, whether we call her Mother Earth, or something else... we'll reconnect to our true sense of safety and abundance. And when trust becomes our vibration... miracles happen! This is a deep dive into our Divine Feminine energy + the source of wealth.

Includes: A 15 minute video & 15 minute guided meditation. {Free}


Day 2: reprogram your subconscious to resonate with abundance

You've been inundated with dis-empowering messages about money for (how old you are) years. And as you know, our beliefs shape our reality. I'm sure you've recited a few abundance affirmations in your day, but I've found that 5 minutes of occasional abundance mantras are not enough to counteract a lifetime's worth of opposing messages. In this workshop I explain how we can truly re-program our subsonciious, and in the meditation, we start to do so.

Includes: A 15 minute video & 15 minute guided meditation. {Free}


Day 3: connect with strategic masculine action

The first step is always to connect with our energy + vibrate from an abundance and deep place. But it's like this... the Queen has gone deep, and has the vision. But she needs her King to execute with that Sacred Masculine, action oriented energy. We have both the Queen and the King inside of us. Today we'll download the sacred action steps to execute.

Includes: A 12 minute video & 12 minute guided meditation. {Free}