If you are called to join, you will learn to work with Archangel Michael intimately, as you let his powerful Blue Violet Ray transform all aspects of your life, including your relationship with money, soul family, and your life purpose. This journey anchors in personal transformation, as a pathway to planetary evolution. If this journey is right for you, you have a deep desire to serve the world, and feel you are here to play a key role in the ascension of Mama Gaia {even if your ego mind doubts that you could be so important and powerful}.

Together, we will activate our DNA to vibrate and remember the codes of 5D consciousness, thereby anchoring in a new grid, for a new earth - one that honours all life, revels in love and play, and is a joyous place for all. 

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  • Souls who are crystal clear about their desire to be of service to this planet + it's ascending consciousness

  • Souls that have remembered their multi-dimensional nature, and recognize there are many other beings, races, and dimensions in this Universe, and that we are all infinitely connected

  • Those we might call 'warrior souls', who are not afraid to get down + dirty, in the name of love

  • Sensitive beings who must live from a place of light in order to function optimally

  • Instigators of powerful change

  • Beings gifted in the psychic realms, sound healing, vibrational medicine, and more, whether these beings have tuned into these gifts, or not

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  • A profound connection with Archangel Michael that will serve you for the rest of your life.

  • An awakening to your soul gifts at a deep level + an awareness of how to use them.

  • Crystal clear energy about your life's purpose, received in waves.

  • A sense of well being and protection. Moments of deep realization that the Universe is on your side.

  • Understanding of how to conduct angel readings for yourself or others, and the confidence to bring that to your career, if it serves you.

  • A clearing of many issues you've been "battling" for a long time, and have now cleared the roots of. The longer you work with Archangel Michael, the more you'll see this.

  • A remembrance of who you are, and why you came here, constantly deepening as you go deeper with the Blue Violet Ray

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  • 3 live ceremonies - A ceremony to open our journey {March 19th}, one in the middle of the journey, and one to close it. {~ 1 hour long, on video, a recording is available if you can't make it live}

  • 11 video modules with training + clearing exercises with Archangel Michael + the Blue Violet Ray, delivered to your inbox once a week ~ except the weeks when we have a live training! {Between 20 - 50 minutes long}

  • Audios of the modules, so you can listen to them over and over, in your car, walking in the forest, cooking dinner, etc, so the prayers + clearings get deeper and deeper into your system.

  • A private FB group to connect you with sisters who are also on this journey, as well as to receive personalized coaching from me.

  • *Four private readings with me and Archangel Michael ~ 45 minutes, once a month for 4 months ~ *if you join the Sapphire circle.

  • *My Kali-Ma Digital Goddess Bundle, which includes a video guided ceremony with Kali, and 3 guided meditations. Learn more about it, here. *Bonus

  • *Daughters of the Earth ~ my guided Meditation album. It includes 18 tracks, with Mother Earth, your angels, crystals, the moon, and more. Learn more about it, here. *Bonus

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  • Live Opening Ceremony: Anchoring in the Blue Violet Ray into our body temples + getting clear on our intentions for this experience. March 19th at 4pm PST / 7pm EST, a replay will be available if you can't make it live.

  • Module 1: Grounding into Mother Earth: It's important that we be deeply rooted into the Mother as we begin to work with highly potentized spiritual frequencies. In this session, we'll create a deeply rooted foundation for our Blue Ray work.

  • Module 2: Clearing the vessel: Our bodies are like the antenna's on radios... they receive the messages and translate them so we can hear them. If our bodies are weighed down with lots of processed sugar, are dehydrated, etc, it's the antenna is broken.. the messages are still being given, but they come through as static. This session, we clear the body temple + create protocol for how we are to honour our physical selves.

  • Module 3: Ancestral Clearing: Locked in our DNA, are strands of our ancestor's painful experiences + beliefs, which affect our daily lives. In this session, we'll open our DNA up and begin to clear old lineage wounding so we can be free to co-create our lives with accuracy and love.

  • Module 4: Wealth Consciousness: We live in an abundant Universe. In this session we'll work with Archangel Michael to clear everything that tells us otherwise, so we can open to great streams of money + support in our lives.

  • Module 5: Whale Consciousness, Sound Healing + transmissions from the Blue Ocean: We'll work with whales + explore sound healing and it's relation to the Blue Violet Ray. Many of you may begin to work closely with the whale / dolphin consciousness after this session. I'll show you how.

  • Module 6: Helping loved ones + the planet: We often wonder how we can support loved ones who are going through struggle, or the planet who needs love. I'll show you how we can help others with Archangel Michael and the Blue Violet Ray, while honouring their free will choices and energetic boundaries.

  • Module 7: Live Ceremony: Committing to truth: In this live session, we will be initiated into a greater ability to hold the frequency of the Blue Violet Ray, as we declare our full willingness to let it penetrate us, and be medicine keepers of truth.

  • Module 8: Sirius, Sirian Starseeds + the Blue Lion Beings: If you are a Blue Violet Ray medicine keeper, you have connections to the star cluster Sirius. In this session, we'll be working with the Sirians, to open us up to higher levels of consciousness, receive downloads about our life purpose, and more intimately remember our multi-dimensional selves.

  • Module 9: Healing Karmic Connections: Sometimes, we've made agreements in this life, or past lives, that no longer serve us, such as a vow of poverty, or a soul contract with someone who is not holding up their end of the agreement. In this session, we cut these karmic ties so we are free to choose in this life, what we truly desire.

  • Module 10: Downloads on our Life Purpose: One of Archangel Michael's most powerful functions, is to guide us to a crystal clear understanding of our life purpose, which happens more deeply the longer and more intimately we work with him. By this point, you'll already have received downloads, but in this session, we'll amp it up and ask for really clear guidance about our role on this planet at this time, and what our next steps should be.

  • Module 11: Receiving Guidance for other people: In our last month together, we'll shift the focus into how we can share our gifts. Specifically I'll be training you on how to receive messages from Archangel Michael for other people, so you can do readings, for family + friends, or for use in a soul-aligned business.

  • Module 12: How I conduct my Angel Readings: I'll share the process I use to give accurate angel readings for others, and how it's changed over the last 6 years. This process might not necessarily be the one you use, but it will open the cauldron for insights and ideas to brew.

  • Module 13: Energy of Sacred Business: Since many of you will be bringing angel readings or some form of working with Archangel Michael into a soul-based business, this session will be devoted on how we can do so responsibly, and with integrity. Releasing the old paradigm patriarchal model of business, and coming from a truly service-based, receptive + trusting place.

  • Module 14: Anchoring in Christ Consciousness: We'll anchor in all that we've received over the last 4 months into Earth, while we open up to the Christ Consciousness grid. This will allow many Masters of Light to come work with you as we make our transition out of this experience, and open you to up to holding even more light in your body and awareness.

  • Closing Ceremony: Integrating all we have learned and getting clear on our next steps. Where are we needed? Our graduation ceremony. Time and date to be announced.

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There are 2 different options for joining us. The Opal and Sapphire circles. The Opal circle comes with all the video modules, live ceremonies, FB group, and bonuses, but does not include angel readings with me. The Sapphire circle includes everything plus 4 angel readings with me, 1 per month, for 4 months. 

This circle includes all of the video ceremonies, modules, FB Group, and Bonuses. 

This circle includes 4 private angel readings with me, along with all of the video ceremonies, modules, FB Group, and Bonuses. 

Doors are now closed. They will re-open again in September 2019. Sign up below to get notified when the doors open again!

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