20 Tips for Solo Hippie Female Travellers

I flew on an airplane by myself for the first time when I was 9. No joke. Granted, my grandparents were waiting for me at the airport I was flying to, and my parents had dropped me off at the airport, making sure I was guided on to the plane - but not many 9 years go on airplanes by themselves, you know? My soul already was quite clear - I was destined to roam the globe, and apparently I had a penchant for doing it solo.

My first full trip alone, was when I was 13. I went to Montreal by myself to babysit for a family I’d never met, for 5 weeks, simultaneously living in their house, and improving my french.

Since then, I’ve traveled to many places solo, including South Africa, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Bali, Peru, Israel, Egypt, France, Spain, Greece, Australia, Hawaii, Mexico, California, and most recently, the Dominican Republic (where Im writing this from).

So I would like to think I have picked up a few good tips for traveling solo as a lil’ hippie female!

Here are my travel hacks that might work for you as well:

1) Bring lightweight things that can make any room feel homey

-Battery powered faerie lights

-Paper Moon flags

2) Have a natural healing kit with you

-My faves: Colloidal silver, activated charcoal, anti-parasitic tincture, grapefruit seed extract, nice herbal teas, Himalayan / sea salt

3) Use essential oil as hand sanitizer

In many countries I’ve been to, it’s pretty standard you’ll come across many a bathroom with no soap. Or sometimes even no sink. I’m not a fan of hand sanitizer. It’s just chemicals and smells bad. Also, it has no other use. Essential oils are full of anti-bacterial properties, some, more than others. My usual go to is to bring tea tree oil, and carry it with me everywhere. I use it as hand sanitizer, and it can be used in many other ways as well. For example, you can dilute it in high quality oil, and use it to soothe and disinfect a wound. If you don’t have stains on your clothes, but they just smell, you can wash them with water and tea tree oil. Search for more uses online, you’ll find tons!

4) Research what the visa situation is BEFORE you land in a country

It’s not that fun to land in a country and realize you needed to get a visa online, in order to enter into the country. It’s never happened to me, but I know people who were sent back because they didn’t get the country’s visa beforehand. Not all countries require you to have a visa. And visa requirements are different, based on what country you hold a passport from. Do your research before hand.

While you’re at it, make sure that at the time you plan on ending your trip, you still have 6 months before your passport expires. Usually you just need to make sure you have 6 months until your passport expires, when you get to a new country (or when you start your trip) - but if you decide you’d like to country hop on your travels - but you can’t because your passport will expire too soon - well, that sucks.

5) Bring a shampoo bar

A shampoo bar is basically a soap bar but it’s for your hair. Test it out before you leave to make sure you like it - I’ve used some terrible ones, and some amazing ones. There are 3 obvious pros - no possibility of your shampoo leaking in your bag, less packaging so you can be as eco-friendly as possible, and you can bring it on the airplane if you want to, as you’re restricted the amount of liquids you can take on a flight. (Why would you want to? I always like to make sure I have a little kit, in case my luggage doesn’t arrive with my flight. A change of clothes, and such. You might like to include your shampoo in that kit.)

6) A scarf can double as a beach towel

Basically everywhere I stay supplies me with a towel for the shower. So lugging around a beach towel just for the beach, doesn’t seem like a smart usage of luggage space (Unless you’re planning on staying in dorm rooms, then you might have to pay to rent a towel). I use a scarf for lying on the beach, and as a towel. Actually… I rarely even use it as a towel, I just let the sun dry me off while I read a book, or relax. :) The scarf can also be used on other times in your trip - for warmth, for cozying up your room, as a head wrap, and more.

7) Having good headphones + a speaker makes a major difference

Music is a must in my life, as I imagine it probably is, in yours. Cheap headphones never cut it for me. I travel with high quality headphones, as well as a BOSE speaker, which is waterproof, and quite small yet gives AMAZING sound. This means I can listen to amazing music on the airplane, on a bus, at a cafe, with headphones, AND have epic dance parties in my room, or supply music on an adventure with friends. It’s SososooOOSOOSo worth it to invest in these, in my opinion. Im listening to music with my BOSE right now, as I type this from the Dominican Republic.

8) Never be afraid to be a bitch

Some countries, more than others, the men will catcall the shit out of you. In Dominican Republic, where I am now, I get cat called at least 20 times a day. It’s pretty bad here. In Peru, I got catcalled once in 3 months. It really depends on where you are. In Egypt, all the men wanted you to be their girlfriend. When I was a bit new to these situations, I wanted to be kind. I would smile at men, and engage with them. After all, I was in their country. Wasn’t it my duty to be nice to the locals? Well… if the locals, and let’s be blunt here, if the local men, are creepy, harassing, and treat you like an object, then… fuck no, it’s not your duty to be ‘nice’, I quickly figured out. In this case, the old adage of give them an inch, and they take a mile, rings true. I remember, in Egypt, I came into a guy’s store to be polite as he showed me his wares, next thing I know, he was kissing my hand, and trying to lead me in the back for mint tea.

Overwhelmed with all the unwanted attention, I talked to some girlfriends I had there. They told me they had a very good ‘fuck you’ face, practiced, and walked around with it. Any guys they didn’t scare off, they would simply ignore.

So I practiced my own ‘fuck you’ face, and started ignoring them. It’s not the most fun, but sometimes, you gotta do what you gotta do. - This only holds in countries where the disrespect of women is more extreme.

I don’t need to have a ‘fuck you’ face in most of the places I go to. Even in the Dominican, where the catcalling is pretty bad, I still smile at some of the men I pass who aren’t catcalling me, or who just simply call me beautiful. But there are some that are just so slimey. I’ll either ignore them fully, or speak up for myself depending on my mood. Last night, I was at a club on a beach, and several guys just touched me, grabbed my waist, or my hair. To every one of them, I turned around, got in their face, and said ‘NO!’ super firmly and confidently, and walked away. Fuck that shit. Now, I don’t recommend this technique unless your intuition is like ‘YEA GIRL, SPEAK UP!’ - because you could end up in a fight with this dude as his pride got hurt, and he wants to take it out on you. Trust your gut. I have a lot of fire in me, so I don’t really care. I want to teach them that’s not OK - but feel it out. Feel out whether ignoring them, or defining your boundaries really clearly, is best. Either way, don’t be afraid to be a bitch.

9) Trust your intuition

10) Give a new location time… it’s natural to feel overwhelmed

It’s totally natural to get to a destination you were feeling super excited about, and then suddenly, just feel so overwhelmed, and ask yourself - “What have I done?”. Being in a foreign country by yourself for the first few nights can be a lot, especially if things are different than you imagined them to be. When this happens - breathe. Embrace the overwhelm. This is a part of traveling. People make out traveling to be this always shiny, always crazy exciting amazing experience. It’s not. It’s everything. It’s your highest highs, and lowest lows, and everything in between. But it makes you stronger - more confident. Trust that the process of settling into a new country takes time - and make sure to start making friends (see tip #) to help you adjust. You can also meditate to ground yourself (try my free meditations here), or watch one of your favourite shows online to bring a bit of comfort and familiarity to you.

11) Learn to embrace loneliness

The loneliest times I can remember in my life, have been while traveling. Some of the times I’ve felt most surrounded by soul family, and so connected - have also been, while traveling. But let’s get back to the lonely part. It’s my belief, that traveling alone, can bring up a lot of shit that has already been inside of you. (But you couldn’t see in your day to day, familiar life.)

The parts of you who are scared to be fully and completely alone with… you, can be revealed in solo travel. In these times, I make a point to breathe into the loneliness, and embrace it. It can be tempting to try to go make friends and never be alone when you feel this - but if you do that, you’re missing on an opportunity to grow. Feel your feelings. Let traveling solo teach you to fall in love with yourself, and be your own best friend.

I use to have these crazy bouts of loneliness while traveling. They would engulf me. It was really intense. But I sat with them, and every trip, the feelings of loneliness got less and less intense. It’s been almost 4 months of traveling this trip, and I haven’t felt that way once. This shows me the inner growth I’ve done. And that’s exciting.

12) Learn as much of the local language as you can

13) Have a strategy of how you’ll make new friends, mine are…

14) Don’t be scared to change your plans

15) Reflect on how you’ll give back

16) Always carry cash with you when traveling through airports

I was flying into Cairo, on my way to another city in Egypt. I needed to buy a visa, in order to go through to my next plane. They only took cash. I went to the ATMs, and none of them worked for me. I had no cash on me. Oh geez. I started to panic a little bit. My next flight was in less than an hour. I explained my situation to the person selling visas, and he graciously pointed me to a security guard, who escorted me out out of the secure part of the airport, to another ATM. Thank baby Jesus, this ATM worked, and he escorted my back into the gates, with no problem. I told my Dad this and he was sort of amazed, that no one had asked me for money for doing this favour - as his experience in the Middle East, was that people usually wanted to be paid off for things like this… (We lived in the Middle East for many years when I was younger). Please read my next tip for my thoughts on this…

Anyway, my point is, if I had cash on me, I would have simply been able to exchange for the local currency, no problem, and pay for my visa.

The other thing I’ve experienced, is getting to my final destination, and having none of the airport’s ATMs work for me. If you have no cash, you might not be able to get a cab to your accommodation. I like to have about $150 on me - to cover any unforeseen issues. Again, you just exchange the cash to the local currency when you get to your destination. You’ll lose some money in the exchanging, but it beats freaking out because you have no money available.

Ps. If the ATMs do work for you, you can just keep your cash, and save it for your trip back, so you don’t have to pay exchange fees.

17) Believe in your heart, that people are good

People ask me all the time, how I feel so comfortable traveling the world alone. Or they just freak out and assure me I am very foolish indeed, and should stop now, or get a friend to go with me. They also like to send me government warnings about traveling to the places Im going, that say - I shouldn’t.

And guess what - these warnings come from people who have seen very little of the world, and watch the news way too much. The world is not what the media paints it out to be.

In my heart, I believe people are fundamentally good. Does that mean there aren’t bad people out there who would want to hurt me? No. But it does mean that you have a big support system around you, even if the people you see are ‘strangers’.

I can’t count the amount of times a stranger has come over to me and offered me help, directions, to carry my bags, or lots of other favours. Without asking for anything in return.

I believe because I EXPECT people to be helpful, those are the type of people I attract.

If you believe people are scary and bad, and most men want to rape you - you won’t have a very nice time traveling by yourself. (Also, in my experience, many of the men DO want to have sex with you, or just straight up marry you for your passport, and the opportunities it could give them - but so far, every single guy has backed off when I said no, firmly. *See Tip, Don’t be afraid to be a bitch)

It might sound naive to give people the benefit of the doubt - but it’s not. You can re-read those countries I’ve traveled to by myself again - I’ve covered enough ground in areas deemed ‘dangerous’ to know, there are very nice people everywhere.

And honestly, if something happens, and you need to scream, I guarantee that people will come running to help you. (That’s never happened to me though, btw…) That being said - you need to make sure people are around, and not be walking dark alleys alone in the middle of the night - have an open heart, but also, don’t be stupid. There’s a balance.

At the end of the day… Humans are your family. Learn to open to them, and expect the best. You’ll be delighted by the amazing hearts you get to know, because you decided to give people a chance.

18) Have a travel belt with pockets that zip up on the inside

19) If good wifi is important to you - have an unlocked phone, and get a local sim card with data

20) Travel with a yoga mat + an online yoga studio membership

I used to have mild depression…this is how i healed it

BETH-0041 copy.jpg

I used to have mild depression. For years, I would go in and out of these very lethargic states. Some days I would lie in my bed for much of the day - feeling sad, feeling pain, or often-times, just feeling numb and unmotivated.

I remember, once when I was teaching at a retreat in Bali, I told the facilitators that I felt 'it' coming on again... the dark hole. I was scared to go in it. I was scared it would eat me and I wouldn't come out again for a long time.

And that was the last time I felt that way.

Because instead of eating me, I ate it. I ate the shadow spaces, I ate my pain, by surrendering to it, and letting it move through me.

Since that day, many years ago, I've not experienced depression. Sad days, tough weeks, yes - but if you've experienced depression, you know that this ever-pervading state is more than just a sad day, or a tough week.

I credit healing my depression to the teachings of the Dark Goddess.

The aspect of the Divine Feminine, who teaches us to allow our pain, anger, and intense feelings, without judgement.

Often in spiritual circles, we are guided to "think positively" non-stop.

Many of us are starting to figure out that this can actually do more harm than good - as if we're suppressing our deeper emotions, we end up in a constant state of resistance - which actually worsens the depression and causes us to have big mood swings.

We will be working closely with the Dark Goddess and Her teachings, in my free journey - Walking as Priestess. {Sign up for that below}

This is a 5 day free deep dive with Kali, Isis + Mary Magdalene, and will help you get to know the Goddess in all Her aspects - helping you to embrace all of your emotions so you can integrate more of your power + brilliance into your life!

Sexuality. I used to suppress it. Big time...

DSC_9823 copy.jpg

Sexuality. ★ One of the juiciest energies in my life today, use to be one of the most foreign.

I grew up taught to believe that sex was between a man and wife... and that's the extent of what sexuality meant.

The climate of sexual suppression I grew up in, meant that, by the time I was 17, I remember telling my best friend: "I don't know what it feels like to be "turned on."

Now Im sure some nice church loving ladies would be thrilled by that statement, and feel that a 17 year old girl should absolutely not know what it feels like to be aroused...

But the wild woman in me thinks that's actually really sad.

Because the experience of being "turned on", is not just about wanting to have sex...

~ I can feel turned on by life, open to endless possibilities and new opportunities
~ I can feel turned on by my own body, dancing the night away feeling the flames of passion and joy ripple through my body as I move
~ I can feel turned on by a creative project, feeling so excited to create something beautiful, meaningful and new
~ AND... I can be turned on by a lover, letting my body and soul soften and open up to the sensuality of moving in rhythm with a beloved, his heart, his body...

I claim sexuality as sacred now. 
I've done a lot of work around this, and I have more to do.

But I am still SHOCKED, to this day, when I share my views on sex - that I hold it as sacred, even when it's raw, primal, and crazy - how many people ask... "What do you mean by that?"

I can witness how many of us hold so much shame around sexuality... owning our bodies, finding pleasure in our movements, energy, and forms...

This has been conditioned into us. By the church. By patriarchy.

But it's time it stops.

★ Our bodies are holy. 
★ Our sexuality is PURE. 
★ Sex can initiate us into the orgasmic creative power of the Universe. 
★ Sex literally CAME from God/dess.

...In order to witness a revolution around sexuality,
We must experience a revolution in ourselves....

Some ways that my own inner revolution has changed me + my habits:

~ For starters... I DEFINITELY know what it feels like to be turned on... but the feeling doesn't control me. I can allow it and let it flow in different ways... (Still working on this...)

~ I no longer get sexual with men who can't really see me, who don't really love me. Even if it means I don't have sex for long periods (and I really like to have sex...) - I will say NO, if my womb and heart tell me to. No matter how sexy the guy, in question is... I now have boundaries after many years of saying yes to the wrong men who gave me red flags from the start.

~ I feel sexy. Straight up. When I dance. When I feel my hair brush against my skin. When I walk in nature and get muddy and messy. This never used to be the case. I felt cute, at best. Sexy was never a word, or a feeling, I was familiar with. Now I'm confident, and feel comfortable in claiming my beauty - in a world where we are told not to claim our beauty or our sexuality, because it's 'arrogant' or 'slutty' (...gag). *For example, I NEVER would have posted a picture like the on above 5+ years ago... NEVER NEVER NEVER... Now? Fuck it... I like the picture :)

~ I allow the excitement and joy of sexual energy to fuel me... This creates an aura of happiness + magnetism in my field, that pulls in all sorts of fun things - new friends, plane tickets, synchronistic adventures, clients, and more.

Like I said, in order to get to this place, after having the whole idea of sexuality be completely foreign to me, I had to do a lot of 'work', a lot of breathing, a lot of dancing, a lot of questioning, a lot of journaling, a lot of working things out through relationship...

I'm offering a free ceremonial activation of your Sacred Sexuality
, with Mary Magdalene, in a free 5 day journey called Walking as Priestess. You can sign up below to receive it!

Are we honouring the Dark Goddess? Or bypassing...

"I just feel really agitated lately, since the Plant Medicine, Anytime someone is all in the "love everything" vibe, I just feel agitated."

"Me too," I echoed, chiming in, in solidarity, "Lately when people are like "Love, all is love, I love everyone and everything!", I'm like "I hate you", and then I think "Omg Beth!" - because that's so not me. I know it's just a process."

I felt a shift in the room.

Is hate a strong word? Yes. Was I in a healing workshop? Yes. But that's how I felt - how I'd been feeling. I didn't censor myself.

I was at a breathwork workshop, and we were at the end of the circle, sharing about our experiences and what we've been going through lately.

At the start of the journey, we were told - all emotions are welcome here, nothing is ugly, nothing is bad.

And yet, I could feel, from one person especially, sitting across from me, what I stated, was indeed 'wrong' or at least, very distasteful in some way. Some comments were then shared about what irritation is all about, or how to process it. The energy was - "Let's help you 'fix' this".

And this, my friends, is where we're at --- we talk about letting all emotions be OK, making space for them. Learning to love anger as we love light...

But we don't live it.

We don't embody it.


Even me, as I left the workshop, I felt ashamed for sharing the potent energy inside of me. "I shouldn't have shared that, the space wasn't being held for me."

But even there, I caught myself, I was ashamed of my own powerful feelings. Thinking they must not be OK, if they triggered other people, by simply sharing them.

I had to breathe through those feelings for hours.

But sitting here now, I feel differently.

I have sacred rage inside of me.

And grief underneath that.

During a recent Plant Ceremony, I had a past life recall that was so intense, I could do nothing but cry like an animal, when it surfaced. I didn't even know I could make sounds like that.

And now, in the wake - yes I'm angry. Yes I have grief.

And yes, that's all OK. My soul has been through a lot. (Can you relate?)


It's time the healing community learns the difference between being in a genuine space of love, and simply spiritual bypassing, floating in the higher chakras.

If you state you are in a deep vibration of love, but cower back and judge another who is not feeling the same way - you are not in a true space of love, you're in an unintegrated state.

If you state you are in a deep vibration of love, and feel your heart grow wider, your compassion growing deeper, as someone shares the nitty gritty of their darker depths - you ARE in a space of love.

Is it a touch arrogant for me to be defining when someone is genuinely in a space of love, and when they aren't?


But what feels real is this - As spiritual brothers and sisters, it's time to honour the Dark Goddess.

Not from our minds.
Not as a concept.

But from an embodied knowingness.

She is the crazy bitch who takes you in the night and throws you deep in the pit of your own fears, to wake you the fuck up.

She is the one who stands at the gateways between birth and death - yonis splitting open in blood and screams. Last breaths being taken as souls return to the Mystery.

She is the one with unending compassion and love, who guides you to see your own bullshit so you can be who you truly are.

And 99% of the time - she ain't pretty.

I pray we grow, together, to appreciate Her and hold space for Her.

To not cower in fear or judgement when She speaks, when She roars.

For I truly believe, it is in honouring Her, that we will restore this Earth to balance.

So my dear, 
I leave you with this,
I honour your darkness, 
I honour the shadow that inhabits it, 
And I honour the sacredness of the void that lives inside of you.

You are not too much, 
What is inside of you, is not too much,
For me.

Menstrual Blood Ceremony...

Like most women, I used to lament getting my period. I'd use tampons and take painkillers to basically simulate the illusion that I wasn't bleeding. I didn't focus on taking time for myself to listen or to tune in, while bleeding. Because like most of us - I'd never been taught.

From the very beginning of getting my moon (what I call my period now) - I felt shame, and kept it as hidden as possible.

Fast forward to today - my continued awakening over the last 8 years reminded me of an ancient secret - one my body already knew. My bleeding phase is sacred, my blood is sacred.

Honestly where I stand today I don't know why most people are so 'grossed out' by menstrual blood - my moon in Scorpio, vampy self actually finds blood to be sexy, mysterious, dark, and primordial. The deep red hue connects us to something inside of us that's incredibly deep and wild.

Ancient cultures would use menstrual blood in sacred rites - aware of its power.

Women were not allowed in Native American sweats who were bleeding - not because they were 'dirty' - but because they believed the prayers from a woman who was bleeding would be much louder than everyone else's - she was that much closer to the mystery.


Today I honour my blood and I give it back to the earth in ceremony. This is a picture from my most recent moon time ceremony, here in Peru.

I talk about this more in a free journey I am offering this month. In this journey, I share a video of how I do ritual with my blood. Sign up below! 🌹🕷❤️🌙

Time for greater authenticity in friendships...

Time for greater authenticity in friendships. 
Especially with females. 
I understand we have sisterhood wounding. 
And sometimes it's hard to get past. 
But I no longer have space for fake friends.

DSC_9852 2.jpg

Yes, I can feel you when you judge me. 
Or flip flop between wanting to tear me down + cheer for me. 
I can feel when your intentions for me are not the best. 
And I notice when you say you'll be there for me, 
But when it comes down to it, 
You aren't.

I don't care if you talk about spirituality, 
Or if your work is supporting women. 
I can read through the lines, 
Feel through your words.

I'm done pretending I cant, 
And I'm done making excuses for you.

I can have compassion, because I know it can be hard to let down our walls sometimes. 
But I will have to let you tear those walls down from afar. 
And ask you to call me when you've processed.

Because I'm coming into a space where I am clear about what I'm worth,
And how I deserve to be treated.

There is a difference between seeing someone as my mirror, 
Honouring my own shit,
And receiving triggers as medicine,

And ...

Letting someone in my field, 
Who is not actually supporting me, 
But pretending they are.

Thank you to my friends who unconditionally love and support me,  
And are honest with me about where you're at. 
Thank fully, there are quite a few of you, 
And I'm grateful.

I am learning, growing, changing, 
Once happy to let anyone in my field, 
Now, letting nature and my intuition tell me who is good for me, 
And who to let go of.

All this, said in loving boundaries, 
From someone who used to have 0.

Entering the pit of my own longing...

For years I have been aware of a longing so strong, that it surpasses words or explanation. A man triggered this in me, and for so long, I was certain that it was this particular man I longed for.

Thankfully he did not give me what I thought I wanted, and recently after a year of largely ignoring the situation, I have come to look at it head on and ask what is truly needed here.

And as such, I have been asked to deep dive into the pit of my own longing.


My longing is for my inner beloved, it is for the throws of ecstatic bliss and alchemical magic that comes from inner union, when the Masculine and Feminine truly align, harmonize, and surrender into one another to become a sacred third... Union.

My ego mind resisted this truth for a long time. It is so much easier to long for someone outside of ourselves, and numb the pain of not getting it... Than to quest within and to honour that what we crave occurs on the inner planes.

The ego hates the answer that what we are looking for is within. it likes tangible. It likes a chase. And it likes drama.

I've had recurring dreams where I pursue a beloved for years now, and he is never available, always outside of my reach.

What I now see clearly is these dreams have been showing me that I have been carrying a story of being unworthy, of not being enough, of not meeting the mark in some way.

These stories have manifested in my external life in repeated rejection from the men that I truly love + see.

This rejection has forced me to own my own stories, and let them go.

What appears to be poison on the outside, is medicine on the inside, if we're willing to take the plunge.

I choose to step into the deep darkness of my own consciousness and claim my worthiness so I can meet and unify with my Inner Beloved.

He lives within me. This is the practice of the Ancient Mystery Schools of Ancient Egypt. To unify the polarities within us, and embody ecstatic sacred inner union.

Those who have activated this inner union radiate a power and presence that is hard to ignore.

And it is this sacred inner union that magnetizes a beloved in the physical realms that can meet our truest, deepest, darkest, lightest, and fullest wishes.

To the path...

I walk not for the outcome on the material plane...

But for the glory of that which resides on the inner...

To truth. 

If you resonated with the post, and want to continue the discussion, please join our private FB group, Sisterhood of the Mermaid Moon, here

How to receive a message from Archangel Michael

Angels are real. That is now a fact in my life, and has been for some time! If you're with me on this, or you're still unsure but are willing to try to connect with them, because... like I used to say... "What could it hurt?" ... then let's go on an adventure! An adventure in how to receive a message from an angel.

For this reading, let's invoke Archangel Michael, who is a badass angel who already knows you intimately, whether you've been working with him or not!


Steps on how to Receive a Message from Archangel Michael

*These are not definitive, everyone connects to Archangel Michael in different ways, but this is one process you can use that will get you started in our really foundational way


Step 1  ~ Clear.

Clear out sugar, processed or heavy foods before you go in to ask for a message, they can interfere... much like static on a radio. Drink enough water. Honour your body temple ~ she's the conduit, the transmitter. Clear out distractions, and go somewhere you can be alone.

Step 2 ~ Ground.

Put your bare feet on Mother Earth while you breathe into your feet, exercise in a way you love, or visualize tree roots growing down into the Earth from your belly.

Step 3 ~ Breathe deeply, and enter into a meditative state,

with deep belly breathes and maybe some nice music to guide you.

Step 4 ~ Ask.

"Archangel Michael, please come to me now. I choose to work with you. What would you have me hear? I ask for a message from you." See Blue Violet Light pouring all around you. Into your cells and into your aura. Ask again. Breathe more Blue Violet light in. Stay here as long as you want.

Step 5 ~ Release.

Let go. Don't try to 'get' a message. Completely relax, and release. I've heard this be called the "Do Nothing Method" ~ the more pressure you put on yourself to receive a message, the more you push it away. {Kind of like dating ;) } Notice what you get. An image, a feeling, a thought. Anything that makes you feel good and just feels right, is your message from AA Michael.

Step 6 ~ Chill.

If you didn't receive anything specific, or you're unsure ~ don't worry. Ask Archangel Michael to keep giving you the message until you get it. Take note of your dreams, passages you read in books that give you chills, lyrics in songs that make you come alert, or really beautiful guidance a friend gives you... angels communicate in MANY ways, through MANY mediums.

If you want to go deeper, like WAY deeper, I invite you to join a free training on how to work with Archangel Michael and the Blue Violet Ray... we start this week and I'll show you how you can bring this angel into your daily life to experience miraculous transformation.

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