She Told Me Not to Share My Work. This Was My Reply...

The other day I wrote a post about honouring your triggers as medicine, and not blaming the other person for your anger… instead… turning and looking within for the source of your pain. Seeing what deep wound that person has just triggered.

I invited the reader to really feel that wound deeply, as a way to heal it.

Well… of course the Universe… (and on my priestess path, we call this aspect of the Universe, the Dark Goddess) - asked me to walk my talk, and do this process deeply for myself, yet again! At the end of that post the other day, I included a simple not. “For more of my writing + free trainings, head to

This was an invitation for anyone who resonated with that content to go deeper into that vibration. I am on a mission to awaken the priestesses and the elementals to their true nature, and I’ve created many free offerings, and from-the-soul writings, that I feel, will serve to help that transformation and awakening come about. <3

Today, I received 2 messages from 2 different moderators of the groups. Their request - “Stop putting your website at the bottom of the posts”

You can only share in a certain way, basically, no website, no invitation to go deeper.

The unfortunate (and fortunate) thing is — is that as a result of me offering a very simple and small invitation at the bottom of that post, for those who resonated, I had dozens and dozens of women show up in my inbox, my email, and in my private FB group - thanking me for my words and my message, and expressing they were very much looking forward to going deeper.

If I wouldn’t have posted my website, they would not have found the way to enter into this vibration more deeply. (A vibration they chose, and stated that worked for them)

As I received these messages… I was angry, I was triggered.

I started writing a post about it, but thank fully, something happened and I was navigated off the page, and my post was deleted.

The post that I was writing had not yet come from the space of self-responsibility that I am asking both myself, and others to step into.

The Universe had my back, the Dark Goddess asked me to go deeper.. and so it was, that I was invited to go out for a surf with a friend.

As I sat there in the ocean, I prayed… “Spirit, guide me to be responsible for what I am feeling. Guide me to what I need to deepen into”

And then I worked with the medicine of the snake… I ate my own pain. All the pain that I had wanted to project on these women.. “They are trying to silence me!” “They can’t handle my fierceness!” … I ate instead. I breathed the pain in. I literally consumed it into my being.

I have learned this pattern from nature. Poo and dead leaves are not a gross mess to the forest.. they are gold, that once assimilated, becomes valuable nutrient, and new growth.

Once I started breathing into my pain, and owning it, 2 realizations came up:

1) <3 I still do not fully own my truth.

Kali, the Hindu Goddess of creation and destruction, lives within me, and for many who do not fully understand her medicine, she comes off as a vengeful bitch. But what she’s actually doing is challenging you to see the parts of yourself you cling to… that are not actually you, that are not actually in alignment.

My truth is loud, and Kali often writhes in my belly, the slippery snake sliding around her neck, body, and more deeply into mine, intertwining us.

I am still not fully comfortable with her power. The world has demonized her. We can see this is the ways her sacred colours - red and black - are associated with hell and evil. We can see this in the way that Christianity turned woman, the snake, and pleasure into the root of why the world fell. And this energy permeates our culture, whether we’re aware of it our not.

The feedback I was receiving from the external, was mirroring a place in myself that does not fully own my truth. The part of me that is sacred of not being liked or understood, still has a little bit of a hold in me. This shadow was reflected.

2) I am empowered.

As soon as I spoke these words to myself, out there in the water, my whole being calmed and I felt whole.

Here is the reflection for the other now, for in every situation, a myriad or medicine can come through if we are open to it. Some for me, some for you.

On the same tangent of point #1… The shadow of sisterhood (and the shadow of all humans actually) —- still has issues with a woman being loud, proud and in her truth.

When women come to each other and say… “I am small, I am weak, please help me sisters.” - that sister usually receives a lot of support. Her position doesn't threaten our ego.. we can tend her and soothe her.

But when a women (and maybe that very same woman from before, now healed!) comes to the circle and says, I AM EMPOWERED, I own my truth, I challenge you to do the same, I have deep medicine to offer, I own I can serve you. I own I have medicine. I own I have purpose. I own my empowerment. I am whole. I do not need you to validate me.

Well… often times… we shudder. I cant help but think of this very same sentiment being expressed by my contemporary Sara Sophia Eisenman recently:

<3 “Maybe we can hold our sister when she is down, and that is good. A beginning. But can we hold her when she is rising, soaring, glowing, immense and kicking ass? Can we hold her and love her when she isn't "humble" but direct and successful and bold and beautiful as the sun? Can we love her when she doesn't kowtow, back down, defer or play small for our or anyone's comfort? Can we resist the urge to crush her and "bring her down to size," and secretly revel in her failures because it "serves her right"? Can we release the old specters of jealousy and gossip and unconscious desire to be more "beautiful," popular, admired? Can we honor and celebrate her shine and success as though it is our very own? That is where the real work of sisterhood lies, on the edge, today.” <3

Personally, in my FB group, I encourage women to share their work. I know how scary it is for so many of us to come out and speak out truths and share our medicine --- and so I feel that a sisterhood and a FB group, is the PERFECT place for people to get comfortable sharing and expressing.


And so I say this to those who asked me to tone it down… Thank you for the trigger. TRULY! I am actually grateful. I am not just saying that.

I will continue to own my truth, and the shadow mirrors that just came to me, have now helped me deepen into that.

You can delete me from your groups, ban me from your posts, or what have you.

It won’t matter to me in this place of centre.
I will fall off and forget this, but I will come back.
Because I will still ROAR my truth, and it will be heard my whom it is meant to be heard by.

I will share my website because in my heart of hearts, all I want is to be of deep service to this planet.

I have found a pathway, in fact, many pathways, to wild self-expression, and a foundation of self-love, and worth… and my Goddess.. it would be disrespectful for me NOT to share it.

If a woman thinks, when she reads my post, and sees a small note about a website to go deeper… triggers her. If that makes her think I am trying to take advantage of someone, or in some way am not honouring my sisters… Well.. that is her mirror now. I am her trigger. Funny how that works, hey? She has her own work to do, I’m doing mine.

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 2.35.12 PM.png

I know in myself, why I created that website. And it wasn’t to toot my own horn, believe me, although my ego can still come in with misaligned pride for what I have created… really and truly overall.. my work, my writing… comes from that ROAR to awaken the tribe.
It comes from deep service.

I could die tomorrow, I want these channelings out, I want to them to be ingested by those they could serve.

And if you would like to censor that, if you would like to say it’s salesy or not in alignment,
Then that is just fine.
I have an ocean to surf,
A truth to roar,
A heart to love,
And a planet to help awaken.
And I will continue to do so, with or without your help.

Although in actuality, whether you offer support or resistance, that is help to me, with the medicine of the snake.

Much love always, thank you for the triggers. I will keep ingesting this medicine, ingesting my pain, until I can stand firmly in my I AM presence.. no apologies.

No buts.
Just me.
Just truth.
I walk the path to owning it.
And in this moment, I am.


He broke up with me over skype. Then the Goddess found me...

About 4 years ago now, I was in Hawaii, on the island of Kauai to be specific. Lush paraside surrounded me, I was interning at a beautiful farm owned by a world-famous raw nutritionist. High vibing people were around me, and I had access to some of the best nutrition in the world.

… And...

…I was crying every day, and in waves... was deeply confused in my soul.

My boyfriend of almost 3 years had just broken up with me. Over skype. While I was traveling in Hawaii alone.

Everywhere I went, and everyone who I talked to encouraged me to let it go, and get on the high vibe train. “Set goals, visualize what you want!”

The (lovely and well-meaning) crew at this farm encouraged me to do a liver & gall bladder flush. I was truly interested in feeling better and getting healthier, especially in the midst of this breakup, so I tried it out.

1 day into the cleanse, which required me to be on a juice cleanse for a few days to prepare for what was next… I found myself in the kitchen, making a piece of toast.

“Fuck it!” I said. “This doesn’t feel right. I need nourishment. I am in a foreign place, alone, and my partner just left me. I need some emotional comfort.”

In some ways I felt like I’d failed. And on other ways, I knew I was onto something.

A few days later, I was in the library at this farm, and among tons of books focused on cleanses, clean eating, and purity… I found one book that seemed different than the rest. It was called “Healing Wise” by Susun Weed. In the moments when I opened that book, and started reading this wild woman’s wisdom, my life changed.

Susun explained many things to me, which I won’t quite getfully into in this blog, because that might take a while… but the gist of it was this: Clearing and cleansing has it’s place. But it is the masculine way. It offers only a part of the whole.

The feminine way, the wild woman way, is nurturance. Support.

The wild woman honours the chaos, loves the richness of soil, and getting dirty. Wild primal sexuality, and honouring the dirty depths of living is the wild woman’s domain. Break the rules. Eat the bread. Make tea with the weeds. Be in your blackness.

Your pain is your medicine, it is meant to be cycled back into gold, just as an animal's poo is circulated back into a tree and produces new life. The Goddess supports you in all ways.

It was like a sigh of relief. And honestly, I really wish I could convey the wisdom that came to me that day, because I feel like that paragraph doesn’t quite cut it, but those are the words I have right now.

From that moment on, the Divine Feminine, the Goddess, the Mother… entered my life. Or perhaps, a better way to put it would be - I embraced her.

I dove into my connection with the Moon, I started exploring my sexuality & my moontime (menstrual cycle) much more deeply, and I started making plans to move to the place I’d always wanted to live… but my boyfriend never did… Vancouver Island.

Since then, I have deepened into the Goddess’s medicine profoundly.


I have remembered I am Priestess, and have served the Goddess in many lifetimes.


I have realized I have come to dismantle patriarchy, and remind the world of the beauty and sacredness of the dark.

I have remembered I am the daughter of Isis, a Goddess revered in Ancient Egypt and beyond. I have remembered past lives in Egypt, and Greece. My world started to make a lot more sense. I got a lot clearer on my purpose, and what I was and am meant to be doing in the world.  

  • I started hosting Women’s Circles every New Moon for my community.
  • I began singing and sharing my voice much more freely, because I honoured and acknowledged it as my medicine.
  • I threw the “good girl” chains off, and awakened my powerful sexuality.
  • I made friends with many other Priestess sisters, and we get together on holy days to do ceremony.
  • I continued to grow a “business” that deeply serves the collective, nourishes my soul, and takes care of me financially, because the Goddess has shown me... that is my birthright… that is my truth… to be deeply supported, and to be deeply expressed. I'm on the growth edge of this, everyday.


  • I have pissed people off along the way.
  • I have cried deep tears at the state of the world.
  • I have agonized with grief for my brothers and sisters in the animal + plant worlds.
  • I have witnessed sisters while they deeply cried, and began releasing lifetimes of turmoil.
  • I have felt deep rage at Patriarchy.
  • I have gotten real.
  • I have shown up.


I have gotten fierce.

I am on a mission.

And no one will stop me.

No one will stop US sisters, because we are the Goddess and Her time is NOW!
We are her hands and ears. We have come here to do extremely good work.
And the world is ready.
It needs it.
It is crying out to be loved.


I want you to know the Goddess path is not the path of Patriarchy, shiny things, and false promises.

It is not a path I will say to you “Oh girl, come with me and all your dreams will come true! You will make 10k a month, you will get that super hot guy/girl in 1 month, and have the perfect relationship, you will be happy all the time, you won’t feel pain anymore because you have cleared it all out!”

Sorry to be a bit aggressive

but… Fuck that shit.
The Goddess path is real

Human AND Divine Embracing. If you know what I mean.


The Goddess path honours ALL the rays and frequencies of life & death… Not just the clean, white, shiny, acceptable ones. YES, as powerful women seaSTAR, we can and WILL create abundance, have amazing relationships, feel beautiful, and so much more!

But we will also cry, get angry, and get real about the very real tragedies that are happening in our world right now.

And we will have the clarity about what to do about it. We will feel empowered as we gaze into the mess, because we know we are here to help.

And we will have our sisters, and the Goddess to support us.

If you are called to deepen into the Goddess.
If in reading these words, something is triggered, and your soul is inviting you to go deeper.

I have a special invitation, love...


I invite you, dear sister, to join me for a Moon Goddess Initiation - a deep dive into your Divine Feminine energy, so you can unblock yourself, express your deepest gifts, and come alive to the Goddess within.


Imagine what it would feel like, to be fully expressed in this world?
...To honour your gifts, and share them wildly and freely?
...To claim your sexuality, and allow yourself to take up space in this world?
...To be clear about your path, and know where you are meant to go.


In Moon Goddess Initiation, we will be unlocking that for you, with the help of the Goddess.

Sister, this sacred journey includes:

  • 6 months of private coaching
  • Meditations, myths & history about 6 Goddesses - we will be working with one a month. (Brigit, Hathor, Aphrodite, Kali, Isis, and Aine) - Learn more about them here.
  • 2 Goddess Boxes of Earth-friendly beauty + adornment products I’ve made myself (Which include: Mermaid Moon Anointing Oil, Sacral Chakra Perfume, Golden Cosmos Lip Gloss, a Moon Necklace, Greek Goddess Eye Shadow + Cheek Highlighter, a Moon Sticker and a Cedar Smudge Stick)
  • A 30 minute follow up session
  • A feature on my website after the journey has ended
  • And 2 bonus gifts, one being a discount on the price of the journey, and the other being a 7 part series through the chakras called “Becoming the Healer You’re Meant to Be”


All the details of the journey can be found here.

I would love to have you in the journey, if you feel called.
These are sacred times, indeed.
We are called to awaken deeply.



This is an opportunity to experience a spiritual transformation that will shape your life, FOREVA!

You will be saying yes to awakening the Priestess within, remembering past lives that will inform your mission in this current one, unblocking issues with abundance, confidence and sexuality, and SO much more.

The result will be that you are deeply connect to, and living your purpose. Expressing your soul’s gifts, and making the DEEP impact on this planet that you long to.

Please go here to learn more about the journey sister! So much is awaiting you!


Lots of love!

xo Beth


Don't have tons of money, or the perfect man? Here's why that's perfectly OK...

I've got to be real with you....

I'm a little bit tired of going on to someone's website, blog posts, etc --- and then seeing them say: "I have lots of money, the perfect partner, and all the material things I wished for! I'm living the life of my dreams --- Let me show you how!"

Patriarchy is just washed all over that.

Listen sister...

This path is challenging. Earth life is challenging.

Sometimes we don't get what we want, sometimes our soul wants us to stay single to truly and deeply learn and grow.... sometimes the money doesn't show up, or we are re-routed to a better option that will simply take more time. Sometimes our path of learning takes longer than someone else's. Sometimes we are doing deep work for the collective, and we need to look a certain things, and feel our pain. Sometimes we have past life issues that we are working with, which others don't.

If you are not running a successful business, don't have tons of money, don't have the perfect partnership...

There is nothing wrong with you.

Your soul knows what it's doing.

At the end of the day self-love is what really matters.
How you feel about YOU really matters.
Your connection to the Divine + to the Earth really matters.

There is nothing wrong with wanting beautiful things and beautiful relationships in your life... but I can't help but feel that many use the outside appearance of their successes for personal gain... without telling the whole story.

I encourage myself, and the rest of us... to let go of the comparing mind and realize that most of these fancy stories are simply marketing ploys to make you want to work with someone, and spend money with them.

I can tell you this because I use to do the same thing.

I remember sitting at the computer a few years ago, thinking how I could spin my life to make it sound REALLY AMAZING.. so I could build enough credibility to do what I wanted to do... coach and teach. Sure there were lots of awesome things going on in my life... but at that time I was dealing with a bit of depression.

Me trying to spin my life in a picture perfect way...  didn't last long. My soul knew better. Ups and downs are a part of the journey. Everything is temporary. Including the man. Including the money. We all die. All things release. It is the way of things.

Just a reminder... you are whole. You are perfect as you are. Your journey is unique. You are right where you need to be.

Tempted to cut someone out? Here's what you need to hear...

One of the most important lessons I have learned is... When someone triggers me, irritates me, angers me... They are showing me a reflection of the pain that lives within... And if I am willing to show up for the assignment, I will thank them, instead of blame them, for showing me my unprocessed pain.

How many times have we wanted to cut people out of our lives because they anger or trigger us? (I am not talking about serious abuse here... Though that is a reflection too, but would need to be dealt with, with physical space from the person, yes)

How many times has the same pattern, the same energy- shown up in our lives again & again, even though we've cut the person who has triggered us - out of our lives?

You may find you keep repeating the same patterns with love interests.

You might find you keep attracting the same stories in your friendships, or in your career.

These patterns beg us to feel our pain. They show us the way- if were brave enough to pay attention.

They invite us to- instead of blaming someone, fully acknowledge self-responsibility for having this show up in our lives. We manifested it. We've perceived it that way.

This is not easy.

Self-responsibility is not encouraged in our culture.

But when we take the initiative... When we honour the pain we see in the external world as a reflection of the pain that lives in our individual and collective psyches... We now have the chance to heal it.

The obnoxious girl that always one ups you... Is a trigger to feel your unprocessed pain from childhood.. Having never felt truly seen or heard because your big sister always got the attention.

When that pain is felt.. Truly... and released... That girl's voice suddenly turns neutral... You actually start to find her funny + realize she's actually really rad.

And what's more... All those potential triggers that could have come your way.. Now no longer have a hold. You can open up to people. It feels good.

You have felt your pain.

You have transmuted it.

You have found your freedom.

This is deep work.

It will take courage.

And most people will never do it.

But you aren't most people.

You are a goddamn warrior.

And you will heal.

How Can I Help Aleppo? ~ A Guided Meditation for Aleppo + the Healing of Syria

{How can I Help Aleppo?} ~ Lastnight I was meditating, and focusing light into Syria + Aleppo... after a beautiful Christmas feast and great day with friends, and clients.

As soon as I connected with the energy - I heard my inner guidance come through and say - you need to do this more often.

I - just like many of you - am caught up in my own life much of the time. My own goals, my own issues, my own dreams, my own relationships...

And as I surrounded Aleppo with light, I simultaneously thought of all the times I scroll through Instagram or Facebook with no intent... when my inner guidance came through and showed me that there are better ways to use some of that time.

After that, I heard the call to get to work + create a Guided Meditation for Aleppo, so that's just what I've done. So we can gather our lightworking power and collective energy of intent to clear away the root cause of what is causing the violence in Syria right now.

If you don't know too much about Aleppo and the civil war in Syria, I'll brief you, in the guided meditation video. Then we'll get into a meditation that with our collective intent, will help to bring support where it's needed most.

This is an urgent call, and I ask you to spend 20 minutes of your time to connect with our heart spaces and be here for our brothers and sisters.

Thank you,

xo Beth

Ps. Here is an Audio version of just the meditation, which you can download and practice at any time.

♥ 3 Archangels I work with all the time... And how you can too! ♥

I’ve been getting messages from Archangel Michael - and he wants me to start talking about angels more, and sharing information about them, who they are, and how to work with them.

I can understand why.

When I started working and communicating with the angels, my whole life shifted. I found a lot more clarity in terms of my life purpose, and decisions - and day to day tasks, such as grocery shopping, or deciding what to do that day - became a lot easier - because I had my divine support system supporting+ guiding me.

Today, I wanted to keep it simple, and share 3 Archangels I regularly call upon for help and guidance. You can start working with one, two, or all three of these angels right away!

1.  ☆ Archangel Michael ☆

Archangel Michael is the archangel who rules over our life purpose. It is my belief and understanding that no soul can incarnate on Planet Earth as a human, without going through Archangel Michael first. He is ancient, and we all have a deep relationship with him, whether we know it or not. His colour is a bright, blue-violet, and he is also very helpful at clearing negative or fearful energy.

I work with Michael everyday, many times a day, and I feel safer and much more guided as a result of working with him. I've even had his help in fixing electronics, just by asking him to clear the energy of my computer!

You can work with Archangel Michael by saying this simple prayer: "Archangel Michael, I am open to you in my life in all ways. Thank you for showing me why I am on this planet, and helping me and guiding me each and every day. Thank you for clearing any and all energy from me, that is not serving me now. Thank you."

If you'd like to go deeper, you can also do this guided meditation with Archangel Michael I've created for you!

2.  ☆ Archangel Jophiel ☆

Archangel Johpiel is the Goddess-like angel of beauty - and by that I mean true beauty - the resonance of beauty. This resonance can show up in our thoughts, the way we see the world, in the scent of a flower, in our wardrobe, home, or in many other ways!

When I work with Jophiel I feel a calming, beautiful presence. Almost like I'm being held by love itself. Her colour is a deep pink.

I like to call on her to beautify my thoughts, and also, to help me feel more beautiful on the day-to-day. I'll even ask her what I should wear that day, or I'll ask her for help with my make-up!

To work with Archangel Jophiel, say this simple prayer: "Archangel Jophiel, thank you for helping to beautify my life. Guide my thoughts, words, and actions. Guide me to feel beautiful today, and every day. Thank you!"

If you'd like to go deeper with her, please go here to access a guided meditation with Archangel Jophiel I made just for you!

3.  ☆ Archangel Raphael ☆

Archangel Raphael is the angel of healing, and is super helpful to work with if you need physical or emotional healing of any sort. His colour is a bright emerald green light, and you can shower yourself in this colour - or send emerald green light - to any area of your body that needs healing.

If I have a toothache, or am feeling off, I'll work with Archangel Raphael to help me heal.

If you're dealing with any chronic issues - you can work with him to heal + understand the root cause - though this will require you to commit to working with his energy long-term - through meditation, automatic writing, and/or prayer.

As healers, we can also work with Raphael to better understand our healing path, and how we can be best of service to others. I know a lot of you wonder what modality of healing would be best for you to get into and offer. Working with both Michael and Raphael will be really helpful for you, in terms of getting clarity.

To work with Archangel Raphael, simply visualize emerald light falling all over you like a shower, invigorating your cells, going into each and every organ, and spending a few minutes bathing yourself in this energy.

To go deeper with him, you can also check out this guided meditation I created for you!

And there you have it! 3 angels for you to start working with, or deepen with - as well as prayers and guided meditations to help support your connection.

Did you resonate with this content?

If so - let's stay connected! Join our Private FB Group - the Sisterhood of the Mermaid Moon - to join our sisterhood + receive lots more free goodies from me - including New Moon and Full Moon guided meditations.

Lots of love!

xo Beth

Enter Your Divine Ray ~ Let The Shadows Ignite With Love

The Divine ray has come,

To pierce through all of

your illusions,

The ways you cling to your shame and cry,
"Not me! Not I! I have wronged!
I am not whole, not innocent!"
The shadow, perceived as deeply real,
As deeply right,
And you,
Deeply sure,
That you,
Are not enough.

You await when the divine ray will come deeper,
And see,
The truth of who you are,
Of what you hold deep within,
And turn away in disgust,
Huffing and hawing as it whispers,
"Not you, you are not ready,
For the feast of unconditional love,
You are not Pure,

And yet,
When the time came,
For the Divine ray to illuminate all of your shadows,
She turned to look at you,
Awake in Her beauty,
And instead cried,
"Oh! My child!
Is gold to me,
Thank you"

And then, she swept you,

On a tide of gold, red, and white,

To the infinite bounty

of your beauty,

Showing you,
That in truth,
You are deeply human,
And deeply not,

And your shadows,
Are the compost,
That will heal the world,
When transmuted.

Thank you for your shadows sweet sisters and brothers,
The time has come,
That we may set them free,

And be washed in love.