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How to receive a message from Archangel Michael

Angels are real. That is now a fact in my life, and has been for some time! If you're with me on this, or you're still unsure but are willing to try to connect with them, because... like I used to say... "What could it hurt?" ... then let's go on an adventure! An adventure in how to receive a message from an angel.

For this reading, let's invoke Archangel Michael, who is a badass angel who already knows you intimately, whether you've been working with him or not!


Steps on how to Receive a Message from Archangel Michael

*These are not definitive, everyone connects to Archangel Michael in different ways, but this is one process you can use that will get you started in our really foundational way


Step 1  ~ Clear.

Clear out sugar, processed or heavy foods before you go in to ask for a message, they can interfere... much like static on a radio. Drink enough water. Honour your body temple ~ she's the conduit, the transmitter. Clear out distractions, and go somewhere you can be alone.

Step 2 ~ Ground.

Put your bare feet on Mother Earth while you breathe into your feet, exercise in a way you love, or visualize tree roots growing down into the Earth from your belly.

Step 3 ~ Breathe deeply, and enter into a meditative state,

with deep belly breathes and maybe some nice music to guide you.

Step 4 ~ Ask.

"Archangel Michael, please come to me now. I choose to work with you. What would you have me hear? I ask for a message from you." See Blue Violet Light pouring all around you. Into your cells and into your aura. Ask again. Breathe more Blue Violet light in. Stay here as long as you want.

Step 5 ~ Release.

Let go. Don't try to 'get' a message. Completely relax, and release. I've heard this be called the "Do Nothing Method" ~ the more pressure you put on yourself to receive a message, the more you push it away. {Kind of like dating ;) } Notice what you get. An image, a feeling, a thought. Anything that makes you feel good and just feels right, is your message from AA Michael.

Step 6 ~ Chill.

If you didn't receive anything specific, or you're unsure ~ don't worry. Ask Archangel Michael to keep giving you the message until you get it. Take note of your dreams, passages you read in books that give you chills, lyrics in songs that make you come alert, or really beautiful guidance a friend gives you... angels communicate in MANY ways, through MANY mediums.

If you want to go deeper, like WAY deeper, I invite you to join a free training on how to work with Archangel Michael and the Blue Violet Ray... we start this week and I'll show you how you can bring this angel into your daily life to experience miraculous transformation.

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♥ 3 Archangels I work with all the time... And how you can too! ♥

3archangelsyou canworkwith.png

I’ve been getting messages from Archangel Michael - and he wants me to start talking about angels more, and sharing information about them, who they are, and how to work with them.

I can understand why.

When I started working and communicating with the angels, my whole life shifted. I found a lot more clarity in terms of my life purpose, and decisions - and day to day tasks, such as grocery shopping, or deciding what to do that day - became a lot easier - because I had my divine support system supporting+ guiding me.

Today, I wanted to keep it simple, and share 3 Archangels I regularly call upon for help and guidance. You can start working with one, two, or all three of these angels right away!

1.  ☆ Archangel Michael ☆

Archangel Michael is the archangel who rules over our life purpose. It is my belief and understanding that no soul can incarnate on Planet Earth as a human, without going through Archangel Michael first. He is ancient, and we all have a deep relationship with him, whether we know it or not. His colour is a bright, blue-violet, and he is also very helpful at clearing negative or fearful energy.

I work with Michael everyday, many times a day, and I feel safer and much more guided as a result of working with him. I've even had his help in fixing electronics, just by asking him to clear the energy of my computer!

You can work with Archangel Michael by saying this simple prayer: "Archangel Michael, I am open to you in my life in all ways. Thank you for showing me why I am on this planet, and helping me and guiding me each and every day. Thank you for clearing any and all energy from me, that is not serving me now. Thank you."

If you'd like to go deeper, you can also do this guided meditation with Archangel Michael I've created for you!

2.  ☆ Archangel Jophiel ☆

Archangel Johpiel is the Goddess-like angel of beauty - and by that I mean true beauty - the resonance of beauty. This resonance can show up in our thoughts, the way we see the world, in the scent of a flower, in our wardrobe, home, or in many other ways!

When I work with Jophiel I feel a calming, beautiful presence. Almost like I'm being held by love itself. Her colour is a deep pink.

I like to call on her to beautify my thoughts, and also, to help me feel more beautiful on the day-to-day. I'll even ask her what I should wear that day, or I'll ask her for help with my make-up!

To work with Archangel Jophiel, say this simple prayer: "Archangel Jophiel, thank you for helping to beautify my life. Guide my thoughts, words, and actions. Guide me to feel beautiful today, and every day. Thank you!"

If you'd like to go deeper with her, please go here to access a guided meditation with Archangel Jophiel I made just for you!

3.  ☆ Archangel Raphael ☆

Archangel Raphael is the angel of healing, and is super helpful to work with if you need physical or emotional healing of any sort. His colour is a bright emerald green light, and you can shower yourself in this colour - or send emerald green light - to any area of your body that needs healing.

If I have a toothache, or am feeling off, I'll work with Archangel Raphael to help me heal.

If you're dealing with any chronic issues - you can work with him to heal + understand the root cause - though this will require you to commit to working with his energy long-term - through meditation, automatic writing, and/or prayer.

As healers, we can also work with Raphael to better understand our healing path, and how we can be best of service to others. I know a lot of you wonder what modality of healing would be best for you to get into and offer. Working with both Michael and Raphael will be really helpful for you, in terms of getting clarity.

To work with Archangel Raphael, simply visualize emerald light falling all over you like a shower, invigorating your cells, going into each and every organ, and spending a few minutes bathing yourself in this energy.

To go deeper with him, you can also check out this guided meditation I created for you!

And there you have it! 3 angels for you to start working with, or deepen with - as well as prayers and guided meditations to help support your connection.

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Lots of love!

xo Beth

Enter Your Divine Ray ~ Let The Shadows Ignite With Love

The Divine ray has come,

To pierce through all of

your illusions,

The ways you cling to your shame and cry,
"Not me! Not I! I have wronged!
I am not whole, not innocent!"
The shadow, perceived as deeply real,
As deeply right,
And you,
Deeply sure,
That you,
Are not enough.

You await when the divine ray will come deeper,
And see,
The truth of who you are,
Of what you hold deep within,
And turn away in disgust,
Huffing and hawing as it whispers,
"Not you, you are not ready,
For the feast of unconditional love,
You are not Pure,

And yet,
When the time came,
For the Divine ray to illuminate all of your shadows,
She turned to look at you,
Awake in Her beauty,
And instead cried,
"Oh! My child!
Is gold to me,
Thank you"

And then, she swept you,

On a tide of gold, red, and white,

To the infinite bounty

of your beauty,

Showing you,
That in truth,
You are deeply human,
And deeply not,

And your shadows,
Are the compost,
That will heal the world,
When transmuted.

Thank you for your shadows sweet sisters and brothers,
The time has come,
That we may set them free,

And be washed in love.

How to Receive Messages From Your Spirit Guides + Angels

Over the past few years (or at least few months!) , you've probably been newly exploring your spiritual side, and with that, opening up to some new ideas.

Whether that's discovering a love for crystals, or purchasing your first deck of oracle / tarot cards... the mystical side of life has been opening up for you. And with that... you've probably been hearing about angels + spirit guides. 

I remember, about 5 years ago now, when I started to open up to the existence of these divine beings.

I had started a meditation practice, and was feeling like I really wanted to explore my spiritual path. I wanted to open up to more + explore the idea that more was out there, than met the eye. 

... I remember the first time I tried to work with Archangel Michael.  

I had been reading a book called "Ask Your Guides" by Sonia Choquette, and in it, she gave us an exercise to invoke the presence of this powerful angel. All we had to do, was repeat his name a few times, and invite him in for help.

When I tried it, I was sitting in my car, outside of the bank, and with shaky confidence, repeated his name. "Archangel Michael, Archangel Michael, Archangel Michael." I felt a simple shift in energy, hardly perceptible, but I did notice it... And... from that point on, my life changed.

I continued to work with angels from that point on, and started to connect with my Spirit Guides on a regular basis.

As I began doing so, I began to feel more supported. I started to receive messages through meditation from my divine support system, and my dreams started to intensify. Not only that, I was receiving guidance through my dreams that I never remembered experiencing before. 

I also started to feel safer in life, as I truly felt these beings were guiding me + protecting me. 

Fast forward to today, with constant practice and a commitment to my connection with these beings... I have a professional practice that allows me to deeply help many people with my ability to channel messages from the other realm. 

Yet the thing about this abliity... the ability to receive messages from your Spirit Guides + Angels is...

Everyone can do it.

It is not for the few, the special, or the chosen. Everyone on earth is capable of connecting with their divine support system, yet we've been raised in a society where this ability has been deemed as "crazy"... so we've learned to shut our natural abilities down. 

Well.. let's change that. It's time to open up and learn to receive guidance in this way again, because we can not only help ourselves with this ability, but we can also have a profound effect on the world, as we go about our day in a much more guided, connected way.

In this new video workshop, I walk you through 3 major steps to receiving messages from your Spirit Guides + Angels. 




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What a psychic told me last week...

Last week, I was feeling really off about a certain relationship in my life.

For months I had tried to meditate on it, as well as journal and pull tarot cards… but something just wasn’t clicking. I was feeling stuck, and I wasn’t into it, so I did what too few of us are in the practice of doing… I reached out for help. 

I messaged an intuitive I’ve been following for years, and booked a session with her.

Why does an intuitive need an intuitive you ask? (Actually you probably didn’t ask because the answer is fairly obvious haha, but whatevs) 

I knew I had blind spots. 

I had been so attached so a certain outcome in the relationship, that I knew I was no longer able to see it clearly. 

When I work with clients, I have no attachments, I am a totally outside observer who can remain neutral ~ so in this way I can hear and feel what I need to hear and feel with no interruption. 

But… I was pretty invested in this situation, so I wanted some assistance. 

Within minutes of getting on the call, I was not only receiving information about the relationship, but receiving a ton of other valuable insight I didn't expect. 


Some highlights of the session were:

  • You and this person had a soul agreement that began in a past life. He hasn’t honoured the agreement, so you are free to release it (pheww, that was a relief)
  • You are expanding a lot, and are going to be starting to adventure and travel again in this next phase of your life. This adventuring has a purpose. 
  • My relationships are much more about choice than I had let myself understand. Destiny has much less of a role than good old fashioned… Free Will choice


...Now there was lots more that she told me that I won’t get into now, but the point is, after I had the session, a weight lifted. I literally pranced around for the next 2 days yelling “IM FREE!” whenever I felt like it. Muahahaha. 

So my dear lightworker, I ask you… do you feel stuck in any area of your life? Are there any sticky points in your relationships, or your decisions, that you simply haven’t been able to “figure out” on your own?


If so, then I have some news… For the last year I have not offered personal angel intuitive readings, because I wanted to focus on helping young women build their spiritually-based businesses. I wanted to establish myself as an intuitive business coach, so much of my focus went into building that new part of my business. 

Now that I’m established in that way, I feel it is time:

I am now re-opening my intuitive angel readings for the public, with a few changes. 

In these angel readings, I work with your Spirit Guides + Angels to zone in on exactly what is going on, from a higher-level perspective. Through the call, we blast through the blocks you’ve been experiencing and give you clarity + AHA moments that cause a good deal of my clients to say this specific phrase… This is exactly what I needed to hear, thank you.

You can book your angel call about anything and everything. I can help you with your personal relationships, career choices, financial concerns, health questions, or any decisions that you need to make - because I work with your divine support system, it is just a matter of tuning in and channeling what you need to hear. 

Since it is my birthday in just a few days, I thought I’d offer you a fun (and very helpful) bonus, if you book your call by July 2nd (my day of birth yo).

If you book by July 2nd, you will receive:

  • A 45 minute session with me.
  • 3 guided meditations I choose personally for you at the end of the call.
  • And BONUS: A free 20 minute follow up call with me, which can be booked at any time in the future.


So yes, if you book a session by my birthday - you will literally receive a free session with me. (You can schedule your call for anytime this month or in July, you just need to BOOK it by then)

That is amazing if you ask me :D

If you’re in need of clarity + specific direction (I don’t do wishy washy, you will get specific answers…) You can learn more about the sessions, and book your call here. 

Please my beautfiul soul sister, know this. You are not meant to walk this light working journey alone. There is a team of healers, intuitives, coaches, and support workers that are available for you at any time.

As my mother once told me… “It takes a village to raise a healer.” Reaching out, and getting support when you need it, is always a good thing.



So much love!

xo Beth Katherine

Archangel Jophiel Meditation

Hey Ladies! :D Beth here! xoxo

I'm really excited to give you this

Archangel Jophiel Meditation 

...because Archangel Jophiel ~ the Goddess-like angel of beauty + beautiful perceptions ~ is so magical, and so devoted to your healing. 




Please PRESS PLAY on the video BELOW to listen to a free guided meditation with Archangel Jophiel + have your own experience:

If you're digging this and want to connect + receive complimentary angel coaching, please join my private Facebook group, Angel Coaching with Beth Katherine.


Free Guided Archangel Michael Meditation

Archangel Michael is the angel I work with most closely, and I can personally attest to his ability to not only heal and give you clarity, but to also re-work things in the physical world  ~~~ so that life is easier for you. 

Angels always respect our free-will choice however, and so, you really do need to invite him into your life to fully receive those healing powers!


Here is a free Archangel Michael guided meditation you can do, to invite Archangel Michael into your life today


Also a great meditation to practice, even if you already work with him. :)

Lots of love!

I hope you enjoy the free meditation :) May Archangel Michael guide you, 

xo Beth

3 Angel Books That Changed My Life

Hi babes!

I get asked a lot for recommendations for resources to learn more about angels. Today I thought I’d sit down and share with you 3 books that totally transformed my life, by bringing me in closer contact with my angels.

My work with angels started when I read one of the books I talk about below - Ask Your Guides. It was through this book that I began to invoke the presence and help of Archangel Michael - a process that has deeply changed the course of my life.

I am so grateful to these authors and messengers for sharing their work, so we may all benefit by becoming more conscious of the great light beings that constantly surround us. 

1. Ask Your Guides by Sonia Choquette

As I mention above, this book was the one that started it all. I was captivated by what I was reading, and I remember devouring the book in the back of my Financial Institutions & Markets class while I was in University studying Finance. (I told you the angels changed the course of my life! ;) haha)  In it, Sonia, a gifted healer and psychic, introduces you to the various Spirit Guides & Angels you have available to you, at any given time. She also shares how you can begin working with them, all in a very easy to understand way. I highly recommend this one! (OK I highly recommend them all… :D)


2. Angel Medicine by Doreen Virtue

This book is like turquoise water lapping up on the shores of your soul. It’s a personal account of Doreen’s life, while she was traveling through Greece and connecting to a group of angels called the Angels of Atlantis. There is some incredible information in this book - in it I learned that sunsets soothe and nourish our lower chakras, grounding us and preparing us for sleep. I learned that those who lived lives in Atlantis wear crystals - our way of recognizing each other. I learned about all the different colours of healing, and how we can invoke each one for different purposes. It’s so good! I gave my copy to my best friend and she is currently eating it up. 


3. Angels in My Hair by Lorna Byrne

Oh my goodness, I can’t even begin to express how deeply this book affected my life. Lorna is an Irish mystic, who grew up in fairly difficult conditions, and get this - she’s been seeing angels with her physical eyes for her entire life. It took her a while to even understand that other people could not see them, and other people thought she had mental disabilities because she would constantly be staring at what other’s could not see - enraptured in a world that was only visible to her. This book will amp up your faith enormously, as Lorna’s kind hearted and honest accounts of the angels presence in all of our lives is like nothing else I’ve ever heard. It is an autobiography, so it reads kind of like a fiction novel. A captivating read!

I hope that if one of these titles speaks to you, that you go to the bookstore and pick yourself up a copy! It’s kind of incredible how one book can affect your life so intensely.

If you are ready to connect more deeply with your angels right away, I invite you to book a complimentary 30 minute session with me. It is with great purpose and intention that I share the messages I receive with you from the angelic realm, so you can more effectively be the healers and teachers that you came here to be. (And so you can learn to love yourselves more!)

Much love, many blessings, and may you be open to the angelic guidance that is flowing your way!

xo Beth