The story behind my snake tattoo...


I often get compliments and questions about my tattoo, the serpent coiled around my left arm, with roses and a lotus. ☥

"What does it mean?" - people ask. I rarely answer with the whole story, actually I don't think I ever have. Most of the time I simply say, "It represents my spiritual path."

Today I'd actually like to explain my tattoo, and how it came about. 

Several years ago, I was dancing at a really amazing party with a really amazing DJ, and was in a very expanded state. As I danced, I literally felt a symbol, a frequency - a packet of information, if you will - drop from the sky, and download into my body through my crown chakra. 

It was a tattoo of a snake, wrapped around my upper left arm. I knew I was to get it marked on me. 

Honestly, I cant remember if in that moment I knew the symbolism of the design, and how it connected to the Ancient Egyptian Goddess Isis. I just knew it was to happen. 

Now I know, that the ancient Priestesses of Isis, who could be found through Ancient Egypt, Greece, Palestine, Israel, Turkey, France, and far beyond - wore golden serpent armbands to signify their initiate statuses in the Ancient Mystery Schools of Isis (+ Hathor). 

You can find these ancient armbands throughout museums. I was lucky enough to see many in the Egyptian section of the Athens museum, and had a lot of remembrance come through in those moments. 

It would be years from the moment I downloaded the snake, to when I finally got it tattoed around my arm. 

I knew that getting the tattoo was a big commitment. And an honour. I didn't take it lightly. I knew when I got it, I would be initiated more deeply into my Priestess path, and into Snake medicine. And I was right. I got it 2 days before I hopped on a plane and flew to Peru, to sit with Ayahuasca, and to then wonder through ancient temples throughout the Andes. 

The roses in my tattoo connect to the Magdalene, and the ancient order of the Sisterhood of the Rose. The Magdalenes are Priestesses of Isis. 

Isis is an Ascended Master mentor. As Priestesses of Isis, we don't worship her. We embody the frequencies that she is a cosmic mother to. We learn sacred Priestess arts through her. We act as midwives through the veils, with her as a teacher and friend.

Isis hails to Earth from the star cluster, Sirius. The blue star in the sky, the brightest one. 

Her frequency weaved through Ancient Atlantis, seeding orders and Mystery Schools there, before moving on to Ancient Egypt after Atlantis was 'destroyed'. 

Isis ushered Egypt into a Golden Age, where it's citizens knew themselves as sovereign and unlimited. 

After Isis ascended, Mystery Schools still flourished with her teachings. 


Isis is an emanation of Sophia, Mother Father God, Creatrix of all life. Again, Isis was never worshipped in these Mystery Schools. 

The initiate was seen as a powerful soul in her or his own right, and was training to embody their Higher Selves in human form, thereby accessing multi-dimensional powers and awareness. 

The path of the initiate was rigorous, yet profoundly rewarding. The Priestesses (and Priests) of the Ancient Mystery Schools were spiritual leaders, healers, and frequency holders. 

Then, as the cycle of time turned, Egypt began it's descent. People were lead astray. They forgot about their own inherent power, and Isis was deified. Rather than seen as an equal and a mentor, in the hearts of her people, she was thought of as a Goddess, an unattainable figure only royalty and highly trained initiates had access to. 

And after this long descent that spread through Egypt, and then, the whole world...

...The Priestesses of Isis have returned again. 

This time, to seed a new golden age. 

From our origins in Sirius and beyond, throughout our lifetimes in Atlantis, Ancient Egypt, and reaching into today, we are waking up to who we truly are. 

I feel an urgent, yet simultaneously patient and loving call from Isis: "Awaken sisters."

Even though it's tempting to spend our days numbing out, or distracting ourselves, because deep down we know our missions are so damn big, and we're not sure what to do about it... It's time to rise. 

Let us sit in ceremony. 
Let us enter the ancient halls of remembrance. 

Ancient Egypt did not die. 
It lives within us, 
In the inner temples. 

The ancient temples were always gateways to inner temples. 
They are still very much alive, inside of us.

It's time to access this. 
It's time to continue our mentorship with Isis. 

It's time. 

You are more than who you've yet remembered yourself to be. 

You are my Priestess sister. 

Ancient powerful one. 

And I witness the fire inside of you, 
That has come to heal.
Yourself first, 
And then, 
All beings. 

☥ May we remember. ☥


How to receive a message from Archangel Michael

Angels are real. That is now a fact in my life, and has been for some time! If you're with me on this, or you're still unsure but are willing to try to connect with them, because... like I used to say... "What could it hurt?" ... then let's go on an adventure! An adventure in how to receive a message from an angel.

For this reading, let's invoke Archangel Michael, who is a badass angel who already knows you intimately, whether you've been working with him or not!


Steps on how to Receive a Message from Archangel Michael

*These are not definitive, everyone connects to Archangel Michael in different ways, but this is one process you can use that will get you started in our really foundational way


Step 1  ~ Clear.

Clear out sugar, processed or heavy foods before you go in to ask for a message, they can interfere... much like static on a radio. Drink enough water. Honour your body temple ~ she's the conduit, the transmitter. Clear out distractions, and go somewhere you can be alone.

Step 2 ~ Ground.

Put your bare feet on Mother Earth while you breathe into your feet, exercise in a way you love, or visualize tree roots growing down into the Earth from your belly.

Step 3 ~ Breathe deeply, and enter into a meditative state,

with deep belly breathes and maybe some nice music to guide you.

Step 4 ~ Ask.

"Archangel Michael, please come to me now. I choose to work with you. What would you have me hear? I ask for a message from you." See Blue Violet Light pouring all around you. Into your cells and into your aura. Ask again. Breathe more Blue Violet light in. Stay here as long as you want.

Step 5 ~ Release.

Let go. Don't try to 'get' a message. Completely relax, and release. I've heard this be called the "Do Nothing Method" ~ the more pressure you put on yourself to receive a message, the more you push it away. {Kind of like dating ;) } Notice what you get. An image, a feeling, a thought. Anything that makes you feel good and just feels right, is your message from AA Michael.

Step 6 ~ Chill.

If you didn't receive anything specific, or you're unsure ~ don't worry. Ask Archangel Michael to keep giving you the message until you get it. Take note of your dreams, passages you read in books that give you chills, lyrics in songs that make you come alert, or really beautiful guidance a friend gives you... angels communicate in MANY ways, through MANY mediums.

If you want to go deeper, like WAY deeper, I invite you to join a free training on how to work with Archangel Michael and the Blue Violet Ray... we start this week and I'll show you how you can bring this angel into your daily life to experience miraculous transformation.

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How Can I Help Aleppo? ~ A Guided Meditation for Aleppo + the Healing of Syria

{How can I Help Aleppo?} ~ Lastnight I was meditating, and focusing light into Syria + Aleppo... after a beautiful Christmas feast and great day with friends, and clients.

As soon as I connected with the energy - I heard my inner guidance come through and say - you need to do this more often.

I - just like many of you - am caught up in my own life much of the time. My own goals, my own issues, my own dreams, my own relationships...

And as I surrounded Aleppo with light, I simultaneously thought of all the times I scroll through Instagram or Facebook with no intent... when my inner guidance came through and showed me that there are better ways to use some of that time.

After that, I heard the call to get to work + create a Guided Meditation for Aleppo, so that's just what I've done. So we can gather our lightworking power and collective energy of intent to clear away the root cause of what is causing the violence in Syria right now.

If you don't know too much about Aleppo and the civil war in Syria, I'll brief you, in the guided meditation video. Then we'll get into a meditation that with our collective intent, will help to bring support where it's needed most.

This is an urgent call, and I ask you to spend 20 minutes of your time to connect with our heart spaces and be here for our brothers and sisters.

Thank you,

xo Beth

Ps. Here is an Audio version of just the meditation, which you can download and practice at any time.

Messengers From The Faerie Realm... Are You One Of Them?

Sleeping this morning, I found myself in a wash of realms, scene after scene leading me to an opening, where 2 beings sat down before me.

There were supposed to be police officers, but as I looked more closely, I could see the features of the man. He was sitting on the left. Grey hair, pointy ears, and distinctly elemental features... I placed 3 crystals in his hand, and one started to heat up and change colours. "You are from the dragon faerie realm", I told him, channeling what I knew to be true.

Upon waking, I felt more connected to the realm in which I know I am from.

The following is for my sisters and brothers who have come from the lands and the times and the spaces which are not human. This blog post may be quite hard to follow if you are not a) from these realms or b) awoken to the fact that there are an infinite amount of different dimensions and realities other than the one we live in as humans.

If you are ready to move on with me, dive deeper, and uncover some more of who you are... then keep reading.

. . .


I don't really know when I figured out that I'm not really human, at my core.

By that I mean, that my soul is not used to be human. That maybe I've done this human thing a few times, maybe a dozen, but NOTHING in comparison to how long my soul has spent just as my light body, in the realms of the elementals - that is, the faeries, the tree spirits, animals, the ocean spirits, mermaids, elves, etc - and as a being who lives on or around other planets, in other dimensions.

I can tell you right now that I came to this planet to help. I did not come to undo my own karma or to save myself in any way. I am outside of the matrix. And you are too, I'm sure, if you are reading this. The matrix is a web of pain, lies, and fear that exists around our planet. Some may call it the pain body of our planet. If you are caught in the matrix, then you are not able to see clearly, and need a potent amount of restoration to reconnect you to the truth of this unlimited Universe. But your soul is not damned. Nobody's soul is damned. That's pure bullshit fed to you by religions who have been overtaken by energies that do not serve Source.

Yep, things are getting quite spiritual and far out... I warned you at least haha. Welcome to how I think. Some of you are probably like YEP ME TOO... HOW I THINK, THANK GODDESS.

Ok.. moving on. I know I was an orca, myself. Ive spent time as a whale, many whales actually. The whales are my family here on planet earth, many of them have incarnated as humans to help this planet as well. And when I find incarnated whales.. BOOM. Let me tell you... Soul family. Immediately. It's just that most incarnated elementals still havent quite woken up to who they are. But still.. they are soul family.

. . .


The thing is when you are an animal or when you are from the faerie realm... people have stopped listening. Where once, talk fae folk was common, as was listening to them, and honouring them... now, if you say these things in mainstream society, you may find people want to send you to the crazy ward.

So that's unfortunate, because the faeries are very real. The realm of the elementals is very real. Elementals are not just from Planet Earth, there are many different kinks all over the galaxy and beyond. Elementals is a broad word for the fae folk, for the nature spirits. Nature as we refer to it, exists all over the Universe, not just on Planet Earth.

So back to humans not listening.

Many of us incarnated as humans, because we felt, or we knew, it was the only or best way to create change. The environment is being destroyed in many parts of the world. Animals are going endangered at record speed. Disrespect for the Earth Mother and her creatures is rampant. Humans are suffering from the delusion that they are on top, and nothing, and no one else matters.

We came here to speak up.

To lend a voice and our healing, when we knew that our previous posts on the other side of things... were no longer working like we wanted.

Only the bravest boldest, or most focused of us have incarnated as humans. It is too intense, too violent of place for most of us. And we've received lots of training to be here.

The things is, even with all of this, the training, and the intention... we suffer from terrible amnesia once we are here. The density of this dimension is so strong, that we are no longer able to access the information that was once readily available. Actually, we can access it, but only with deep journeying, and a constant commitment to awakening.

We suffer from the delusion that we are human, and there is little to no real magic in this world, once we show up. Only a few among us will remember from the get go, who we truly are. This is starting to change, as the waves of lightworkers come in, and children are more readily being raised in natural environments. We dont need parents to tell children who they are. We need children to tell parents who they are, and be raised by the natural world, for the most part.

Being an elemental, incarnated as a human, is tricky.

We are naturally very sensitive, and very passionate. We feel anger and rage, but we don't know where it comes from, unless we've tuned in to the deeper parts of ourselves, and realize that our family is being slaughtered, and we have witnessed it. Not only that, but we've ingested their pain, as we have all eaten factory-farmed meat and tortured dairy products at some point. The pain lives inside of us, until we do something about it.

That is why we are here. To do something about it.

If you are an incarnated elemental, you will not find true peace, unless you are helping the environment. That is your life's purpose. It can be done in many ways. MANY ways. But you must help. It is your soul's mission.

. . .


How do you know if you are an elemental?


  1. You love nature. As you awaken, you love it more intensely.
  2. You feel deep pain around the destruction of the environment. In fact, your deepest rage has probably stemmed from seeing footage of animal torture, or environmental crisis. (Not always, but probably)
  3. You have a natural affinity for song, dance, music, and creativity.
  4. You may have wanted to be a vegetarian when you were a child, or at least, were obsessed with animals.
  5. You feel a deep desire to help the world, and Mother Earth.


. . .

Why did it take me so long to write this blog post?

I have been wanting to write about incarnated elementals for quite some time. And I have LOTS more to say.

Probably because I feared it would be too far out, and I would lose some people. I'm a bit raw from being called crazy by people I truly care about.

But now Im getting to be more OK with that.

The elementals need us to speak up, both those who are incarnated, and those who are in the realms of fae. Everything is connected, and as Mama Earth suffers, so do the fae.

There is so much more to come about elementals, the fae folk, other dimensions, and how to connect with it all.

If you'd like to receive future posts and learn more, please sign up with your email below so I can send my posts to your inbox when I write or record them.


May we awaken.

A New Moon in Scorpio Meditation

It's the New Moon in Scorpio today, and I wanted to give you a meditation that will help you to connect more with this time. 

I know many of us look online and are aware that it's the New Moon, and maybe we've read a little bit about it, on places like Mystic Mamma.

Reading is great, but the best way to really benefit from these potent lunar events, is to slow down and connect with them ourselves. Direct connection through meditation is what it's about. That's how we're going to be able to receive the
guidance and energy that's coming through at this time. By being in our receptive energy.


Press play for the 10 minute New Moon in Scorpio Guided Meditation:

Much love and many blessings sisters!

xo Beth

I Believe in Magic


A deep part of my soul knows that it is not from this realm, or this time period. Flashing between my waking dreams and my nighttime sleeps, I seem to half-remember, half-forget different places, and different dimensions, that make me feel much more at home than I feel now. 

I believe there is so much more to this world.That we are multidimensional beings who are on earth for a short, but important mission. When we realize the magnitude of who we really are, we can awaken more, and live a more magical life. 

Here are a collection of images that evoke the feeling inside of me that recalls - magic is real, and there are many places in my heart I visit often, that I might not remember, but I know are there.  (Click to enlarge)

Lots of love to you!

xo Beth

Today, I Sat in Ritual

Hi my loves! 

I've had such an intense last week or so. There were a couple factors involved, however the trigger points did not seem to warrant HOW DEEPLY I felt grief, devastation, and anxiety overtake me. 

Can you relate?

You know when, yes, something happened in your life that you weren't stoked on, but the reaction seems to be a bit more intense than seems warranted?

This was me this week. I could not (and still can't to be honest with you) - figure out why I was so affected by a personal situation. (And I'll give you a hint... it has to do with a man... :D)

What I know this far on my spiritual path, is that there are so many things we don't understand.

Perhaps this situation triggered a painful past life memory, perhaps it simply got me in touch with the deeper sadness of the collective consciousness. Perhaps these feelings have been carried through my blood line, and I am clearing them for my ancestors. I don't know. All I know is I felt it, deep. 

So today I sat in ritual, and gave it away. What I'm about to share with you is an exercise I do fairly often. I'd like you to put it in your "toolkit", for when you are feeling off, and need major support. Or even for when you are feeling great, and want to get even more in touch with the flow!

Today I sat in ritual.

First, I did my dishes, cleaned my space, and made my bed. I lit my bundle of cedar to smudge my home. 


I gathered all of my crystals, and collected flowers from outside, to invite the fairies in. 

I got out my pen, paper, and a lighter.


Spirit Medicine. Artist unknown.

Spirit Medicine. Artist unknown.

And then I made a circle. I made a circle of crystals, and I sat in it. I invited my Spirit Guides, my angels, my Spirit Animals, and all the light bearers who work with me to be with me and guide me. 

I spoke what I felt. I talked to the Universe, and told it I was confused, and needed a healing. I asked for clarity, for closure, and to feel really good about the situation. 

I wrote my prayers down on a piece of paper, and I burned them.

I watched the words turn into ash, and then into smoke. I knew that these prayers were being heard, as I meditated to receive any guidance that wanted to come in.

And when I felt complete, I pulled a few angel tarot cards, said thank you, and crawled out of my fairy ring. (The fairy ring... that's the circle I made with my crystals)

When I do this - that is, sit in ritual - I feel enormously connected to the Universe.

And today was next level. I felt my trust in the Universe deepen immensely, and it was really beautiful - just what I needed. 

I also have an easier time releasing any given situation when I sit in ritual. Since I use my physical energy and physical tools to communicate with Spirit, my more logical mind has an easier time understanding that I AM HEARD, and guidance + creative solutions are on their way to me now. 

I encourage all of you to create your own rituals when you need assistance. 

You can do them in any way - rituals are meant to be created from your intuition. You can have a bath, and sing your prayers out loud. You can go into the forest, write your prayers down, and give them to the roots of a tree that calls you. You can bathe underneath the full moon and light a candle for your intentions. You can be as fancy or as relaxed as you'd like - as long as you're communicating what you need to with the Universe - you will feel great about it. 

Have fun with it!

In love, in light, in truth, and in magic,

xo Beth