Full Moon

Medicine of the Snake - Full Moon in Scorpio Guided Meditation with Kali-Ma

🌹Happy Full Moon in Scorpio! What is Scorpio all about? 

In most traditions, even New Age ones, we honour White & Gold, cleanliness, the Divine from ABOVE, and Masculine energy (productive, direct, logical) --- above all else. Think of this as the white & gold snake.

While that aspect of us is rad, it is only half of the story... We are lovingly urged to honour the BLACK & RED energies coming from BELOW & WITHIN us. The FEMININE is rising, and Kali-Ma calls on us to embrace the black womb space from which we all originate. Sex, death, and transformation ya'll. 🌹Think of this as the black & red snake.

In order to step into sovereignty as we are destined to, we need to honour Spirit AND Soul, Light AND Dark, Masculine AND Feminine --- white AND black snakes!

Watch the video above to learn more and meditate with Kali-Ma and the Snake <3

Full Moon in Leo Meditation

Hey ladies!

Happy Full Moon! This Full Moon is in Leo + is loaded with power, due to the naturally potent essence of Leo, coupled with occurring in the last few days of Mercury Retrograde. 

In this video, I explain a little bit more about this time, and then lead you in a guided meditation, so you can connect in and receive guidance at this time :)

Lots of love!

xo Beth

Full Moon in Gemini Meditation

Happy Full Moon in Gemini!

I adore full moons and I super adore connecting with their energy to receive insight, guidance, and healing. If this is new to you (or if it's not and you simply love to connect like I do) - then please watch this video to learn more about this time, and meditate with me.

We'll connect with Archangel Michael + Archangel Haniel + more... 


Much love my unicorns!!

xo Beth



Why I Started Partying Again!

{ Your Moon Day Oracle for June 2 - 8 }

Hi loves!

This month we have big energy. The atmosphere in the cosmos is supporting our major changes, and our happy growth, but for many of us, that can still be confusing. 

What are our missions? Why are we here? What should we be creating?

If you need some help with those questions, this week's Moon Day Oracle is for you! In it, we highlight the importance of following our joy, in order to activate our true life's purpose - being lightworkers!

I also share a personal story on where my own joy lead me - and it might not be what you expect!

Tune in with me below!


Make sure you focus on your joy this week! And if you need help, remember your lightworker tools! (Prayer, Meditation + Whatever else you love!)

Lots of love,

xo Beth

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Soul Thoughts on a Full Moon

Full Moon Blessings. I adore Cancer. She's my Sun. What I was born into in order to come to my fullest potential, in a way I never have before. She's ruled by the moon, has watery depths, yet there's a warm nurturing quality to her, that can sometimes be too soft. Bending to other people's will to make sure everyone feels like they have what they need. Opening up to the gifts of this tendency, so I can find solace on the other side. 

Soul thoughts on a Full Moon.

After a naked cedar sauna with new friends, an ecstatic dance in the Heart's Garden. And a short walk underneath the moon in all her glory. 

Why does she affect us so?

And what is it about Cancer, that makes me fall so deeply, softly, fully + en ravenously in love?

I love you moon. I love you Cancer. Thank you for being good friends.

xo Beth