Why I Started Partying Again!

{ Your Moon Day Oracle for June 2 - 8 }

Hi loves!

This month we have big energy. The atmosphere in the cosmos is supporting our major changes, and our happy growth, but for many of us, that can still be confusing. 

What are our missions? Why are we here? What should we be creating?

If you need some help with those questions, this week's Moon Day Oracle is for you! In it, we highlight the importance of following our joy, in order to activate our true life's purpose - being lightworkers!

I also share a personal story on where my own joy lead me - and it might not be what you expect!

Tune in with me below!


Make sure you focus on your joy this week! And if you need help, remember your lightworker tools! (Prayer, Meditation + Whatever else you love!)

Lots of love,

xo Beth

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