New Moon in Leo Guided Meditation

Hey loves!

Happy New Moon in Leo! What an intense last few months it's been in the world, hey?

I know many of us feel called more than ever to be a part of making a change, blasting more love into this world, and ushering in a new paradigm.

As we see our world detoxing and tons of violence, corporate control + icky stuff coming up and out, we need to make sure we are going deep to do the inner work. This will allow us to be pillars of light - powerful lightworkers - who are able to ground in new light codes and ways of being. We are needed, now, more than ever!

In this New Moon in Leo Guided Meditation video, we'll chat about what's coming up this New Moon, while meditating with her to receive direct answers and specific guidance from our Spirit Guides + Angels. 

At the end of the video, I invite you to a 7 week, live + intimate journey with me, that will guide you to become the healer you are meant to be. You can learn more about that, and sign up here. The early bird bonuses still apply, so if you'd like to sit in circle with us, sign up now to receive a free 30 minute angel reading with me, plus my guided meditation album ~ Daughters of the Earth. 

Lots of love + blessings. Thank you for doing 'the work' + showing up! We are in this together, 

xo Beth

New Moon in Pisces Meditation

Hey ladies!

What a day! A total solar eclipse, a supermoon, a new moon AND international women's day. I had such an incredible day connecting with women both locally and globally, and I am feeling the change of energy that this New Moon is bringing us!

Meditate with me to receive guidance that is perfect for you by watching the video below!

So much love to you!

To join the group I mention at the video, Angel Coaching with Beth Katherine, head here!


☽ ◯ ☾ Full Moon in Virgo Meditation ☽ ◯ ☾

Hey babes!  

Happy Full Moon in Virgo! I have a new guided meditation for you, along with my own explanation of what this Full Moon is bringing to us! 

Watch the video below to:

  • ✩ Learn about the energy that this Full Moon brings (long-term, truthful projects, relationships, or seeds)
  • ✩ Meditate with the Full Moon, the ocean + your Spirit Guides + Angels. 

. . .

✩✩✩ Much looooove + please share the magical meditation with your friends if you're were feeling it! ✩✩✩

xo Beth

☽ New Moon in Aquarius Meditation ☾

Hey babes!

Happy New Moon in Aquarius!

This moon is all about listening to those points of truth in your life, that just can't be ignored. In a really good way! Truths that, when revealed... have the potential to skyrocket our happiness and leave us feeling all the good feelings, if we're willing to listen. That whole inner guidance thing!!! The energy is moving forward, and we're invited to hop along with it! It's also the Chinese New Year (Year of the Monkey! That sounds fun :D) 

Monday's New Moon goes exact at 6:39am PST, and will be followed by a void-of-course moon. This adds a wild card element to this New Moon, and really ~ anything could happen! That's always the truth, but I have a feeling this moon could bring some interesting new aspects to the mix, or even some surprises ;) :D

Now, let's get into it! In this meditation video, you'll learn lots more + we'll meditate to receive DIRECT guidance from the New Moon itself ~~~ the ultimate way of getting hooked up with the answers if I do say so myself. #moonlove :D

To join the group I mention in the video, Angel Coaching with Beth Katherine, click here!

Lots of love! xo

Ps. Music I'm digging right meow...

Sofia Karlberg - Let it Go


Full Moon in Leo Meditation

Hey ladies!

Happy Full Moon! This Full Moon is in Leo + is loaded with power, due to the naturally potent essence of Leo, coupled with occurring in the last few days of Mercury Retrograde. 

In this video, I explain a little bit more about this time, and then lead you in a guided meditation, so you can connect in and receive guidance at this time :)

Lots of love!

xo Beth

New Moon in Capricorn Meditation

Hi loves!

Happy New Moon in Capricorn!


I’m having such a Capricorn day right now… painting some trimming and doors in my house, re-potting plants, and getting organized ~ Capricorn is all about those one-step-at-a-time moves that help to ground us + build a strong foundation!

What a beautiful way to ring in the New Year. This moon will affect us all differently though, which is why it is so fabulous to meditate and connect in, so you can receive guidance that is PERSONALLY right for you!

So… you know it! I have a meditation video for you. In it, we’ll:

  • Connect with the New Moon in Capricorn + our spirit guides and angels to see what this moon is all about
  • Pull an angel tarot card and talk about the current energy
  • Get fired up about rocking our life purposes, one step at a time

If you want to join the Angel Meditation Challenge I talk about in the video, click here!

Lots of love!

xo Beth

Full Moon in Gemini Meditation

Happy Full Moon in Gemini!

I adore full moons and I super adore connecting with their energy to receive insight, guidance, and healing. If this is new to you (or if it's not and you simply love to connect like I do) - then please watch this video to learn more about this time, and meditate with me.

We'll connect with Archangel Michael + Archangel Haniel + more... 


Much love my unicorns!!

xo Beth