New Moon in Leo Guided Meditation

Hey loves!

Happy New Moon in Leo! What an intense last few months it's been in the world, hey?

I know many of us feel called more than ever to be a part of making a change, blasting more love into this world, and ushering in a new paradigm.

As we see our world detoxing and tons of violence, corporate control + icky stuff coming up and out, we need to make sure we are going deep to do the inner work. This will allow us to be pillars of light - powerful lightworkers - who are able to ground in new light codes and ways of being. We are needed, now, more than ever!

In this New Moon in Leo Guided Meditation video, we'll chat about what's coming up this New Moon, while meditating with her to receive direct answers and specific guidance from our Spirit Guides + Angels. 

At the end of the video, I invite you to a 7 week, live + intimate journey with me, that will guide you to become the healer you are meant to be. You can learn more about that, and sign up here. The early bird bonuses still apply, so if you'd like to sit in circle with us, sign up now to receive a free 30 minute angel reading with me, plus my guided meditation album ~ Daughters of the Earth. 

Lots of love + blessings. Thank you for doing 'the work' + showing up! We are in this together, 

xo Beth