What a girl reading tarot at a party, taught me...

The other night I was at a party. Now when I'm at parties... I gravitate to one of two things.... Dancing like a crazy person OR if there isn't much in the way of music or a dancefloor.... having meaningful conversations, away from the chaos. 

Well this party had a teensy dancefloor, but when one is a cosmic gypsy, one can get only so into Rihanna before one must go for greener pastures. (And OK, usually I would be down with some Rihanna, but I was also a bit sleepy this evening)

I was about to head out the door, when the birthday girl said "Hey, I'm going to get my cards read upstairs! Want to come?" My thoughts...

a) Yes!

b) Obviously

c) Haha, I'm not the one reading the cards! When does this ever happen?! Excellent! I shall get to observe!


So I went upstairs, and proceeded to watch a lovely young lady give readings to two of my friends, with a tarot deck she carried around in her purse. It was a treat to watch one of them, who obviously leaned towards the side of skepticism, really open up and acknowledge that some true and real guidance was coming forth. 

At one point, the girl giving the readings, said she'd only been reading tarot for about 2 months. 

Immediately, I felt warm, like... warm inside. Hahaha. "This is what it's about!" I thought --- a girl wanting to be of service to the world, a girl who has recently delved into her mystical side, and is just saying - let's go! Let's do it! Let's help the world! Let's carry around tarot cards in my purse and be the weirdo who does readings at parties!

Now please note - this girl did not have:

a) A fancy website

b) Money being offered to her to do these readings

c) More than 2 months experience

And yet she gave the readings willingly, and had a really positive effect on 2 people. I know for sure that both of these people, 2 friends of mine,  have benefited from the guidance that they received and will keep it in mind for many moons. 


Now I'm not saying you shouldn't have a website or receive money for doing readings, or whatever healing it is you offer. 

What I am saying is --- this is where it starts, and this is the root of it:

Spreading your healing energy wherever you go. Because you can. 

I have a website, and get paid to do readings, but I also prance the street anonymously, leaving love messages on bulletin boards, and meaningful messages in chalk for those who pass by. I often carry palo santo or sage with me, and offer to smudge people, many times, people who I barely know or who I've just met. Etc etc etc. 

That's what it's about. Whether you choose to enter into healing / the mystical arts as a profession or not ---- the energy is the same. You are called to serve. You know you can be of assistance. And you don't need much to change someone's day - a piece of paper, and a marker, a deck of tarot cards, a piece of chalk, or even just a smile that comes from the heart. 

That is the work. Be a healer 24/7 --- not just when you're doing it in a professional setting. 

Go to parties, share the love. Frolic in the streets, and sing your song. Go to the broken and the beaten, and give them hugs. 

And the thing is, if you DO desire to do this work professionally - it happens naturally from there. Because you're telling Spirit - "Hey! I'm doing the work! I'm BEING the change!" --- and then the people, situations, and ideas you need to take it to the next level, magnetize to you, because you're already in the energy of that which you desire.

And yet, so many gifted healers, intuitives, and lightworkers, sit at home, or in jobs they don't feel great in, and go... "One day I'll be that healer. One day I'll be helping people. But I need more _______ (training, money, time, skill, luck, guidance, technology know-how, etc.)" in order to get there."

Sister, sister, siSTAR! Maybe now you can see that you do indeed have what you need at your fingertips.

And that's where that feeling of purpose you so deeply crave, lies.

Not in that website (although that can help spread the message), or in that healing center you want to create (although that will be epic) ---- because those are future things, and your purpose always lies in the NOW. 

And then of course, the irony is when we focus our energy in the NOW and what we can do, with what we have.... the things we want, actually manifest much more easily and quickly. 

So, I ask you --- what are ways you can spread the magic + love vibes, TODAY?

Can you make signs with inspiring quotes to put around your community? Can you volunteer for a non-profit in your area that really inspires you? Can you put Fairy Oracle cards in your purse, and give readings to people wherever you go?

Do you need some more ideas? Are you liking this vibe Im on, and want to go deeper? Are you now interested in how you can activate your purpose in the NOW, instead of waiting for later?

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In these workshops, I'll be sharing the tools + techniques that I use, to stay consistently connected to my sense of purpose + inspiration! 


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Looking forward to 'seeing' you then!

xo Beth