Medicine of the Snake - Full Moon in Scorpio Guided Meditation with Kali-Ma

🌹Happy Full Moon in Scorpio! What is Scorpio all about? 

In most traditions, even New Age ones, we honour White & Gold, cleanliness, the Divine from ABOVE, and Masculine energy (productive, direct, logical) --- above all else. Think of this as the white & gold snake.

While that aspect of us is rad, it is only half of the story... We are lovingly urged to honour the BLACK & RED energies coming from BELOW & WITHIN us. The FEMININE is rising, and Kali-Ma calls on us to embrace the black womb space from which we all originate. Sex, death, and transformation ya'll. 🌹Think of this as the black & red snake.

In order to step into sovereignty as we are destined to, we need to honour Spirit AND Soul, Light AND Dark, Masculine AND Feminine --- white AND black snakes!

Watch the video above to learn more and meditate with Kali-Ma and the Snake <3