Divine Feminine

Entering the pit of my own longing...

For years I have been aware of a longing so strong, that it surpasses words or explanation. A man triggered this in me, and for so long, I was certain that it was this particular man I longed for.

Thankfully he did not give me what I thought I wanted, and recently after a year of largely ignoring the situation, I have come to look at it head on and ask what is truly needed here.

And as such, I have been asked to deep dive into the pit of my own longing.


My longing is for my inner beloved, it is for the throws of ecstatic bliss and alchemical magic that comes from inner union, when the Masculine and Feminine truly align, harmonize, and surrender into one another to become a sacred third... Union.

My ego mind resisted this truth for a long time. It is so much easier to long for someone outside of ourselves, and numb the pain of not getting it... Than to quest within and to honour that what we crave occurs on the inner planes.

The ego hates the answer that what we are looking for is within. it likes tangible. It likes a chase. And it likes drama.

I've had recurring dreams where I pursue a beloved for years now, and he is never available, always outside of my reach.

What I now see clearly is these dreams have been showing me that I have been carrying a story of being unworthy, of not being enough, of not meeting the mark in some way.

These stories have manifested in my external life in repeated rejection from the men that I truly love + see.

This rejection has forced me to own my own stories, and let them go.

What appears to be poison on the outside, is medicine on the inside, if we're willing to take the plunge.

I choose to step into the deep darkness of my own consciousness and claim my worthiness so I can meet and unify with my Inner Beloved.

He lives within me. This is the practice of the Ancient Mystery Schools of Ancient Egypt. To unify the polarities within us, and embody ecstatic sacred inner union.

Those who have activated this inner union radiate a power and presence that is hard to ignore.

And it is this sacred inner union that magnetizes a beloved in the physical realms that can meet our truest, deepest, darkest, lightest, and fullest wishes.

To the path...

I walk not for the outcome on the material plane...

But for the glory of that which resides on the inner...

To truth. 

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Sister to Sister

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I don’t want to be another girl you compare yourself to

Or woman

Whichever term you prefer


Better than

Or less than

2 sides of the same pendulum


I want to be beyond that with you

I want you to know I live with shame in my veins

Crusty residue of a society ready to fall


I want you to know I long for the same things you do

For everlasting love + deep peace within


Sometimes I feel like I fall short in so many ways

But still I try, and live each day, aiming to be more me

More true

Just like you


I have days where I feel sexy as fuck

And groggy as fuck


I question my decisions

Over-analyze things I cannot change

Explode with joy

And crumble with pain


Whenever I post

I want you to feel my humanity

My genuine desire for connection

That underlies everything I do


I’m not perfect

I will piss you off

Make you question things

Delight you with my vulnerability

And maybe even shock you

With my defensiveness


I am made of blood and bones

Of stardust and thrones

And dear sister

I want you to know


That I know

You are made

Of those things



I don’t want to be another girl you compare yourself to

Or woman

Whichever term you prefer


Better than

Or less than

2 sides of the same pendulum


I want to be beyond that with you


Sisterhood of the Mermaid Moon Pinspiration

Reds, turquoise, gold, black

Dolphins, roses, crowns, Queens

Vixens, blood, mermaids, Egypt


Sisterhood of the Mermaid Moon


Feeling like a Priestess in this Modern World...


This fast paced world, that honours hustle, and does not honour a slow pace, can be an interesting place. What do we do if we desire to feel spiritually connected, immersed in beauty, and deeply connected to our Goddess energy? That is... what can we do if we desire to feel like a Priestess?

Today, I wanted to share some practices with you, that you can do to help yourself come back to feeling like the Priestess you are. 


It's likely that after hearing of so many Goddesses and archetypal energies, like Kali, Lakshmi, Aphrodite, Magdalene, Isis, Quan Yin, etc - you'll have found one that resonates with you, even though you might not be sure why. I suggest creating a connection with this Goddess through prayer, research, and meditation. Pray to this Goddess and ask her for guidance, and support. Ask her for her lessons and messages. Take time out in your day to get really grounded so you can speak with her, or meditate with her. In addition, do some research on her, even if that's simply looking at images that portray her. Through a focused decision to connect with one or more Goddesses, you'll come to know the Goddess within more directly. 

Please keep in mind that as we connect with Goddesses, we are not worshipping them. They live inside of us. We are all one. 


Love your body up, and in turn, honour your spirit. Choose fabrics that delight you, to wear in the morning. Adorn yourself with jewelry that feels delicious to you. Anoint yourself with essential oils, or natural perfumes. Rub your beautiful body down with an oil or natural lotion that feels heavenly. Wear red lipstick if you feel called. Whatever feels juicy for you. Our bodies are temples. When we honour them, we can feel closer to that which created them. When we feel beautiful, we resonate with the energy of beauty. Beauty is divine. 



Go to a women's circle, or join ceremonies online if you feel called {you can find more information about joining myself and other sisters in ceremony below} --- This is ancient. Connecting with other women in ritual, honouring the divine, and eachother, together. Gathering around the lunar cycles, or in connection to a certain theme or archetypal energy. This is probably the biggest tip I have, as sitting in ceremony with sisters has brought me back to days that we truly honoured one another + served the Goddess together. It's a powerful experience of remembrance. 

If you're wondering how you can sit in ceremony with sisters, I have a wonderful offering for you. You can join a free 5 day journey with myself and a host of other sisters, called Walking as Priestess - in which we'll sit in ceremony 3 times, with Mary Magdalene, Isis, and Kali. You can sign up for that below, and you'll receive the first ceremony immediately after signing up!

Why I cried in the Louvre in Paris...


I walked into the Louvre with one single intent: to visit the Ancient Egyptian collection. As I passed through the famed glass pyramid and descended into the matrix that is the museum, I marveled at the sheer breadth of this storehouse of antiquities. 

Walking through collection after collection, I did not stop until I reached the green sign that let me know that I’d found my intended location: The home of Ancient Egyptian Antiquities. 

My eyes immediately found the eye of Horus, painted and shaped with turquoise and black. I meandered then into the next room, which housed ancient sarcophagi - most painted with Isis, the Ancient Egyptian Mother Goddess who lives still, in and through, so many of us. 

As I gazed into the images painted on the ancient wood, I felt my heart connect with the Ancients. A well of emotion rose within me and I started crying, quickly wrapping my pink scarf around my head to give me a bit of privacy, as fellow museum-goers moved all around me. In the well of emotion, I knew something to be true - I missed Egypt. What Egypt was. I desperately missed life among my Priestesses and brothers of Isis and Hathor, Osiris and Horus. My heart broke open, until I was reminded of something Mary Magdalane told me etherically while in her Grotto in Southern France, “don’t long for the past, the present houses what you truly desire and need”. 

I breathed in and continued to walk around the room. Again I stared at another image of Isis, and was met by a wave of remembrance. This time, the remembrance showed me hatred I still carried in my being, which still deeply affected me to this day. It is hard to admit, but I hated my sisters in that moment. Not all of them. But I remembered the dissolving of the sanctuaries we’d created, how some women chose to “sell out”, in the terminology we use today. How they paraded their positions of power or Priestessing to the Patriarchal elite, for safety, luxury, or more power, diminishing the true aspect of who we were as devotees to the Divine Feminine. Confusing the publics view of how to return home to the heart space, and convoluting everything we had worked for. 


Again, I started crying, as I am now as I type this. I felt where I had stored this hatred, deep in my root chakra. I felt how this comes up in my life as Im wary of fellow sisters, especially those in a position of leadership, as I now understood on deeper levels, I subconsciously question the integrity of many whom I meet. 

I also noticed the way I judge this pattern in me. Part of me enacting the fear, and part of me judging it, because that’s not the way I’m supposed to relate to my fellow women. 

All of this came up and I wept, but after I left the Louvre, I knew something had been cleared. I remembered more of myself. And I know that something was lifted yesterday. I know I’ll continue to see remnants of this pattern come up in my life - mistrust in powerful sisters - but now I can have more compassion for this shadow side, because I know it’s not from a place of malevolence. Deep down, it’s from a desire for clarity, and integrity. And in compassion for my shadow, I can heal it. 

Blessings be to all beings, and may we open to the true codes of remembrance that are offered to us, everyday.

The sting of Shadow Sisterhood


She strikes at me

With her knife

Hot with the sting

Of shadow sisterhood


I thank her for the initiation

Feeling disgust ripple up

Knowing I must soften

The journey is to find compassion


You, who offer me hatred

Become, ironically

One of my biggest teachers

Of forgiveness

What if the Darkness was Sacred?

How often do we hear the term "Darkness" being used synonomously with pain, turmoil, or even... evil? But what if, the darkness was the path of the Feminine... and in order to control the population, long ago, the "powers at be" raped us of our feminine connection, so we only valued the light, masculine aspect of ourselves?

Watch this video to radically shift your perspective of the darkness, and come to claim your sovereign, sexy self! In order to be fully embodied, we need to claim both our light AND our dark.


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