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What an Ayahuasca ceremony showed me...


Last fall in an Ayahuasca ceremony, I saw a vision of myself in Junior High School sitting in a hard desk. I was looking at the scene from above, as the plant was showing me just how traumatic my years in school had actually been. 

I long thought that I didn't have much trauma in this lifetime, compared to the stories of others that were deeply painful and potent. 

But as I gazed at myself as a pre-teen, sitting in a hard chair, in front of a straight desk, in a fluorescent lit room for 7 hours day, I could now feel my soul crying. 

I could feel my inner child asking "Why don't you love me?" to all the 'authority' figures who made her do that. She wanted to be free, to go out and play, to be with nature, to sing... And yet, day after day she sat in this chair, going home not to do any of those other things, but to work on her homework on a lined sheet of rectangular paper, inside.

In no way am I comparing this experience to the traumas of others, trying to make them the same - Im simply sharing what I saw and felt in this ceremony.

I then felt how years of sitting in these hard seats,
in these rectangular spaces, impacted my body. I could feel the pain of the rigidity still in my spine and muscles, experienced in my daily life as back pain and aches. 

And so all of that suppression created layers. 

All those years where I was chained to the system, controlled by expectations of others, built up. When I felt pain or anger or sadness or even joy, I didnt get up from my desk and scream, or cry, or dance, or sing. I sat. Quietly. Like a good girl. Because that's what I was trained to do. 

When we're children, we're free. We let our emotions move through us. Whenever we watch children, we see this. They scream, they cry, they dance, they laugh 'til their bellies hurt, they run around like little hooligans - they do what they want, when they want. And by and large - they're incredible happy, healthy, joyful little beings, because of it. Things don't get lodged in their system. 

But as we age, and society starts to take it's toll, we become bogged down by energetic layers. Stuck energy. We don't cry at the office when we feel a surge of sadness. We grab a cookie and go on YouTube to numb. We don't break out in song when we feel creative, when we're walking down the street. We keep walking in a straight line, on straight pavement, until we get to where we're going. 

And so we experience the effects of all this suppressed emotion. Like crusted sludge, lodged deep within our system, these layers block our ability to feel our natural luminous light. 

We wonder why we can often feel depressed, anxious, sick, fearful, or unclear about our life purpose. It's because of these dense layers that are blocking the natural flow of our life force. 

In order to release these layers, we need to think and get outside of the box, literally. 

Maybe you go to yoga classes, and get a green juice at your local vegan cafe. Maybe you take herbs for anxiety relief, or meditate 10 minutes most days. And yet you still can experience deep fear, anxiety, and a feeling of being 'stuck'. 

Why aren't these practices 'working'? 

These practices are great. They are helpful. But they are still 'inside the box'. When you go to a yoga class, you are still doing what the instructor tells you. Your body may want to scream and break down into a primal dance halfway through class. But you don't. You breathe through warrior 2 like you're supposed to. 

The green juice and herbs are great, they're supportive. The meditation practice is very helpful.

IMG_7541 3 copy.jpg

But we need to engage with pure, primal, electric, divine MOTION and unrestrained flow, if we're going to release these crusted up layers. Remember, they got there through expectation, and suppression. They need wild movement in order to dislodge. 

Earlier today, I was feeling fear and stuckness. Im on my moon time, and a lot of sludge was coming up. At first I was trying to just breathe through it, then I went onto Youtube to turn off my mind, so to speak.

I then checked my email and found a water ritual from my friend Dakota Chanel had been sent to me.

I felt the resonance immediately and went outside to dance with water, to sing my prayers, to get primal with my movements, and to summon the elemental power of water to MOVE my crusted energy of fear. It took about an hour, and after the ceremony, I felt such RELEASE!

I let my primal self take over,
and allowed divine frequency to move through me and move what needed to move.

These Priestess practices have been tantamount to my journey. I experience the power of ritual and movement in 2 ways: 

  • During ceremony where I am more still, but being lead through a meditation and working with rarified frequency like the violet flame, or Mother Earth's energies from her core crystal. There is a lot of movement happening on the inner realms in this way, as I allow pure frequency to do the work. 

  • Or, through unrestrained movement, through the body, or the voice. Through primal dancing, vocal toning, working with the elements, singing my prayers, or being silly and carefree like a child, I let that old crusted energy move. 


I gave up a big addiction, and a shit-ton of fear followed...


In the last 9~ish months, I've slowly parted ways with my addiction of choice. 

You know that thing most of us have, that we reach to when we're feeling emotional, bored, or heck... even happy? Mine was weed. From lighting up a joint at the end of most days (yet knowing it wasn't supporting me) - I went to an average of smoking once a week, to now, not at all for the last 3 months. 

And as such, my go-to escapist practice has gone, I'm left with actually feeling what I was covering up. 

What I'm finding has not surprised me, I knew it was there - but the degree to which Im feeling what's coming up, has. There have been moments nothing short of terror in the past few months, as the old stagnant stuff comes up and out. 

What has been coming up? 

Fear of being in my body. Fear that it's not safe to be a human in this world. Fear OF my body. 

And by fear, I mean terror. Sheer terror lives in certain places of my energy body, from my ancestors, past lives, and trauma of this life. 

This has manifested in a pattern.

A sort of, frazzled, energy. A feeling like I can't fully, deeply, and truly relax. My root literally feels constricted and in fight or flight mode. Like a lion might come attack me in any moment. 

Most of us have a version of this, going on. It often shows up as a need to do. A need to make money. A need to feel consistently productive. Because if we're not making money, or being productive, we're not taking care of ourselves, and then, of course, everything will fall apart and we'll die a lonely death, in a hole (or so the ego tells us). 

As much as I'm into wealth consciousness, this is one of the issues I have with people learning how to make more money, through spirituality. It's usually a cover up for deeper issues. Until the deeper issues are looked at, wealth consciousness is yet another practice to try to 'fix' ourselves. But I digress... 

As I'm aware of this constriction in my root, I'm showing up. I'm showing up for deeper healing. And I'd like to share 2 focuses I have right now, that have come from my inner guidance, in case you can relate to my story...

In order to feel safer in my body, these are my current practices: 


Yes you read that right. I did in fact just say pleasurable pussy power. I'm reading Pussy, A Reclamation right now, by Regena Thomashauer. It's exactly the medicine I need. In the book, she guides us to reclaim our pussies as pleasurable power centers. And she uses that term, rather than vagina, or yoni, for a reason. (Which she details in the book) I'm into it. I'm over words for vagina / vulva being used as derogatory words. It is indeed time we reclaim them.

Anyway, through reading this book, it's come to my attention my pussy has some CRAZY POWER that's been suppressed my whole life. I wasn't even aware. I mean - I dance a lot, I do womb massage, I work with yoni eggs, I speak my mind. But as I tune into this area of my body, I FEEL the tension!

The constriction in my root, feels like the power of my ancestresses that denied their pleasure, their pussies, their wombs, for CENTURIES! It's like all of that suppressed power wants to come through... me... and NOW. So what am I doing to honour her? A recent practice is I bought a pussy mirror. Yes. I just said that. I bought a round mirror whose entire purpose is to look at my vagina. How do you feel when you just read that? Most women would feel a sense of discomfort. We think our vaginas are ugly. We've been taught to fear them. So this practice helps me to own the beauty of this power center.

Im also simply being more aware of my pleasurable pussy throughout the day. Im breathing into her. Placing my hand on her throughout the day. Letting her tell me when it's time for a pleasure break, like dancing. If you want to know more, I highly recommend checking out the book I mentioned. Lots of practices and guidance are in there. 



I now have a primal practice. A few times a week, I'll get naked, put on some tribal bass-y music, and dance. And not just dance. I will SCREAM. I will HOWL. I will GROWL. I will use my legs. I'll bang the floor. I'll shake my snake rattle. I'll cover my body in clay. In short, I will get fucking crazy. It's great. 

After I do this, I feel like I just did a huge workout. I'm aware that the fear that lives in my energy body just needs to MOVE! All the times I was told not to cry, not to scream, as a child - imprinted - and I, like most of us, learned to suppress strong emotions. This is why we're depressed! We have all this suppressed energy inside of us, that needs to GET OUT! When I do this, I also open my root, I open my connection to my animal self, I open my connection to my ancestors. 

Little by little, with consistent practice, I feel these practices will bring me great healing. 

I hope they serve you too, if you decide to take them on!

**And also a note, so I can maintain a sense of full honesty. I'm not a "I will never use substances ever" kind of gal. I would love to be able to have a healthy relationship with weed, where I can smoke it occasionally, whether ceremonially, or while dancing with friends. I say this because if I ever decide to light up a joint, I don't want my ego coming in being all like "But you told the whole world you didn't smoke weed anymore!". 


Menstrual Blood Ceremony...

Like most women, I used to lament getting my period. I'd use tampons and take painkillers to basically simulate the illusion that I wasn't bleeding. I didn't focus on taking time for myself to listen or to tune in, while bleeding. Because like most of us - I'd never been taught.

From the very beginning of getting my moon (what I call my period now) - I felt shame, and kept it as hidden as possible.

Fast forward to today - my continued awakening over the last 8 years reminded me of an ancient secret - one my body already knew. My bleeding phase is sacred, my blood is sacred.

Honestly where I stand today I don't know why most people are so 'grossed out' by menstrual blood - my moon in Scorpio, vampy self actually finds blood to be sexy, mysterious, dark, and primordial. The deep red hue connects us to something inside of us that's incredibly deep and wild.

Ancient cultures would use menstrual blood in sacred rites - aware of its power.

Women were not allowed in Native American sweats who were bleeding - not because they were 'dirty' - but because they believed the prayers from a woman who was bleeding would be much louder than everyone else's - she was that much closer to the mystery.


Today I honour my blood and I give it back to the earth in ceremony. This is a picture from my most recent moon time ceremony, here in Peru.

I talk about this more in a free journey I am offering this month. In this journey, I share a video of how I do ritual with my blood. Sign up below! 🌹🕷❤️🌙

He broke up with me over skype. Then the Goddess found me...

About 4 years ago now, I was in Hawaii, on the island of Kauai to be specific. Lush paraside surrounded me, I was interning at a beautiful farm owned by a world-famous raw nutritionist. High vibing people were around me, and I had access to some of the best nutrition in the world.

… And...

…I was crying every day, and in waves... was deeply confused in my soul.

My boyfriend of almost 3 years had just broken up with me. Over skype. While I was traveling in Hawaii alone.

Everywhere I went, and everyone who I talked to encouraged me to let it go, and get on the high vibe train. “Set goals, visualize what you want!”

The (lovely and well-meaning) crew at this farm encouraged me to do a liver & gall bladder flush. I was truly interested in feeling better and getting healthier, especially in the midst of this breakup, so I tried it out.

1 day into the cleanse, which required me to be on a juice cleanse for a few days to prepare for what was next… I found myself in the kitchen, making a piece of toast.

“Fuck it!” I said. “This doesn’t feel right. I need nourishment. I am in a foreign place, alone, and my partner just left me. I need some emotional comfort.”

In some ways I felt like I’d failed. And on other ways, I knew I was onto something.

A few days later, I was in the library at this farm, and among tons of books focused on cleanses, clean eating, and purity… I found one book that seemed different than the rest. It was called “Healing Wise” by Susun Weed. In the moments when I opened that book, and started reading this wild woman’s wisdom, my life changed.

Susun explained many things to me, which I won’t quite getfully into in this blog, because that might take a while… but the gist of it was this: Clearing and cleansing has it’s place. But it is the masculine way. It offers only a part of the whole.

The feminine way, the wild woman way, is nurturance. Support.

The wild woman honours the chaos, loves the richness of soil, and getting dirty. Wild primal sexuality, and honouring the dirty depths of living is the wild woman’s domain. Break the rules. Eat the bread. Make tea with the weeds. Be in your blackness.

Your pain is your medicine, it is meant to be cycled back into gold, just as an animal's poo is circulated back into a tree and produces new life. The Goddess supports you in all ways.

It was like a sigh of relief. And honestly, I really wish I could convey the wisdom that came to me that day, because I feel like that paragraph doesn’t quite cut it, but those are the words I have right now.

From that moment on, the Divine Feminine, the Goddess, the Mother… entered my life. Or perhaps, a better way to put it would be - I embraced her.

I dove into my connection with the Moon, I started exploring my sexuality & my moontime (menstrual cycle) much more deeply, and I started making plans to move to the place I’d always wanted to live… but my boyfriend never did… Vancouver Island.

Since then, I have deepened into the Goddess’s medicine profoundly.


I have remembered I am Priestess, and have served the Goddess in many lifetimes.


I have realized I have come to dismantle patriarchy, and remind the world of the beauty and sacredness of the dark.

I have remembered I am the daughter of Isis, a Goddess revered in Ancient Egypt and beyond. I have remembered past lives in Egypt, and Greece. My world started to make a lot more sense. I got a lot clearer on my purpose, and what I was and am meant to be doing in the world.  

  • I started hosting Women’s Circles every New Moon for my community.
  • I began singing and sharing my voice much more freely, because I honoured and acknowledged it as my medicine.
  • I threw the “good girl” chains off, and awakened my powerful sexuality.
  • I made friends with many other Priestess sisters, and we get together on holy days to do ceremony.
  • I continued to grow a “business” that deeply serves the collective, nourishes my soul, and takes care of me financially, because the Goddess has shown me... that is my birthright… that is my truth… to be deeply supported, and to be deeply expressed. I'm on the growth edge of this, everyday.


  • I have pissed people off along the way.
  • I have cried deep tears at the state of the world.
  • I have agonized with grief for my brothers and sisters in the animal + plant worlds.
  • I have witnessed sisters while they deeply cried, and began releasing lifetimes of turmoil.
  • I have felt deep rage at Patriarchy.
  • I have gotten real.
  • I have shown up.


I have gotten fierce.

I am on a mission.

And no one will stop me.

No one will stop US sisters, because we are the Goddess and Her time is NOW!
We are her hands and ears. We have come here to do extremely good work.
And the world is ready.
It needs it.
It is crying out to be loved.


I want you to know the Goddess path is not the path of Patriarchy, shiny things, and false promises.

It is not a path I will say to you “Oh girl, come with me and all your dreams will come true! You will make 10k a month, you will get that super hot guy/girl in 1 month, and have the perfect relationship, you will be happy all the time, you won’t feel pain anymore because you have cleared it all out!”

Sorry to be a bit aggressive

but… Fuck that shit.
The Goddess path is real

Human AND Divine Embracing. If you know what I mean.


The Goddess path honours ALL the rays and frequencies of life & death… Not just the clean, white, shiny, acceptable ones. YES, as powerful women seaSTAR, we can and WILL create abundance, have amazing relationships, feel beautiful, and so much more!

But we will also cry, get angry, and get real about the very real tragedies that are happening in our world right now.

And we will have the clarity about what to do about it. We will feel empowered as we gaze into the mess, because we know we are here to help.

And we will have our sisters, and the Goddess to support us.

If you are called to deepen into the Goddess.
If in reading these words, something is triggered, and your soul is inviting you to go deeper.

I have a special invitation, love...


I invite you, dear sister, to join me for a Moon Goddess Initiation - a deep dive into your Divine Feminine energy, so you can unblock yourself, express your deepest gifts, and come alive to the Goddess within.


Imagine what it would feel like, to be fully expressed in this world?
...To honour your gifts, and share them wildly and freely?
...To claim your sexuality, and allow yourself to take up space in this world?
...To be clear about your path, and know where you are meant to go.


In Moon Goddess Initiation, we will be unlocking that for you, with the help of the Goddess.

Sister, this sacred journey includes:

  • 6 months of private coaching
  • Meditations, myths & history about 6 Goddesses - we will be working with one a month. (Brigit, Hathor, Aphrodite, Kali, Isis, and Aine) - Learn more about them here.
  • 2 Goddess Boxes of Earth-friendly beauty + adornment products I’ve made myself (Which include: Mermaid Moon Anointing Oil, Sacral Chakra Perfume, Golden Cosmos Lip Gloss, a Moon Necklace, Greek Goddess Eye Shadow + Cheek Highlighter, a Moon Sticker and a Cedar Smudge Stick)
  • A 30 minute follow up session
  • A feature on my website after the journey has ended
  • And 2 bonus gifts, one being a discount on the price of the journey, and the other being a 7 part series through the chakras called “Becoming the Healer You’re Meant to Be”


All the details of the journey can be found here.

I would love to have you in the journey, if you feel called.
These are sacred times, indeed.
We are called to awaken deeply.



This is an opportunity to experience a spiritual transformation that will shape your life, FOREVA!

You will be saying yes to awakening the Priestess within, remembering past lives that will inform your mission in this current one, unblocking issues with abundance, confidence and sexuality, and SO much more.

The result will be that you are deeply connect to, and living your purpose. Expressing your soul’s gifts, and making the DEEP impact on this planet that you long to.

Please go here to learn more about the journey sister! So much is awaiting you!


Lots of love!

xo Beth


Messengers From The Faerie Realm... Are You One Of Them?

Sleeping this morning, I found myself in a wash of realms, scene after scene leading me to an opening, where 2 beings sat down before me.

There were supposed to be police officers, but as I looked more closely, I could see the features of the man. He was sitting on the left. Grey hair, pointy ears, and distinctly elemental features... I placed 3 crystals in his hand, and one started to heat up and change colours. "You are from the dragon faerie realm", I told him, channeling what I knew to be true.

Upon waking, I felt more connected to the realm in which I know I am from.

The following is for my sisters and brothers who have come from the lands and the times and the spaces which are not human. This blog post may be quite hard to follow if you are not a) from these realms or b) awoken to the fact that there are an infinite amount of different dimensions and realities other than the one we live in as humans.

If you are ready to move on with me, dive deeper, and uncover some more of who you are... then keep reading.

. . .


I don't really know when I figured out that I'm not really human, at my core.

By that I mean, that my soul is not used to be human. That maybe I've done this human thing a few times, maybe a dozen, but NOTHING in comparison to how long my soul has spent just as my light body, in the realms of the elementals - that is, the faeries, the tree spirits, animals, the ocean spirits, mermaids, elves, etc - and as a being who lives on or around other planets, in other dimensions.

I can tell you right now that I came to this planet to help. I did not come to undo my own karma or to save myself in any way. I am outside of the matrix. And you are too, I'm sure, if you are reading this. The matrix is a web of pain, lies, and fear that exists around our planet. Some may call it the pain body of our planet. If you are caught in the matrix, then you are not able to see clearly, and need a potent amount of restoration to reconnect you to the truth of this unlimited Universe. But your soul is not damned. Nobody's soul is damned. That's pure bullshit fed to you by religions who have been overtaken by energies that do not serve Source.

Yep, things are getting quite spiritual and far out... I warned you at least haha. Welcome to how I think. Some of you are probably like YEP ME TOO... HOW I THINK, THANK GODDESS.

Ok.. moving on. I know I was an orca, myself. Ive spent time as a whale, many whales actually. The whales are my family here on planet earth, many of them have incarnated as humans to help this planet as well. And when I find incarnated whales.. BOOM. Let me tell you... Soul family. Immediately. It's just that most incarnated elementals still havent quite woken up to who they are. But still.. they are soul family.

. . .


The thing is when you are an animal or when you are from the faerie realm... people have stopped listening. Where once, talk fae folk was common, as was listening to them, and honouring them... now, if you say these things in mainstream society, you may find people want to send you to the crazy ward.

So that's unfortunate, because the faeries are very real. The realm of the elementals is very real. Elementals are not just from Planet Earth, there are many different kinks all over the galaxy and beyond. Elementals is a broad word for the fae folk, for the nature spirits. Nature as we refer to it, exists all over the Universe, not just on Planet Earth.

So back to humans not listening.

Many of us incarnated as humans, because we felt, or we knew, it was the only or best way to create change. The environment is being destroyed in many parts of the world. Animals are going endangered at record speed. Disrespect for the Earth Mother and her creatures is rampant. Humans are suffering from the delusion that they are on top, and nothing, and no one else matters.

We came here to speak up.

To lend a voice and our healing, when we knew that our previous posts on the other side of things... were no longer working like we wanted.

Only the bravest boldest, or most focused of us have incarnated as humans. It is too intense, too violent of place for most of us. And we've received lots of training to be here.

The things is, even with all of this, the training, and the intention... we suffer from terrible amnesia once we are here. The density of this dimension is so strong, that we are no longer able to access the information that was once readily available. Actually, we can access it, but only with deep journeying, and a constant commitment to awakening.

We suffer from the delusion that we are human, and there is little to no real magic in this world, once we show up. Only a few among us will remember from the get go, who we truly are. This is starting to change, as the waves of lightworkers come in, and children are more readily being raised in natural environments. We dont need parents to tell children who they are. We need children to tell parents who they are, and be raised by the natural world, for the most part.

Being an elemental, incarnated as a human, is tricky.

We are naturally very sensitive, and very passionate. We feel anger and rage, but we don't know where it comes from, unless we've tuned in to the deeper parts of ourselves, and realize that our family is being slaughtered, and we have witnessed it. Not only that, but we've ingested their pain, as we have all eaten factory-farmed meat and tortured dairy products at some point. The pain lives inside of us, until we do something about it.

That is why we are here. To do something about it.

If you are an incarnated elemental, you will not find true peace, unless you are helping the environment. That is your life's purpose. It can be done in many ways. MANY ways. But you must help. It is your soul's mission.

. . .


How do you know if you are an elemental?


  1. You love nature. As you awaken, you love it more intensely.
  2. You feel deep pain around the destruction of the environment. In fact, your deepest rage has probably stemmed from seeing footage of animal torture, or environmental crisis. (Not always, but probably)
  3. You have a natural affinity for song, dance, music, and creativity.
  4. You may have wanted to be a vegetarian when you were a child, or at least, were obsessed with animals.
  5. You feel a deep desire to help the world, and Mother Earth.


. . .

Why did it take me so long to write this blog post?

I have been wanting to write about incarnated elementals for quite some time. And I have LOTS more to say.

Probably because I feared it would be too far out, and I would lose some people. I'm a bit raw from being called crazy by people I truly care about.

But now Im getting to be more OK with that.

The elementals need us to speak up, both those who are incarnated, and those who are in the realms of fae. Everything is connected, and as Mama Earth suffers, so do the fae.

There is so much more to come about elementals, the fae folk, other dimensions, and how to connect with it all.

If you'd like to receive future posts and learn more, please sign up with your email below so I can send my posts to your inbox when I write or record them.


May we awaken.

{Neptune Goes Direct} Feel Like You're Not Really Human? Me Too...

Neptune went direct today. Neptune is the planet of the ethereal. For our human minds, Neptune can influence in foggy, cloudy, or confusing ways, because we need to be fairly out of touch with density in order to flow with it. Neptune is the planet of dreams, of the unconscious, of the other realms. 

When a planet goes direct, it means it’s coming out of retrograde. Most of us are familiar with Mercury retrograde. Well, every planet retrogrades (meaning it appears to be going backwards in the sky, bringing up old memories, issues, or subconscious things to be addressed) - and Neptune is no exception. 

When a planet comes out of retrograde, and goes direct, there is extra energy being given to the realms that that planet oversees. 

As I mentioned above, Neptune is the dreamy planet, and it’s got extra energy around it now. 

When planetary changes happen, I love to pay attention. I pay attention to my dreams, to what’s going on that day, to the moods of others, to global events. You can learn a lot this way. For instance, the Paris + Beirut + Kenya attacks all transpired during the week of the New Moon in Scorpio. Scorpio is about power, raw, primal energy, that can have a sting. When directed with consciousness, Scorpio is pure, feminine, sensual, deliciously dark magic. When directed with fear, Scorpio can create a lot of trauma. We saw that last week. 

But for today, I want you to focus on Neptune. I want you to focus on your dreams. And I want to get you to understand just how affected by planetary cycles we are, if you truly pay attention. 




This morning, I was dreaming. I was in some sort of ship, but this ship was not on top of the ocean, but in it. At least 30-40m below the sea level, me and my boat mates looked up to see turquoise deliciousness. Sunlight penetrated the water from above, and I was mesmerized.

A feeling of joy came from my belly, and an old friend sat next to me, not looking up at the water, but into my eyes. “Your eyes!” he exclaimed, “So beautiful!” I didn’t know what he meant of course, as I couldn’t see my eyes. I imagined they must have been full of turquoise shimmer, as what I was witnessing above was pure bliss. 

Pictured: Hannah Mermaid

Pictured: Hannah Mermaid

Eventually I had to look away and move around the ship. “I need more oxygen!” I told the crew. I could feel the oxygen levels dropping and felt we were somehow in danger. In my quest for oxygen, I ended up above the ocean level, and to my dismay, never returned to the oceanic depths that captivated my soul.

Waking up, I felt sad. My belly, which had been feeling the throws of ecstasy, was now feeling deflated.

Waking up in the human world. Same house. Same books. Same legs. I would not be mermaiding today. I would not be surrounded by turquoise water today. The greyness of the day, and the rustling of tree branches reminded me of that. 

“I don’t feel like being human today.” I grumbled aloud to myself, and rolled over, covering myself with a fuzzy brown blanket. 

Eventually I pulled myself out of bed. I put on a fluffy turquoise skirt, and sat down to write thisblog post. Because I know why I had that dream. I know what Neptune is reminding me of. 



Do you ever feel out of place being human?

I’ve had that feeling, on and off, for my whole life. And only since I “woke up” would I be able to tell you why. I’m a new human. As are many of you. In fact, I’m not really human, in terms of my soul DNA. I come from the sea. I’ve lived many lives as whales. I’ve been a mermaid. The sea is my home. I came through it via portals in the deep ocean. I believe I came from Sirius, the blue star. I believe the entire ocean came from Sirius. And since all life sprang from the ocean, I believe we are all deeply connected to this blue star, to this blue energy. 

I didn’t remember any of this before waking up. And yes if I read this about 7 years ago, I would have in fact deemed the writer (in this case, me) - crazy. 

But here I am. Unapologetic about what I know now. Truth, my friends, is truly stranger than fiction. 

I’ve had many dreams where I swim among the whales, where I am a whale, where I am a mermaid. The whales communicate with me, and tell me things.

Pictured: Hannah Mermaid shot by Bob Armstrong

Pictured: Hannah Mermaid shot by Bob Armstrong

I believe our souls have many incarnations, but that we have a “home base” sort of energy. We incarnate many times as a whale, for example, and in this way, our soul’s “DNA” rings with this energy. We have whale energy. We incarnate as a human, but since we’ve lived many many many lives as a whale, or near the whales, and so few as human, we still resonate deeply with what our “home base” is. We long for our home base our whole human lives, but many don’t realize what this longing is for. We cover it up with drugs, or relationships, or shopping, or food addictions. 

It’s really important to get to the root of this longing. What we long for. Where we are from. Because that longing leads us to our purpose. Before we go back, we have a mission to accomplish.

My purpose is to help the animals and beings of the ocean to thrive once again. The ocean is so polluted at present times. It is now dangerous for whales, dolphins, and other beings to swim around. Boat sonar, whaling ships, commercial fishing nets that kill everything they catch, ocean bottom trawlers that look for shrimp but completely wipe out the ocean’s floor (much like deforestation on our level) - it needs help. 

I remember coming here to help. I knew I could do more on land, with a human voice, than I could where I was.

Humans don’t tend to communicate with other beings, these days. They used to. Those days have passed. There are very few who recognize that the sentient beings of the ocean have the potential not just to receive your messages, but to respond in kind. 

And so, this morning I dreamed. Neptune brought me to places that humans have a hard time understanding, or coping with. But Neptune reminded me of why I am here. It opened up my longing in a deeper way. It reminded me that I have great work to do, while I’m here. My happiness in this life is directly correlated to how I am helping the ocean and the creatures of the sea. 

Currently, I am working on the levels of human consciousness. I realized years ago that the best way to help Gaia was to go the root of her ailment - human consciousness. Awakened beings don’t destroy the planet they live on. Unconscious ones do, apparently. 



I write this to you, my dear friends, in hopes to awaken you, to your own soul’s DNA. Your blueprint. Why you are here. 

Lightworkers are the ones who read my ‘work’. And so, you, like me, are here with a strong purpose. Your happiness, like mine, depends on you honouring your reason for coming here. 

And with Neptune going direct, your dreams, your thoughts, and your daydreams, will have potent clues to unravel your soul’s DNA.

I pray you remember why you came. And if you have, I give you all the energy and love you need on your mission. For at our core, yours and mine are one and the same. We are here to spread the love, be the change, and spark a revolution. 

In love and light,

xo Beth


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Surrender: A Poem



Today I woke up, too many thoughts in my head.
Chasing something, I know, should come to me instead. 

I headed outside, inspired by surrender. 
Opening my heart, a challenge... I feel so tender. 

'What is the way?' I ask, not knowing where to turn... 
Consulting the earth... there must be something I can learn. 

I know not yet, what this feeling wants to say, 
So in the spirit of showing up, I'll make it my point, today

To listen, to twist, to grow, and to feel, 
Because if anything... this is life - and this shit is real. 


- Beth Katherine

1 Important Tip for More Happiness + Success // Video

Hi loves!

The last few weeks have been interesting for me. If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you know that I spent a few days protesting a new oil pipeline that would run through British Columbia and end up on our coastline. I am quite the environmentalist at heart, so this trip really affected me and showed me new things about myself + the world.

I'd like to bring one aspect of what I learned from my time at the protests into your life today. Please watch this week's coaching video to learn this simple tip that will bring you more happiness and purpose right away!


Lots of love!

xo Beth


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