Working with Beth has been exactly what I've needed.  I prayed for a business coach, and the next day my close friend sent me one of Beth's videos.  In that moment, I knew working together was meant to be and I booked a Clarity Call with her within a few days.  During the call, Beth offered amazingly valuable advice for free and it made me certain that she would be the catalyst to help me launch my business into the realm I wanted it to be. 

.... More than just offering the perfect action steps and asking me the "right-questions" about what I wanted out of my business, Beth has coached me in the deepest most important mental frameworks.  She has helped me begin the work of building more than just a business, but a healthy and productive relationship with the universe in order for me to allow and receive all the gifts that are just waiting for me to open my hands and take. I am very grateful for the work Beth Katherine is doing <3. 

-Milli Fox, ❤ Nutritional Therapist + Preconception Specialist ~ www.millifox.com

Deciding to work with Beth is possibly the best decision I've ever made. Under her loving and fierce guidance, I have blossomed. I transitioned from a dull website that didn't reflect me at all to a site that makes my heart sing because it is bursting with my truth. I went from having literally no idea how to "do me" in the business world to trusting my inner guidance and following the call of my soul. My self confidence and self love have literally tripled (at least)! After two years of stagnancy, I am flowing.

Beth has a deep and profound connection with the spirit world and brings that guidance to the forefront of all of our sessions. She honors my unique vibration and motivates me to take the risks that allow me to live in alignment with my truth. And all this after only two months! I can't wait to see what the next few months have in store for me. Onwards and upwards - thank you, Beth, for holding such beautiful space for me!!! 

Bella Larson,  www.bellalunaspirit.com

Working with Beth Katherine over the past 8 months was a wonderfully impactful experience for me. We went through many stages of growth, resistance, contraction and then expansion. She was right there with me through the whole process, encouraging, coaxing, cheering and sometimes giving me the tough love that I really needed.

If you are considering working with Beth, do it. I cannot recommend her intuitive business coaching highly enough. I went from having huge resistance, fear and confusion around my business vision, digital engagement and money mindset, to opening my heart in trust and creating a website and fb page that I love and am continuing to grow and develop, creating a clear vision of my business and offerings, and evolving into a new state of worthiness and abundance. Thank you Beth for all the blessings and guidance you share with the local and global sisterhood. 

-Lauren, Yoga Teacher, Visionary Artist + Vibrational Healer

Beth possesses a light and wisdom that extends well beyond her years. She is positive, intuitive, and deeply compassionate. I definitely recommend Beth’s intuitive coaching to those in search of clarity, direction, or affirmation. She truly has a wonderful gift. 

- Wren,  Founder of Flow + Arrow

Beth has a gift. Her gift is that she is able to communicate profoundly divine messages as if they sound and feel like they coming from your best friend - warm, down-to-earth, eternally supportive and of course, fun. Her spunk, optimism, and lightheartedness don’t prevent her from going deep, though. Beth is tuned in and able to help you align back to the place of your truth. I highly suggest booking a session with her. 

-Alison Liepzig, ❤ Body Confidence Coach

With a sweet open heart, powerful intuition and a deep connection to the heartbeat of authentic living, Beth creates a safe and loving experience to explore your soul's highest callings. I am so grateful for her presence and the profound guidance I have received in my sessions with her. 

-Breanna Morandi, ❤ Yoga Teacher and Writer

Beth opened up my eyes to who I really am, the pieces that I was ignoring and the pieces I did not know about. After meeting Beth I feel more like my true self and I do not fear what people think about who I am. I have learned more about myself and life than I could have every imagined. 

-Danielle, ❤ Writer of Love, Silence, & Ohm

Beth’s session really hit home. She definitely has a gift! Her open hearted and honest approach made me really comfortable, even talking about things I’m not necessarily open about. The advice she gave me really helped me to ground in the present moment, and the messages continue to unravel and deepen my understanding long after the session is over.

-Meaghan, ❤ Essence Alignment Practitioner at Living Your Essence

My angel session from Beth was one of the best readings I've received and completely resonated to my style; direct and efficient. Beth was very confident with a clear connection to the angels, which allowed me to relax and really open up.

The information I received from my guides was exactly on point and what I had felt intuitively for myself. It all happened in divine timing and with lots of laughter! Beth is someone I will surely call on again if I need support in connecting to my higher guides to help me take action, with sure footing, towards my highest potential!

-Kelly Noelle,  Intuitive Health Coach

My first session with Beth was beyond my wildest dreams, she started off explaining what she does and how she connected to my guides before the call and then went into feeling and understanding my energies. I was blown away by her talents to connect to the angelic realm... the session brought me so much clarity. The service Beth provided is not like any other healer I have ever encountered.

-Maureen Saladino, ❤ Confidence Coach