Why You Might Be Feeling Really Off Right About Now (And What To Do About It)

Photo -  Mystic Mamma

Photo - Mystic Mamma

One of the great things about my life is what happens when I call home for advice... 

This morning I was feeling really groggy when I woke up, however this didn't necessarily surprise me. For the past 2 weeks I've been feeling off. Low energy, foggy thoughts, constant dull headaches and a note of depression have been constant. These symptoms have revved up in the last few days, and finally I decided to call my Mom for a bit of advice + comfort. 

After getting no further than one line into describing my symptoms, my Mom took the reigns. 

She finished my thoughts by describing in detail exactly what I'd been feeling. From waking up groggy, to being able to shake it off once I was up, to the feeling of pulling on and in my 3rd eye. 

She knew exactly what I was talking about, and had been experiencing the same things herself. 

Image - NASA

Image - NASA

Now I'll give you some background. My mom is an alien. Hahaha, OK, maybe that sounds extreme. What I mean by that is she is a psychic and a healer that is undeniably tuned in, and feels comfortable talking about the most esoteric of subjects in normal day to day conversation. As a child, I was skeptical of the path she was on - which included reiki, and energy healing work - but when she started to work on me and I experienced dramatic shifts and healings, I was convinced. You could say she has played a critical role in my awakening, and every year she goes further and further into her studies and abilities, which is one of the biggest gifts I could receive as a young intuitive. 

So now you know the backstory, you'll know that she didn't tell me to grab a hot water bottle, some advil, and to go to the doctor. Haha :D

She told me something much different, that I'd like to share with you. 

At the end of this year, in 2013, we are experiencing enormous change (what else is new, right?). This current energy deals with the sun, and it's relationship to our pineal gland, which is, in essence, the 3rd eye of the body. 

Currently, in this 10 day window up until, and around the Solstice, we are experiencing a huge download of new information and psychic insight, that we, the sensitive lightworkers, are meant to ground into this planet to help create the new reality. 

Now I don't pretend to understand everything that my mother told me, but the gist of it is that our sun is changing and downloading new frequencies, which are being shared with our 3rd eyes, and light bodies. This is happening in a 10 day window leading up to the solstice (and a bit after).

Those of us whose purpose involves working with energy and the healing of the planet (which probably includes you based on the fact that you're reading this) will feel this enormously in our heads at this current time. We are being asked to expand and anchor the current processes in our normal day to day realities. 


This is a big job, and if we're being real, a lot of people aren't actually doing it. They're being distracted by TV and consumerism and drama, and the intake of a diet of steady chemicals isn't helping either. Which means they're not ready to handle the frequencies. (Not to judge, we've all been there)

What this means that for those of us who are paying attention, who are awake, and who are actively calling on love, is that we are being asked to handle more than our normal share of the 'work', we are being asked to anchor in more of that frequency. Therefore our fields are literally being bombarded by this new information, as we are the ones who are consciously able to ground it. Welcome to the New Age folks! Buckle your seat belts because this is just the start. (But it will be worth it, the Archangels whisper into my ear)

So... If this is you, and you're feeling a bit groggy, perhaps you've got a head cold, or just aren't your usual self lately, this is what we can do about it. (And if you're not feeling any of those symptoms, it's not that you're not apart of the anchoring process, you're probably just a bit more balanced at this time than the rest of us and can handle it!)

We've got to get... GROUNDED!

We're dealing with energy, solar activity, and generally very high vibrating information.

We've gotta TRANSLATE this, THROUGH our bodies, INTO the earth and the physical realms. This can only be done when we're in our bodies, and are engaged in a sense of normalcy that connects us to the people and planet. 

My mother, as well as my intuition, have given me the following activities to help us get more grounded so we can handle this shiz. We can do it together people! 

  • Get iron in your boday! Iron is the mineral that helps us ground into our bodies and the earth. Get your iron through organic sources like Plant based supplements, {Happy} red meat, root veggies, even things like Kale and Cacao are rich in iron. 
  • Be normal. For many of us, now is not the time to be in meditative states for hours of the day. (Guilty.. ) My mom helped me to realize that although meditation is key to our growth, we also need to balance it out with hanging out with our friends, wrapping christmas presents, making stews, laughing with funny movies, etc. Be normal. Do normal things. It'll get you grounded. 
  • When you're doing manifestation work (say visualization, or feeling the vibration of that which you desire) - do it OUT LOUD and in your body. The end of the year is always a time when we start to vision for the next year, and set intentions. I've been doing most of this in very meditative states. My mom asked me to instead write a letter of what I was so grateful for, as it has already happened (ie. I love living in my cedar cabin, it's the best!) and read it OUT LOUD, while very in my body, morning and night. I'm really excited to get going on this one!


Is there anything else you can think of that will help get us grounded at this time? Share your ideas below or on the Facebook page. 


Much love to you! May you have the best iron rich, normal day ever!

xo Beth