A Meditation to Get Clear on Your Hearts Goals for 2014

There's no doubt about it. 

There's just something about New Years that makes us want to clean, switch our rooms around, get rid of old clothing in favour of our new finds, set goals, create intentions, and generally get stoked about the new reality we are creating for ourselves.


And really, it makes sense. But it makes even more sense from a metaphysical perspective.

The entire world is sharing in the collective energy that 'We can do it!' 'We can make changes! We can achieve our goals!'

The whole world is supporting our desire for something more. 

Yet often times we can set goals or intentions for ourselves without even checking in to see if we want them fully.

Inevitably, when we find out our level of commitment isn't as deep as we thought is was, we lose conviction in our disciplines.

If the Why isn't there, and if the Why isn't deep, then the What quickly loses it's pull. (ex. Exercising to look hot in a bikini {surface level 'why'} vs Exercising to get happier and channel inspiration out into the world {heart aligned 'why'} )

When our intentions are aligned with our cores, however, when they come from the deepest space in our heart centers, and when they're aligned with our life missions, there is an inexhaustible fuel for our fires. Commitment becomes easy, because the effort often feels joyful and fun, even if it requires a certain amount of discipline. The path we've chosen is one of the heart.

So this year, I ask you to go deeper with your desires - I challenge you to quest into the space of your heart's desires.

This is an experiential process, best done in a space of meditation. 

Here is a great exercise for you to become clear on your desires before the New Year hits. Please keep in mind that this is just one version of the activity. Feel free to change this exercise up in any way. For example, if it's too icy outside for your liking, but you feel really grounded when you're in a bath, then to this exercise there! 


Go outside with a journal and a pen, and find a tree.

Go to a space where you'll be left relatively alone. A quiet nook in the park, a forest trail down a ravine, or even a spot in your backyard. 

Sit down underneath the tree and breathe. As you do so, become conscious of your back touching the tree, and the way your spine is resting against it. Wiggle your toes and your fingers to help you get really in your body, and then ask Archangel Michael to stand by you and energize you for the duration of this session.

Now start to concentrate, again, on your breathe, and feel yourself breathing not only into your body, but into the trees body aswell. On the exhale, feel the release. 

After a few cycles of doing this, put your awareness in your heart. 

Ask it, 'Heart, what are your truest desires? What are the visions of my life purpose?'

Now keep breathing, and do your best to let go of expectations. You might not get anything back right away, you may see a visions in your mind's eye. You may hear words, or have an intuitive knowingness. You might even feel anxious, afraid that you're not doing it right, or you're not talented enough to get the answer. (Hold space for those voices, and move on, you can do this!) 

Whatever you experience is completely perfect. Anything you experience is normal and natural. 

After a few more breaths with the tree, ask again:

'Heart, what are your truest desires? What are the visions of my life purpose?'

Keep breathing, and keep grounding. Now get your pen and journal out and start writing whatever answers are coming up for you. 

At the end of the session, you will likely be left with a strong intuitive imprint of what your heart would like more of in the next year. It might be anything from creating more community, to growing a flower garden. It might be as simple as 'breathe more' or 'slow down' or as specific as, 'make a documentary about plastic pollution'.

Finally, remember to thank the tree before you get up and leave. :)

Remember, no matter what you have in your journal, you asked a powerful question, and over the next few days, you will continue to get answers to it in all sorts of interesting ways. The key is to pay attention, and to keep asking if you feel like you need more information.

Once you feel like your heart has answered (and it always does) - use your deeper clarity to craft your New Years intentions, and they will guide you to a more heart driven, purposeful 2014.


Happy visioning!

xo Beth