A Simple Way to Get More Iron

A lot of us chicas are low in iron, due to diets that could be more nutrient rich.

While this dietary pattern can be shifted, to honour the bodies need for minerals, we can supplement while we figure out the best way to eat.

I got my blood tested last year, and found out I was low in iron (a key mineral needed for getting grounded + the feeling of being 'in our bodies': especially important for women) . The following combination is one of the best I've found for my iron needs right now:  { :D }

Floradix + A Vitamin C Rich Berry/Herb


Foradix is a well known brand of plant based iron, that absorbs fairly easily into the body. It contains things like Nettle and Beet, and is also rich in the B vitamins, which are key for happiness and overall nervous system health. 

I take 10-25ml of Floradix daily (and it tastes great in my opinion). I combine that with a super nutrient rich berry powder. It's called the Acerola Cherry, which, dried, contains 503% of the required daily vitamin C in just 1.5 tsp. (The brand I use is HealthForce)

We want to combine our iron intake with a vitamin C source of some sort, as these nutrients play off of each other to offer better absorption on both accounts. (You could say iron and vitamin C are friends)

Other vitamin C rich sources include a Rosehip tea (3 small rosehips contain the same vitamin C as an orange) and the Camu Camu berry.


Happy Health Crusading!

xo Beth