A Meditation with Archangel Michael to Clear Your Energy Field

Here is a short meditation / prayer that you can use anytime you feel like your energy field is bogged down.

Often, we end up absorbing frequencies from other people that may not be serving us. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it’s just that our fields aren’t designed to process other people’s ‘stuff’. This meditation will help you to release your field of it, and keep you nice and clear :)

Photo:  Penabraca

If you’ve never worked with Archangel Michael before, a few words:

Michael is an energy.

He is not really a he, he’s an it, but we tend to use the name and the masculine article to be able to relate to him more. Nor does he necessarily look like a human with wings. Again, that’s simply a human projection in an attempt to understand a very metaphysical and powerful energy. Which, mind you, is totally fine. You can’t go wrong with the angels. They are unconditional beings of love, they just want you to call upon them. How you see or understand them is up to you, and unique to you on your journey. 


Say this aloud, while following the prompts of visualization in brackets:

Archangel Michael, I ask you to come to me now. 

(See Archangel Michael coming to you, whether as a ball of bright blue/indigo light, as an angel with wings, or any other form you’d like. I usually just see ‘him’ as bright blue light)

I ask that you please clear and cleanse me of any and all energy that is not serving my highest good now. My intention is to be a pure channel for love and light in this world, and I need your help to make sure my energy body is as open as it can be to Source energy. 

Thank you for clearing away all attachments to fear or drama that may be surrounding me now. I ask that your bright blue light infiltrate my energy field. I am open to your healing, now, and in all past, present, and future situations.

(Now see the crown of your head open up to a pillar of radiant gold or white light)

I am fully and completely connected to the divine now. All is one. Nothing can hurt me. 

(See this white or gold light completely cover your body, inside and out)

We are one. I am one. Our interconnectedness keeps us alive. 

Thank you. 

To do a short form of this meditation when you’re out and about, simply say (This is what I do several times a day) :

“Archangel Michael, thank you for clearing and cleansing me of any and all energy that does not serve my highest and best” - While visualizing bright blue light around you!




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