All New V-log Series // The Moon Day Oracles - Week of March 17

Happy St. Patricks day lovely ladies!

I am sooooo pleased to announce the launch of a new series called The Moon Day Oracles

In essence, the Moon Day Oracle is a v-log sent to your inbox every Monday.

During the videos, I work with my spirit guides + angels to deliver the astrological messages you most need to know, specifically geared for the week ahead. 

Since getting into astrology, I have discovered just how strongly us lightworkers are affected by cosmic shifts. Therefore, I decided to create a video series that would break down these shifts, in easy to understand terms, so you can take the most advantage of the current energies. 

The other plus to this, is that I don't want you to feel alone on your journey! These videos will help with that, big time. You'll feel more at peace as you realize, that, say this week for instance, there is a lot of energy contributing to releasing old anger and frustration. You'll have an easier time understanding why you feel the way you do. 

This week's astrological updates are below!

To receive The Moon Day Oracles to your inbox every week {to make sure you get them} - simply sign up with your name and email, just below the video.

Lots of love! I can't wait to share this journey with you,

xo Beth