It's the Full Moon in Scorpio!

Sometimes when I make my videos, I secretly wish I could exude more positive energy.

Now, I know I’m pretty positive, and often just have a bubbly demeanour, but when you’re looking up to powerhouses + veterans like Gabrielle Bernstein and Doreen Virtue, sometimes your ego can’t help but caught up and compare. 

But this week, there’s been some heavy stuff in my heart and in my belly, and it is the perfect opportunity to show you this: we all have our bad days and all have our good. 

The truly incredible thing about a spiritual practice though, is you can learn to find absolute solace in the dark. When you break through and finally have that release you’ve been looking for - it can feel so sweet. So darkly sweet

So this is what this week’s video is about. The Full Moon energy of Scorpio is coming and building up into it’s intensity. Scorpio might tend to bring your deepest and darkest, most treasured and delicate things out, if you choose to look at it that way.

Working with the energy of Scorpio is not necessarily easy, but it's powerful.

So watch below my loves, as I share with you how we can all work with this Scorpion energy, and simply allow whatever we’re going through to pass through us. 

So much love + fondness for an incredible and breakthrough-filled week ahead:

xo Beth