Something I Never Thought I'd Do...

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Depending on how long you’ve been following me, you may or may not know that I started my business, then solely called ‘Waves of Fire’, with custom crystal necklaces - unique pieces, using crystals that were selected just for their new owners.

I would love to offer the world 12 more pieces of jewelry that have energy so powerful they can change lives...

I would love to offer the world 12 more pieces of jewelry that have energy so powerful they can change lives...

After about a year and a half of creating them as my primary offering to the world, I had a strong intuition that it was time to stop creating them. 

I can see the reasons for doing that, now, clearer than I did back then.

Back then I just knew it was right in my heart, even though it made no sense from a business perspective - they were wildly popular, and had offered me a lot of opportunity, financially and otherwise. 

Looking back, I can see that stopping them forced me to look seriously at my intuitive work - coaching slowly became my focus, and since I’ve had this focus, my gifts have really started to fine tune themselves + create a lot of miraculous shifts for hundreds of beautiful people.

But as most holistic entrepreneurs do - I ask a lot of questions. ‘What would you have me do next?’ ‘What is the next right action to take?’

After asking this the other night, I received a spark of inspiration in the morning. 

I actually really want to create crystal pieces.

Not permanently, no. Just as one time offering, not guaranteed to be done again at any time in the future. 

As the idea started to flourish, I imagined myself creating crystal jewelry again. It really felt different than last time.

It’s almost like these pieces I will create, already exist, and they’re asking me to pluck them out of the unmanifest so they can do what they are intended for - heal, inspire, and hold grounded space for the new evolution of earth. 

Crystals are undeniably powerful, and so is the experience of feeling truly beautiful.

And so here we are! This recalibration starts now! I’ll be opening up my crystals again for a small window of time. :D


Interested? Here is what you need to know . . .

This time, I’m pairing each necklace with a 1 hour intuitive coaching session, so you get the absolute most that you could possibly get from this exchange.

In my intuitive sessions, I work with your spirit guides + angels to unearth any information and guidance that would bring you more clarity, peace, movement, and joy in your life. We'll discuss everything from your career to your relationships! Healing is holistic :)

If you feel that a crystal necklace (+ a coaching session!) is calling you, woohoo! I've made it easy for you to jump in, and for us to work together. 

Simply select one of the payment plans below, click on the link, and follow the prompts to book your time with me. 


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Just to be clear, when you book, you'll receive:

  • One, 1 hour long coaching session, 1-on-1, with me
  • One crystal necklace, custom made for you, with a front main piece, and a hanging attachment down the back
  • A boost of joy because, let's face it, this is such a fun + sweet offer! :D


. . .

I'm really looking forward to this!

Lots of love,

xo Beth


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