I'm so over it... {Let's birth a new money paradigm}

Oh my gosh. This last week has been crazy. 

After launching the free video series {on how to start your own healing business}, I was hit by both waves of crazy fear and pangs of anger.

Let me explain... 

I created this training to be deeply of service, and I had a lot of fun making it. It was "in my joy", as me and my girlfriends like to say. 

But when it came time to launch it, to sign up people to register for the training, and to do all that fancy marketing stuff, I DUG IN MY HEELS. 

There's the resistance that comes from following your right path, and that fear is a natural part of evolving. But this resistance was different.

This resistance was telling me it is NOT IN MY JOY to sell, launch, and run a business like other people do. (I knew that, but I guess I needed to learn it in a deeper way)

I really just want to teach. I don't wan't to run off deadlines, or to care about numbers, and I don't want to say no to beachfires + days in the sun with friends to work on the computer. 

And as I was having these realizations - that this "launch" model actually doesn't work for me - I was witnessing the collective energy around money and work. I was listening to my friends dread going to work all day. I was watching people doing things they didn't want to do - for money. So they can put a roof over their heads, and have enough food to eat. 


Life shouldn't be like this.


We were born free. Mother Earth gave us everything we need - and if we operated in true community - we could provide for ourselves abundantly. No shitty jobs we don't want to work. No worries about how we are going to support ourselves.

So this blog post is to tell you 2 things:

  • I'd originally planned on closing registration for How to Start Your Own Healing Business tomorrow. I did not like the deadline of that, and it didn't feel right. I choose chill. I choose free. I'm keeping it open until May 10th.
  • You shouldn't have to work a job you don't want to work. You shouldn't have to dread your life. You DESERVE to feel free. We are birthing a new system, and it's all about liberation.

No more dreading work. No more choosing to put our energy into what does not feel right. 

This transition won't happen overnight. It will happen gradually, as awakened people, like you and me, realize that we are FREE. We're allowed to do whatever we want. And when we really lean into that, we'll realize (slowly but surely) that we are uber supported - the Universe wants us to unleash into our freedom. 

I want you to feel free.

I want myself to feel free. 

So this is probably the last time I will do a "launch" like this (4 free videos leading to a course you sign up for) - I've learned what's in my joy. Deadlines and email lists and everything that goes along with it isn't really my jam right now.

But that does NOT change the quality of the experience I am offering you. 

My truest intentions with this 4 week course, are to give you the tools you need to live a lifestyle that is totally free. To help you start your own business intuitively - letting go of what the "experts" tell you, and really tuning into WHAT SPIRIT WANTS FOR YOU.

Self-employment comes with it's challenges, but oh my - let us birth this new paradigm! Let us choose freedom, let us honour that we were born free beings, and we have a sacred duty to do that truth justice. 

I love you. I want you to have the best life ever. 

I want us to leave this patriarchal bullshit which has us all working for a system that only feeds the rich men on top, and hurts our mother. 

Let us say no to what cages us.

And let us say yes to what makes our spirits SOAR!

I will be in touch over the next week or so to remind you that registration closes onMay 10th. I'll be doing this not to sell you on something - but to make sure you know that this option is available for you - there is an opportunity for you to take a course on how to start your own healing business - so you can start living life on your own terms, so you can feel free to create your schedule, and so you can help birth this new paradigm. 

Not all jobs are limiting, not all jobs constrict us. But let's be honest.... Most of them do. So eff it, go out on a limb, and be the change. I BELIEVE IN YOU!

Lots of love and thank you for being you, 

xo Beth