How I Opened to Making Money From Spiritually-Based Work


Money used to be the stickiest part of my life.

For many years, I would constantly walk around with low-grade anxiety around money, which tied into my safety and security. As an entrepreneur, I didn’t have a paycheque, and I mostly just went month to month, winging it, often unsure of where my rent would come from. Sometimes rent would be due in just a couple days, and I didn’t have more than $150 in my bank account. I remember a time where I had to forage for blackberries because I literally didn’t have money for any fresh food. Another time {there were a couple of these…} I felt like I couldn't afford toilet paper, so I used leaves from my backyard. For weeks.

So yes… to say that I didn’t always have a good relationship with money would be an understatement. 

The last time I was using leaves as toilet paper was just a couple of years ago. Today I write this from a medieval home in the South of France, having been traveling through California, Spain, Greece, Egypt, and Israel for the last 4 months. It’s safe to say that now, I can definitely afford toilet paper. 

I had to go through a lot of perspective shifts to get here. And I’m very much STILL going through perspective shifts as I continue to expand into the vibration of abundance, that was mine all along. 

Today I wanted to share 5 key switches I had to make, in order to leave the victim mentality around money, and get into a more high-vibrational state with abundance, which allowed me to create a solid income doing the spiritual work I love. 


1. The AHA of Wealth Consciousness

Most of the world is stuck in poverty consciousness. I once had this sort of consciousness explained to me this way - it’s the energy of when you get to a restaurant and look at the menu, your eyes instantly look for the cheapest thing on the menu. Our world has primed us for poverty consciousness. We’ve been raised on it. I’m 27 - so that means when I do wealth consciousness work - that is meditations, affirmations, healings, and journalling around changing my beliefs around money + wealth - I’m counteracting 27 years of negative conditioning around money. My big AHA was that 10 minutes of affirmations a week, was not enough to counteract that amount of conditioning. If I was serious about changing my story, I needed to commit to HOURS a week, of working with the wealth consciousness. 


2. Valuing my work


I used to see what I offered as a luxury that wasn’t all that necessary in a person’s life. Although, if I’m being honest, a part of me still does see it this way - I understand now that the energy of the Divine Feminine that infuses everything I do, is IMPERATIVE for the transformation of our world. The energy of what I offer, is directly related to animals being respected, the earth being taken care of, peace being in people’s hearts, and for union and balance on this planet. In other words - it’s a big fucking deal. When I value my work, other people value it too. When I stand in it’s importance, I can magnetize paying clients to me who also see it’s importance.

3. Identifying key beliefs that were holding me back

This is a part of wealth consciousness. One of the first pesky beliefs I found when I started getting serious about this work, was that “Creative, artsy people don’t make good money. It’s not a real career. Traditional masculine roles like doctors, lawyers, and engineers make money.” I had to do some clearing work around this belief. Now I know that creative, intuitive people like me, can make some serious coin. I’m watching my colleagues make anywhere from 5k - 150k a month. From spiritual work. It’s real, it’s available, money is everywhere. 

4. Releasing the idea that money is wrong, especially when tied to spirituality

This leads me into the next point. How many of you got uncomfortable when I started talking about how much myself and other sisters are making a month for spiritual work? Even I got a bit uncomfortable! This means I have more work to do… When we see money as evil, wrong, or connected to the ego and only the ego, we push it away. But money is simply an aspect of the abundant field of consciousness we all truly live in. It’s our birthright to have more than enough! We are truly abundant beings, and though money for me is never the number one goal at the end of the day, opening up to the truth of my abundance on all levels, certainly is. When I live a good, prosperous life, I resonate in a way that - just through vibration, I can change the world. 

5. Celebrating the abundance I see everywhere

How many leaves are on just ONE tree? How many droplets of rain fall from the sky during ONE storm? WOW! The world is FULL of abundance we can’t even comprehend. As I go around my day appreciating the beauty I see all around me, I’m tapping into that abundant stream of consciousness that is my truth. And as I do that, money is magnetized to me. It just happens. Everyday, I allow myself to feel true wealth in all sorts of ways - the deliciousness of the french toast I just ate, the beauty of hand-crafted artisanal creations from the South of France, the incredible colour of the autumn leaves, etc etc. 

There’s so much more I could share about transforming our old beliefs to new empowering ones around money and abundance. If you’d like to go deeper on this, and receive free training around wealth consciousness - please sign up below for my free series Creating an Abundant Business as a Priestess:

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