Wealth Consciousness... Learning to be a clear channel for money amidst unexpected bills

Wealth Consciousness

Wealth Consciousness... You know when something unexpected happens that costs you money, and you have that feeling of... oh mannn? I have less now. {The obvious logical thought...}

Well today, I had to go to an airport 45 min away from the airport I was in, because of an aircraft mechanic strike. The guy who drove me... well turns out to not be so honest, as he charged me $265 to get to the 2nd airport, and I was in such a hustle to catch my flight, it didnt really hit me until I left him.

A part of me felt like... fuck, I am so stoked on saving money right now, and that's just out the window.

But then something else kicked in. Well, 2 other things:

1) Kali-Ma, the Hindu Goddess of creation + destruction, had visit me. Asking me... in order to attract all the things you need and desire... you need to let go of them. Can I let go of my grip on money? My attachment to it's physical presence? If I can be released and let it go, I become a clear channel, which infinite abundance can flow through.

2) Thank you money. Guess what? I had the money to pay for the cab, the money was right there, ready to support me. And if I think about it, money is ALWAYS right there, ready to support me... I can buy food, pay rent, buy clothes, nice wine, gifts for friends. Imagine Im in a relationship with money (which I am...) -- and I said.. 'Fuck! Money you are not enough!' when in reality, money is always here for me, there when I need it. I must treat money with respect, and thank it for supporting me. Thank you money!

Next time you have an unexpected bill come up, but you DO actually have the money to pay it... can you try thanking money? "Ah, thank you for being here for me!" ---- This energetically, will create a much healthier relationship with money {it's energy too! and it will feel supported and loved by you... making you a good home for it... you see?} --- and in turn, you'll actually see a lot more money come your way.

So you see.. that $265 is not a loss, it's a lesson, it's a flow. Money comes and goes. But I can release it, without attachment, as Kali Ma teaches me, and thank it, for being here for me, constantly supporting me.

And so, it is in this way, that I can expand to ever increasing levels of prosperity --- by being a grateful, clear conduit for wealth.


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