You're Off the Hook ;) Just Focus on Fun! Happy New Years!

Tonight my wish for my spiritual sistas is that we all drop our expectations and perfectionist tendencies and just breathe, be, and have fun.

That we just experience. That we don't fret if our visions boards haven't been made, or that we didn't get that NYE run AND meditation in that we wanted to. That we let go of how we thought it should look, and simply revel in the feeling of what it is, deep down. 


To take advantage of this intention portal, all you have to do is feel the feelings that you'd like to experience in 2014. Even if just for a moment. Grateful? In love? Connected? Inspired? Engaged? Feel or breathe into a vision that sparks those core desired feelings within you. Feel them. Enjoy. Now, give them to the Universe. She's got them.

Next? Just focus on having fun. :)

It's a special night. The world feels jittery and excited all at once. People are delightfully nervous, full of anticipation and hope. There a sense that something bigger, more important, and truer is on the horizon. There's also a teeny little fearful voice that says 'Maybe this whole New Year, New You stuff is all hype and it will all go back to the way it was before.' 

Don't fret my dear sisters. Life is always changing. And New Years, especially, is a powerful time of new beginnings. Your soul will take advantage of all that it needs to. You can't mess this up. Even if your ego says 'Uhhh yes I can!!', tell it to chillax to the max. You can't mess this up. ;) :D Life is a journey. 


And just so you lovers are aware...

Astrology and energetic forecasts for the coming weeks do indeed forecast that 2014 will be a powerful time of opportunity, growth, and optimism. We've got a new moon in Capricorn on January 1st, which is a supermoon. We've got ANOTHER New moon in January on the 30th - which is ALSO a supermoon. Holy smokes. And that is just the beginning.

We've got lots of time, lots of faith, and lots of support.

Just have fun tonight dear ones.

You deserve it. :)