First Ever: My 3 Month Mentoring Program

In the last couple years, but especially in the last 6 or so months, I've really fallen in love with coaching. Now, coaching doesn't really seem like the right word for it. But we work with the words we have.

My process as I work with young women of all walks of life, is to skype with them for usually about an hour. (Or sit down for a tea if were in person!)


We end up having really heartfelt, soul enriching, and empowering conversations that leave both of us glowing.

I rarely walk away from a session feeling anything less than pure, glowing love in my heart. 

It's an amazing, amazing experience to connect with a 'stranger' - and have them open up to you. Tell you things they rarely speak of. Ask them questions that provoke them to think in a way they've never thought before. So often we are starved for meaningful, deep conversation in this day and age. And I have been blessed to be in a position that lets me have these types of interactions all the time. 

There is another part to the magic though, which really explains why the sessions are always so life enhancing. 

I work with angels and spirit guides, and I channel their information from the ethers, through my voice, into the conversation, in a way that you wouldn't know it's not just 'me' talking. 

However, If you've ever had a conversation with me personally, and then you have a session with me, you'll be able to tell that something changes. My voice changes, my tone, my demeanour. The way I describe things becomes clearer, more powerful, and even more loving. Now I like to think that overall I'm a pretty clear, powerful, loving laday, but I have to admit - angels and spirit guides can one up me ;) They are the ultimate love beings. 

So, without further ado, I'd like to offer you a program that will allow you to immerse yourself in the wisdom of your spirit guides + angels, and the power of regular, seriously deep, and exciting conversations. This program will also allow you to feel incredibly heard and seen. You will be a priority in my life, and I will take it seriously and beautifully.


A 3 Month Mentoring for Up and Coming Spiritual Sistas


First off, I must say: Mentoring does not mean one person is in a position of power, and the other isn't. A true mentor is keenly aware that they are both the teacher AND the student. Humble. They see the truth and the beauty of those they work with, and are inspired by their grace and vulnerability.


If we are mentoring together, it is a collaboration - a merging of equals. 

What mentoring does mean is that the mentor has been through the same challenges, and maybe even some of the same opportunities, that the mentee in question is experiencing. And she's made it out to the other side. With a bird's eye view, she can relate to you compassionately and deeply, while being able to help you to see where you've been listening to the fearful voices that may be holding you back.

She acts as a cheerleader and a guide.

Don't feel like you have people to really support you on your spiritual path? She's got you. Do you feel like you have grand visions + dreams for yourself, but need help with the next steps? No worries - she's been there. She'll hold your hand through it, not to do the work for you, but to be a pillar of inspiration, guidance, and even, safety. (You got this ;))

She knows when to talk, and when to listen and hold space. She loves you, because she sees you. And with that love, acceptance, and encouragement, you can do things you simply couldn't have before. Humans need each other. Souls need each other. Our interconnectedness is a key aspect to our evolution.


For those of you who this speaks to, this is what my first ever 3 month mentoring program will comprise of:


  • 1 hour private sessions with me (along with your angels + spirit guides) every 3 weeks. This equates to 5 sessions in total.


  • Two 30 minute 'emergency' phone call sessions. Your boyfriend breaks up with you, you're anxiety ridden for no reason, you have a big interview and you want to be as confident as possible... etc. Life happens. You can get me on the phone in these times within 15 minutes to 48 hours, depending on my travels. Usually it will be within the same day.


  • 24/7 email support. Email me with questions when you need a quick but of advice or tuning in. Your emails will have top priority over all others.


  • Gifts of the Spirit. When your angels knock on my head (how I describe the sensation when they want me to pay attention) and say 'This is for her!' - whether that be a book, a crystal, oracle cards, etc - I'll gift it to you and pop it in the mail! (Fun, hey?)


The cost of the program is $365 CAD / per month. I am totally confident you can make it work if you're really called to do this. The things we need the most have a way of working themselves out. 

{To read testimonials from previous clients and beautiful souls, please visit this page}

Is this for you?

Yes, it's a commitment (albeit an awesome one), and yes, we need to be the right fit!


That's why I'm offering free 30 minute sessions with me to decide if this is something you'd like to engage in.


Please email me at OR use the form below to book your session, and see if we're right for each other!

{Note: Please honour my value, and the fact that these sessions are a pretty awesome gift, so only book one if you're feeling like this program might be for you.}  


Lots of love, and l'm looking forward to the journey with you! 

xo Beth


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