Your Moon Day Oracle for March 31 - April 6

Hi loves!

Yesterday, we welcomed in the astrological new year, as marked by the New Moon in Aries!

What does that mean for the week ahead? I’m back with another Moon Day Oracle to help you have the best week ever!

This week, as the Spring energy is in full swing, we’re feeling a lot of upward motion. This means, you may experience intense emotions, whether that’s anger, excitement, inspiration, or even deep sadness! Let it all move through you, and it will feel empowering and exciting, as the Aries energy is very much alive, helping us to be courageous and bold where we need to be.

Many of us will also be faced with important decisions this week.

We’re called to make those decisions through the heart space, rather than with our linear minds. I’ll show you how to access your heart space, in this week’s video!

Finally, I have an exciting announcement at the end of the video, for those of you interested in connecting with Mother Nature in a fulfilling and truly life altering way.

Happy Moon Day!

xo Beth