A Video That Moved Me To Tears...

I woke up today feeling a bit funky.

My root chakra was hurting (and still is), and admittedly, it took me a while to get out of bed ~ I was just not feeling the motivation to greet the day. 

But as you would have it, Spirit responded, and intuitively guided me to a speech of Gabby Bernstein's that I'd never seen before. While watching this hour long talk of hers at Wanderlust Squaw Valley last year, I was moved to tears. 

Gabby is an incredible teacher, hands down. In this lecture, she shares emotional moments of her journey, and really gets vulnerable. I just couldn't not share this video with you, because it really reminded me of the light today. 

Yes I can feel funky, and yes I will. (The teachings of the Dark Goddess remind us that, that is totally OK and part of the process) But the Light is our source, and that's where we always want to return to.  That's where we always will return to. 

This video reminded me of how much Spirit loves me, and how great the work we are here to do is. I ask that you take an hour out of your day today to watch it, and connect with the wisdom that comes through this fierce woman.

I'm so excited to see her speak for my first time live, this Monday in Victoria, BC. If you're on the coast, I invite you to join me ~ she's also speaking in Vancouver. Get details here. 

Lots of love to you all! May you be well,

xo Beth