Gabrielle Bernstein

5 Steps to Massively Up-Level Your Intuition

When I made a commitment to get in touch with my intuition back in 2011, my life completely changed. It was New Years, and I felt called to make some sort of resolution. Fairly randomly (to me, at the time) I decided that I wanted to get in touch with my intuition. I didn't really know what that meant. At the time, I didn't fully understand that intuition is a force unto-itself, a very real well of energy we can tap into that will guide all of our life's decisions and literally, be our best friend on this journey of life, every step of the way.

No, I didn't really know any of that. I honestly just read a book about chakras that I really liked, and thought I would dabble a bit into that world, and see what was there.

Oh my, thank Goddess I made that resolution! That year, and every year since, I've been in a process of deepening into that inner voice that just knows. Clarissa Pinkola Estes calls this voice the "Wild Woman" within. And it is imperative for each of us, as women, to connect with, if we want to lead the rich, transformative lives that we came here to live.

...That year, I discovered something. My daily actions and choices had an incredible effect on my intuition. I discovered that certain choices helped my intuition to be loud + clear, while others would hinder my ability to get in touch with that inner voice.

Because I've made a commitment to that inner voice, my life transformed from living as a bored + creatively-stagnant University student, to a spiritual entrepreneur who feels deeply intertwined with her purpose... living in front of the beach, with amazing community + opportunities for artistic expression everywhere I go.

Intuition my babes, let's make it a priority!

And so, in the video above ^^^, I offer you 5 steps that all have to do with ONE DAILY AREA of your life, that if you follow, will allow your intuition to EXPLODE.  

Much love!

xo Beth

A Video That Moved Me To Tears...

I woke up today feeling a bit funky.

My root chakra was hurting (and still is), and admittedly, it took me a while to get out of bed ~ I was just not feeling the motivation to greet the day. 

But as you would have it, Spirit responded, and intuitively guided me to a speech of Gabby Bernstein's that I'd never seen before. While watching this hour long talk of hers at Wanderlust Squaw Valley last year, I was moved to tears. 

Gabby is an incredible teacher, hands down. In this lecture, she shares emotional moments of her journey, and really gets vulnerable. I just couldn't not share this video with you, because it really reminded me of the light today. 

Yes I can feel funky, and yes I will. (The teachings of the Dark Goddess remind us that, that is totally OK and part of the process) But the Light is our source, and that's where we always want to return to.  That's where we always will return to. 

This video reminded me of how much Spirit loves me, and how great the work we are here to do is. I ask that you take an hour out of your day today to watch it, and connect with the wisdom that comes through this fierce woman.

I'm so excited to see her speak for my first time live, this Monday in Victoria, BC. If you're on the coast, I invite you to join me ~ she's also speaking in Vancouver. Get details here. 

Lots of love to you all! May you be well,

xo Beth

Is Wanting to Feel Beautiful Your Ego?

In terms of style + beauty, I've gone everywhere from spending 1.5 hours to get ready in High School, to completely disregarding all normal hygiene practices like brushing my hair + brushing my teeth (hahaha... oh dear), to boycotting makeup (hippie styles) and BACK to loving to get pretty and spending time on myself. 


The theme with this journey was the question of...

'What is the most truthful road to take with my appearance?'

I often felt like they were two camps, and I was supposed to please both of them. 

One said that my value came from my beauty, and it was important that I wore makeup, straightened my hair, and had nice clothes. 

The other said it was shallow to care about your appearance, and the more I could shun the idea of external beauty all together, the better of a person I was. 

Eventually I figured out that what really matters is that I feel good about myself. To me, that also means that I feel beautiful. Key... FEEL beautiful. Looking beautiful tends to follow, as the source of all beauty is a vibration. But it is not the goal. The feeling is where the magic lies. Feeling beautiful means you follow your heart rather than society's ideals of beauty. (Ie. You're loving blue eyeshadow with sparkles.. I SUPPORT YOU!)

So now...

I'm back to really where my truth was the whole time. 

I love fashion. I love clothing as a wearable expression of art, colour, personality, and life. Taking time to feel beautiful is an inward expression of our worth. It validates that we see ourselves as worthy of being part of the beauty that is life.

Considering this, it's no wonder I notice that on days that I put the extra time in to feel beautiful, my mood is brighter, I'm more productive, and I'm kinder to those around me. 

Caring about your clothes + your beauty routine doesn't have to be ego. It's can be celebration of what feels good. It can be a celebration of Source, of creative energy.

And so I leave you with a collage of the wearable art that's really inspiring me right now.

Much love! You are beautiful. Give yourself permission to feel that way.

xo Beth

Why I haven't recorded a Vlog in Months

Last night I was cleaning the kitchen, and wandered my way into listening to the Wanderlust Gabrielle Bernstein lecture from 2012. 

It was some powerful stuff, and woke me up to the fact that the very way to alleviate the pressure I have been feeling, is to be more direct with my audience, my feelings, and in the sharing and the discipline of my work. 

Yogi Bhajan teaches, in his 5 tips for the Aquarian Age, that when we feel the pressure of the world on us, we must ACT and the pressure will be alleviated. 

This means blogging your truth, organizing events, hosting Desire Map parties, cleaning up the beach, creating new designs, even phoning your mom...

It means that we really do just need to act on our inner nudges in order to feel aligned with the holy and cosmic flow again. 

Because, that's why we're here.

I share more of my personal story with this experience in the vlog below...