Is Wanting to Feel Beautiful Your Ego?

In terms of style + beauty, I've gone everywhere from spending 1.5 hours to get ready in High School, to completely disregarding all normal hygiene practices like brushing my hair + brushing my teeth (hahaha... oh dear), to boycotting makeup (hippie styles) and BACK to loving to get pretty and spending time on myself. 


The theme with this journey was the question of...

'What is the most truthful road to take with my appearance?'

I often felt like they were two camps, and I was supposed to please both of them. 

One said that my value came from my beauty, and it was important that I wore makeup, straightened my hair, and had nice clothes. 

The other said it was shallow to care about your appearance, and the more I could shun the idea of external beauty all together, the better of a person I was. 

Eventually I figured out that what really matters is that I feel good about myself. To me, that also means that I feel beautiful. Key... FEEL beautiful. Looking beautiful tends to follow, as the source of all beauty is a vibration. But it is not the goal. The feeling is where the magic lies. Feeling beautiful means you follow your heart rather than society's ideals of beauty. (Ie. You're loving blue eyeshadow with sparkles.. I SUPPORT YOU!)

So now...

I'm back to really where my truth was the whole time. 

I love fashion. I love clothing as a wearable expression of art, colour, personality, and life. Taking time to feel beautiful is an inward expression of our worth. It validates that we see ourselves as worthy of being part of the beauty that is life.

Considering this, it's no wonder I notice that on days that I put the extra time in to feel beautiful, my mood is brighter, I'm more productive, and I'm kinder to those around me. 

Caring about your clothes + your beauty routine doesn't have to be ego. It's can be celebration of what feels good. It can be a celebration of Source, of creative energy.

And so I leave you with a collage of the wearable art that's really inspiring me right now.

Much love! You are beautiful. Give yourself permission to feel that way.

xo Beth