True Beauty

3 Steps to Feeling Sexier --- {From a Spiritual Perspective}

I remember growing up, there was this girl who I found to be really beautiful. She was darker skinned and exotic looking, and all the boys seemed to want her. I felt like she was just born with that sexy energy, and I on the other hand... was not.

It was like I was on the outside looking in.

I remember wondering what it would feel like to be her... to know you were sexy and just claim it, every time you walked into the room.

Fast forward many years, and I started to realize that all people are born with that attractive, sexy, powerful energy - regardless of what they look like. It's just that due to societal conditioning, whether that comes from our parents, our school, or even past lives - we learn to shut it off, and deny this raw magnetism that allows us to feel sexy on any given day.

Once I began to investigate my sexuality, and started to peel off stifling layers of shame - I began to reclaim my natural feeling of BEING SEXY! Woot woot! I no longer wait on the approval of men or women to dictate whether I'm attractive --- I've tapped into a reservoir of magnetic energy that we all have access to, and now when I walk around - I know I'm sexy, I've claimed it - whether someone throws me a glance or not.

It's fun to live this way, and in the video above, I give you 3 steps you can practice in your life, to awaken your own understanding of your sacred sexuality. Practicing these steps often will allow you to work through years of conditioning, so you no longer have to question whether you're inherently beautiful.

Have fun with the steps!

Lots of love!

xo Beth

Enter Your Divine Ray ~ Let The Shadows Ignite With Love

The Divine ray has come,

To pierce through all of

your illusions,

The ways you cling to your shame and cry,
"Not me! Not I! I have wronged!
I am not whole, not innocent!"
The shadow, perceived as deeply real,
As deeply right,
And you,
Deeply sure,
That you,
Are not enough.

You await when the divine ray will come deeper,
And see,
The truth of who you are,
Of what you hold deep within,
And turn away in disgust,
Huffing and hawing as it whispers,
"Not you, you are not ready,
For the feast of unconditional love,
You are not Pure,

And yet,
When the time came,
For the Divine ray to illuminate all of your shadows,
She turned to look at you,
Awake in Her beauty,
And instead cried,
"Oh! My child!
Is gold to me,
Thank you"

And then, she swept you,

On a tide of gold, red, and white,

To the infinite bounty

of your beauty,

Showing you,
That in truth,
You are deeply human,
And deeply not,

And your shadows,
Are the compost,
That will heal the world,
When transmuted.

Thank you for your shadows sweet sisters and brothers,
The time has come,
That we may set them free,

And be washed in love.

Archangel Jophiel Meditation

Hey Ladies! :D Beth here! xoxo

I'm really excited to give you this

Archangel Jophiel Meditation 

...because Archangel Jophiel ~ the Goddess-like angel of beauty + beautiful perceptions ~ is so magical, and so devoted to your healing. 




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Faerie Fashion I'm Loving Right Now

I'm a big fan + believer of dressing in a way that represents your spirit. I feel so much like a lil' faerie inside that I end up dressing like one. I also love to get inspired by what other people wear, and I love how fashion can indicate a different time, or even a different dimension.  (ELVES YOOOO!!)

Here are some of my favourite faerie/elf/boho/flower child images from my Fairy Style + Divine Feminine Pinterest boards!




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Faerie Style // Pinspiration

I'll admit - when I envision my 'perfect life' as we're often so called to do in the manifestation process - I always include a faerie wardrobe. There is the beautiful treehouse in nature, living on land with community, yes. There is the beautiful man I co-create my life with, yes yes. There is the fulfilling career that involves speaking to great audiences and travelling the world, yes yes yes. 


And then there is, of course, the faerie wardrobe.


What is the faerie wardrobe you ask? It's the closet of beautiful, handcrafted clothes I wear that evoke a different time, a different dimension. They help me feel more like myself, and a little less like who society wants me to be. They make me feel beautiful, spark the imagination of myself and all those who see them. And they are celebrations of creativity - wearable art that honours the genius of our humanity. 

I must say, I am well on my way with this faerie garb expedition, but oooooh would I love to find more unique pieces, like the ones I'm including below. These are all images I've found on pinterest that have captured my imagination and oodled me into inspiration!

Ps. If you're loving the vibe of this faerie fare, but some thoughts pop in like - 'Well isn't that superficial, to care about clothing?' - You may love my blog post: Is It Wanting To Feel Beautiful Your Ego?



My #1 Tip to Awaken Your Sexuality

Hi loved ones!

Today marks the first day of my new series of v-logs! 

Although the v-logs will still be inspired by the moon (they'll be sent out every New Moon and Full Moon) - the videos will no longer be time sensitive, and therefore will be useful to you at any point of the year!

In this video, we explore my #1 tip to awaken your sexuality.

Sexuality is a key aspect of any lightworker's mission - our sexuality guides us to feel magnetic, attractive and playful, while also being a key factor in successfully manifesting what we desire. :)

Watch below + have fun getting into it!

Lots of love!

xo Beth

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5 Ways to Start Your Morning Off Right

I know a lot of spiritual teachers recommend that we start our mornings off with the same routine everyday, whether that be 5 minutes of meditation, or a certain ritual. I like the idea, but I've never been one for routines. For example, what if I had a solid routine that involved 10 minutes of gratitude journaling, but when I woke my eyes, I just couldn't wait to get out of bed and go for a beach run? Am I going to simmer myself down with the gratitude write, just because I'm 'supposed to'. Heck no. I'm off running. But that's just me. 

So my 'routine' in the morning is simply to honour + acknowledge the new day in some way. Much of the time, when I open my eyes, I simply say 'Hi Spirit!'. But I've also discovered a host of different ways I can start the morning off right, and while, again, I'm not one to repeat the same morning ritual over and over, I'll always do something that reminds me that everyday is sacred - there's nothing quite like the moment when you open your eyes to a new one. 

Here are some of my favourite ways to honour the morning:

1. Prayer

This one is a constant for me. From a simple, yet powerful prayer from A Course in Miracles that goes: "Where would you have me go? What would you have me do? What would you have me say? And to whom?" to a prayer specific for your day like "Angels, thank you for guiding me through my interview, and ensuring that I speak from the heart, and connect with the people around me", prayer can alter your mood and the course of your day significantly.

Sometimes I like to spend a good 15-20 minutes in constant prayer before I get out of bed. I love when I do this, it has a tangible, magical, and undeniably peaceful effect on my whole being. 


2. Green Juice

Green Juice has become a bit of a trend these days, but for good reason. If you've ever experienced a good, organic green juice on an empty stomach, you'll know what I'm talking about! Green Juice alkalizes the body, delivering key nutrition to your cells instantly, without asking your body to output energy to digest. The buzz from a green juice first thing has a profound effect on your mood + energy levels. It is a GREAT way to get going. 

Eating before consuming a green juice isn't a good idea, as it might cause stomach cramping and kind of negates the positive effects of green juice in the first place. This is because your body is already working to digest the food in your stomach, and the digestive enzymes are flowing. Green juice doesn't have fibre, so it doesn't need to be digested. Again, drink it on an empty stomach, and it's like a shot of chlorphyll directly to your blood stream. No work needed. Just benefits to be had.

If you don't have a juicer, no worries. This is what I do: Simply throw your greens (kale, spinach, etc) with a citrus fruit (orange, lemon) into a blender, pour at least 2 cups of water over it. Blend. Strain through a strainer, cheesecloth, or a nut mylk bag. 


3. Movement

Your body has been snoozing all night. When I take the time to do a bit of yoga or dance first thing in the morning, it's amazing at all the little crackles that my spine emits as it comes back into alignment and openness. I usually just do something like 5 sun salutations, and have a few minute dance party - nothing too crazy. :) Just enough to get my spine and muscles woken up, so the energy is flowing, and I have more focus for my day!


4. Wake Up Slow

When you don't have to rush off to work (which I never do... big gratitude to entrepreneurship!) it can be nice to simply lie in bed, and wake up slow - especially after you've just woken up from some nice feeling dreams. Daze off back to sleep, meditate, enjoy being cozy. It feels so good. If when you do this, you feel guilt (as I once did) - it's a sign that you're not letting yourself relax, and it's a good idea to breathe through it, and ask for help from your angels. You might also be picking up on the hectic energy of the world around you, so shield yourself with some nice pink or bright blue light (through visualization) - and see if that helps.


5. Dream Journal

One of the absolute best ways to recall your dreams is to get into the practice of dream journalling - but this isn't the only bonus. Often, when we write down our dreams, we have a much easier time deciphering what they're trying to tell us.

When you write them down, pay attention to the specific wording you use, and the details you chose to jot down. Reread what you wrote, asking your dream guides for help in interpreting the messages accurately. Do this at least a few times, and you'll be amazed at the information that can be accessed through the dreamtime. The lessons you learn will likely affect your waking life profoundly.

Is Wanting to Feel Beautiful Your Ego?

In terms of style + beauty, I've gone everywhere from spending 1.5 hours to get ready in High School, to completely disregarding all normal hygiene practices like brushing my hair + brushing my teeth (hahaha... oh dear), to boycotting makeup (hippie styles) and BACK to loving to get pretty and spending time on myself. 


The theme with this journey was the question of...

'What is the most truthful road to take with my appearance?'

I often felt like they were two camps, and I was supposed to please both of them. 

One said that my value came from my beauty, and it was important that I wore makeup, straightened my hair, and had nice clothes. 

The other said it was shallow to care about your appearance, and the more I could shun the idea of external beauty all together, the better of a person I was. 

Eventually I figured out that what really matters is that I feel good about myself. To me, that also means that I feel beautiful. Key... FEEL beautiful. Looking beautiful tends to follow, as the source of all beauty is a vibration. But it is not the goal. The feeling is where the magic lies. Feeling beautiful means you follow your heart rather than society's ideals of beauty. (Ie. You're loving blue eyeshadow with sparkles.. I SUPPORT YOU!)

So now...

I'm back to really where my truth was the whole time. 

I love fashion. I love clothing as a wearable expression of art, colour, personality, and life. Taking time to feel beautiful is an inward expression of our worth. It validates that we see ourselves as worthy of being part of the beauty that is life.

Considering this, it's no wonder I notice that on days that I put the extra time in to feel beautiful, my mood is brighter, I'm more productive, and I'm kinder to those around me. 

Caring about your clothes + your beauty routine doesn't have to be ego. It's can be celebration of what feels good. It can be a celebration of Source, of creative energy.

And so I leave you with a collage of the wearable art that's really inspiring me right now.

Much love! You are beautiful. Give yourself permission to feel that way.

xo Beth