Faerie Fashion

{Pinspiration} Faerie + Witch Magic

Some pinspiration for your day... :) 

The themes, in this, for me are:

  • Dark Goddess

  • Magic

  • Kali

  • Inner Power

  • Self-Love

You can click on each picture for the full image. Enjoy! 
Ps. Thanks to all the artists, you are all incredible!


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Love love!

xo Beth 

Faerie Fashion I'm Loving Right Now

I'm a big fan + believer of dressing in a way that represents your spirit. I feel so much like a lil' faerie inside that I end up dressing like one. I also love to get inspired by what other people wear, and I love how fashion can indicate a different time, or even a different dimension.  (ELVES YOOOO!!)

Here are some of my favourite faerie/elf/boho/flower child images from my Fairy Style + Divine Feminine Pinterest boards!




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Faerie Style // Pinspiration

I'll admit - when I envision my 'perfect life' as we're often so called to do in the manifestation process - I always include a faerie wardrobe. There is the beautiful treehouse in nature, living on land with community, yes. There is the beautiful man I co-create my life with, yes yes. There is the fulfilling career that involves speaking to great audiences and travelling the world, yes yes yes. 


And then there is, of course, the faerie wardrobe.


What is the faerie wardrobe you ask? It's the closet of beautiful, handcrafted clothes I wear that evoke a different time, a different dimension. They help me feel more like myself, and a little less like who society wants me to be. They make me feel beautiful, spark the imagination of myself and all those who see them. And they are celebrations of creativity - wearable art that honours the genius of our humanity. 

I must say, I am well on my way with this faerie garb expedition, but oooooh would I love to find more unique pieces, like the ones I'm including below. These are all images I've found on pinterest that have captured my imagination and oodled me into inspiration!

Ps. If you're loving the vibe of this faerie fare, but some thoughts pop in like - 'Well isn't that superficial, to care about clothing?' - You may love my blog post: Is It Wanting To Feel Beautiful Your Ego?