Sisterhood of the Mermaid Moon Pinspiration

Reds, turquoise, gold, black

Dolphins, roses, crowns, Queens

Vixens, blood, mermaids, Egypt


Sisterhood of the Mermaid Moon


{Pinspiration} Faerie + Witch Magic

Some pinspiration for your day... :) 

The themes, in this, for me are:

  • Dark Goddess

  • Magic

  • Kali

  • Inner Power

  • Self-Love

You can click on each picture for the full image. Enjoy! 
Ps. Thanks to all the artists, you are all incredible!


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Love love!

xo Beth 

I Believe in Magic


A deep part of my soul knows that it is not from this realm, or this time period. Flashing between my waking dreams and my nighttime sleeps, I seem to half-remember, half-forget different places, and different dimensions, that make me feel much more at home than I feel now. 

I believe there is so much more to this world.That we are multidimensional beings who are on earth for a short, but important mission. When we realize the magnitude of who we really are, we can awaken more, and live a more magical life. 

Here are a collection of images that evoke the feeling inside of me that recalls - magic is real, and there are many places in my heart I visit often, that I might not remember, but I know are there.  (Click to enlarge)

Lots of love to you!

xo Beth

Faerie Fashion I'm Loving Right Now

I'm a big fan + believer of dressing in a way that represents your spirit. I feel so much like a lil' faerie inside that I end up dressing like one. I also love to get inspired by what other people wear, and I love how fashion can indicate a different time, or even a different dimension.  (ELVES YOOOO!!)

Here are some of my favourite faerie/elf/boho/flower child images from my Fairy Style + Divine Feminine Pinterest boards!




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Pinspiration // Earth Goddess Home

I'm obsessed with creating spaces that feel eclectic, happy, warm, sacred and liveable! Although I don't (yet, muahaha) have a cedar cabin or treehouse, which will create the ULTIMATE base for design, I do what I can, with what I have! Currently, my room is my favourite place ever to be. Here is some of what inspires me when I create, I hope it sparks your creative flame!

xo Beth

Pinspiration // A Crystal Love Affair

In the last few years, I've developed a beautiful passion for crystals. Feeling them, looking at them, touching them, wearing them, creating spaces with them. There's just something about stones that creates this mystical, otherworldly connection. I know many of you agree.

I read in one of Doreen Virtue's books that those who wear crystals do so because they have past lives in Atlantis. They wear stones so that others who were also there will recognize them.  ... It's so we can find each other. 

Whether that's true or not, it tickles something inside of me. Crystals are a sea unto themselves, whose mysteries I am perfectly OK with not ever fully grasping.

Lots of love,

xo Beth

Pinspiration // The Sweet Moments of Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! Thank you so much for your support, love, and cheerleading in the last year. I hope every single one of you feels blessed this Christmas :) Let's all take a moment to feel the energy of the season, and feel the joy of the world, as we all celebrate our family, our friends, and our faith, whatever that may be!

Here is some Christmas inspiration to remind you of the sweet moments that this season has to offer!

xo Beth

Pinspiration // A Heart Centered Goddess

Tonight I spent an hour or so on the beach, under the bright, bright Full Moon in Gemini. I came home inspired, and flowed into creating a collage of my favourite images on Pinterest lately. Happy Moon Flowing Sisters and Brothers. <3 xoxo 

{Just click on them for full size + scrolling ;)}