Enter Your Divine Ray ~ Let The Shadows Ignite With Love

The Divine ray has come,

To pierce through all of

your illusions,

The ways you cling to your shame and cry,
"Not me! Not I! I have wronged!
I am not whole, not innocent!"
The shadow, perceived as deeply real,
As deeply right,
And you,
Deeply sure,
That you,
Are not enough.

You await when the divine ray will come deeper,
And see,
The truth of who you are,
Of what you hold deep within,
And turn away in disgust,
Huffing and hawing as it whispers,
"Not you, you are not ready,
For the feast of unconditional love,
You are not Pure,

And yet,
When the time came,
For the Divine ray to illuminate all of your shadows,
She turned to look at you,
Awake in Her beauty,
And instead cried,
"Oh! My child!
Is gold to me,
Thank you"

And then, she swept you,

On a tide of gold, red, and white,

To the infinite bounty

of your beauty,

Showing you,
That in truth,
You are deeply human,
And deeply not,

And your shadows,
Are the compost,
That will heal the world,
When transmuted.

Thank you for your shadows sweet sisters and brothers,
The time has come,
That we may set them free,

And be washed in love.